these days, i can’t stop touching my face. it’s smooth and bump-free, even on my forehead where, even if my skin looks clear, i always have clogged pores and clusters of teeny tiny breakouts. now, there’s a softness where there used to be scarring and rough patches – it’s just all going really well.

this is pretty monumental for me, because i have never been classified as having “good skin.” thankfully, if 8 years of blogging and all of the experiences that come along with have taught me anything, it’s how to (for the most part) take care of my sensitive and acne-prone face.

after years of suffering and painful allergic reactions, my instincts when it comes to choosing products are finally spot on. i know the types of things that will actually improve my skin and the types of things that i shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. (i also know the exact products i will turn to if my daughter has so much as a zit when she gets older.)

so what’s got my skin in such a good place?

i know i briefly mentioned it in november, but i cannot say enough positive things about this moisturizer. i didn’t even have to it to try to know that my skin would love it, no question. and after 4 months of regular use, it’s soothing my dry, stressed skin and has eliminated all redness. this is the most even, calm and comfortable that my skin tone has ever been. i urge everyone to try this magic cream.

then there’s this toner, which i got for christmas and it is really changing the game right now. this is what has eliminated all traces of breakouts and scarring. it’s a refreshing follow up to my micellar in the PM and the perfect pre-curser to my moisturizer in the AM. it does not leave my face feeling tight and has erased all inflammation. it’s also less than half the price of my prior favorite and more effective, at that.

so now that the base is solid, i actually need something to brighten up this even tone. (is the grass not always greener?! sigh.) i picked this blush up in orchid, on major sale and ooh la la do i really like it. in fact, i like it more than this and this, two old (and much more expensive) liquid loves. i squeeze out the teeniest bit and sweep it straight onto this brush, then sculpt away. it’s sheer and gorgeous, plus it lasts all day long. a major hidden gem!

ps – a couple of non-beauty snags from the past week:

these coated skinnies at this insane price! why have i never tried LOFT denim? the fit is perfection.

these studs which you can still get for free. (i’m obsessed with her whole collection.)

this travel cosmetic bag – can’t wait to take it on the road next week.

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