virtue labs hair care with real keratin

i don’t know how this post has remained unwritten until now. i have been using these hair products religiously and exclusively since last march.


ever since i had my daughter, i have been struggling with thinning hair. now that she is 3.5 the thickness is mostly back, but there is a persisting symptom at the very front middle of my part, where a tuft of short hair sticks straight up no matter what i do to train it to lay down. it’s not cute.

and i have chalked it up to some strange pattern of regrowth that had to do with all of the hair fallout that i experienced after giving birth – but it turns out i was wrong about that.

after hearing jen wax poetic about virtue on fat mascara, i had to give them a try. previously i had been undyingly loyal to my living proof full collection, but this just goes to show that you never know when something better is out there lurking in the shadows.

it turns out that the virtue smooth is the hair nirvana that i have been seeking. after one use of the shampoo, conditioner and 6-in-1 styler, my hair was in the best shape that it has ever been in. no more fried ends, no more dryness or static, and no more chicken little cowlick in the front – and it has stayed in that good place ever since.

these products are pricey but #worthIt. the addition of keratin is resurfacing my hair and the results are immediately apparent. this is the best hair that i have ever had – it’s no wonder the collections are being lauded by beauty editors everywhere.

the goods come in full size ($36 – $40 each) and travel-size minis (PRAISE!) for your testing pleasure ($15 – $20).

ps –

i’d be remiss not to share that i bought these very reasonably price loafers while on work travel this week and for a cheap shoe, they are insanely comfortable! i’ve been wearing them nonstop and i kind love the festive february vibe that they are giving me in concert with this tee.

pre-travel, i also scooped up this carry on bag in extra large and it has changed my life. it zips closed and i don’t care if it gets caught in the security conveyer belt because, let me tell ya, that happens and it ain’t real pretty. (plus i’m taking it to be monogrammed in an electric rose thread this weekend.)

oh! before i go, a few recent beauty wins with reviews coming soon:

  • yet another lip oil
  • covergirl brow pomade (you will never spend $ on benefit everrrr again)
  • a new and extra luminous take on glotion from charlotte tilbury
  • this luxe lip scrub is haunting me…

finally, this is topping my wish list at the moment and this intrigues! has anyone tried?

happy weekend!

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