pür minerals color correcting primer

pur minerals color correcting primer

confession: i’ve never fully appreciated primer, or felt the need for it in my makeup routine.

but alas, pür minerals color correcting primer has turned me into a believer. it’s super sheer and easy to apply. after i moisturize, but before i apply makeup, i spread it over my whole face and the effects are incredible. i’m so impressed with how it evens out the color and texture of my skin, and somehow manages to moisturize and mattify all at once. i’ve also noticed it really makes my makeup last throughout the day (like, from iced coffee through extracurricular cocktails).

pür minerals’ take on primer will easily balance out all skin tones and temperaments (including those who are most sensitive). it clears, and calms, even taking the edge off of blemish redness which means your foundation has less work to do. this oil-free formula has quickly become a part of my daily makeup routine, and i’m starting to wonder why i ever doubted primer in the first place.

pür minerals color correcting primer, $31 >

josie maran coconut watercolor cheek gelée

josie maran coconut watercolor cheek gelee

say hello to the most moisturizing cheek tint on the market.

applying josie maran’s coconut watercolor cheek gelée (a hybrid gel stain and cream blush) feels as if you’re patting a light, sheer lotion on the apples of your cheeks. it’s buildable, blendable, and josie’s spring-perfect creation leaves a healthy, reflective glow that lasts all day. i’m loving the not-too hot pink of the poppy paradise shade for adding some warmth into my winter-ravaged complexion, but the variety of other colors – particularly pink escape (for cool-toned gals) and getaway red (not for the shy!) – are calling my name as well. this is one of those products that looks as good in the pot as it does on my cheeks and i’m starting to sense a small collection of these will be sitting pretty on my vanity soon enough.

josie maran coconut watercolor cheek gelée, $22 >

maggie’s top 10 of 2013

maggie's top 10 of 2013

1 – i remembered that i had eyebrows this year, and that it might be nice to take care of them and even highlight them every once in awhile. it cosmetics brow power perfector is the 5-in-1 powder gel pencil that came to my brow rescue, serving as a fill-in powder, pencil, taming gel, conditioning treatment, and brow brush all in one (i’ve been using the the ‘universal taupe’ shade to define and fill in my arches).

2 – i briefly noted my love for the stella by stella mccartney rollerball perfume here, but the quick mention does not do nearly enough justice to how much i use this bad boy. the sweet and subtle combo of rose, amber and mandarin is my daily perfume and in my purse at all times.

3 – who knew that a free birthday gift from sephora would become one of my top ten beauty staples this year? i swipe benefit’s watt’s up! highlighter under my brows and on my cheekbones every day to wake my face up.

4 – sally hansen’s super shine has become a favorite for DIY manicures. i know matte nails were trendy this past year, but i still love a shiny fnish, and this top coat does the trick (while really making color last – we’re talking a solid five days).

5 - maybelline’s color elixir in signature scarlet has become my new go-to red lip, adding a glossy, youthful twist to an always classic look.

6 – the super dark, completely clump-free and layer-able smashbox photo op eye brightening mascara is now my daily mascara – i love how it separates and defines each lash. a blend of blue pigments in the formula make lashes seems so defined in contrast to the whites of your eyes. i haven’t found a mascara this good since dior’s diorshow.

7 – i’m a sucker for celebrity endorsements, so when i heard about lauren conrad’s hair stylist’s can’t-live-without product, i had to get my hands on it. i’ve been spritzing healthy sexy hair soy tri-wheat leave-in conditioner on after every shower and i am loving the results: soft, noticeably shinier locks (but never greasy). by restoring hair’s ph balance, it essentially presses the “restart” button for your hair. since i’ve started using it i’ve had multiple friends ask me if i’ve gotten my hair cut – that’s how healthy and fresh it’s made my hair look.

8 – like lara, i’ve become addicted to simple’s revitalizing eye roll-on. it’s become my little morning wake-up ritual, after i’ve washed my face and moisturized, to sweep this cooling rollerball underneath my eyes. it de-puffs, wakes me up immediately and is the perfect primer for my undereye concealer.

9 – speaking of undereye concealer, benefit’s fake up was my new best friend in 2013. this super moisturizing concealer hides even the darkest of my circles, and, as it promises, never creases. what a welcome addition to my makeup bag!

10 – i’d heard so much about the magical josie maran pure argan oil, and i have to say it lives up to its reputation. a single drop of it on damp hair makes me feel like my split ends have disappeared, and no other product has made my hair feel quite this silky. the double-whammy oil can also be used to moisturize your skin and has been a lifesaver for my dry winter cuticles.

kate somerville exfolikate

kate somerville exfolikate

i have finally found the ideal counterpart to my skin-refreshing sunday ritual. kind of like a mini facial in a tube, kate somerville exfolikate has quickly become a part of my routine. it plays double duty, using both physical and chemical exfoliants to rid skin of bacteria and dead skin cells, clarifying on contact and polishing things to a healthy glow.

to work the magic, simply apply to clean, wet skin, let sit for two minutes and you can literally feel the exfoliants working to remove all the bad stuff that may have built up over the last few days. my skin is renewed and super soft immediately after removal. the instructions warn of redness post-application (and this is not recommended for sensitive gals), but honestly, i haven’t run into that problem. the intensive exfoliation is an important key in keeping my skin happy and i find that it’s the perfect prep for a luxurious face mask or rich night cream.

kate somerville exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment, $22 – $175 > 

maggie’s fall favorites

maggie's fall favorites

happy monday, beauty queens! to ease us into the week, i’m sharing some of the products  that have been keeping me smiling brightly, smelling sweet, and feeling lovely this fall:

mcmc’s phoenix eau de parfum is a light, fresh and fruity perfume that’s been the perfect way to mix up my signature scent routine. it has top notes of cherry blossom and peach, with hints of vanilla (not surprising as i usually find the scents i’m drawn to have vanilla in them – even if i don’t recognize it right away!) and the sweet packaging doesn’t hurt either.

during the fall i want my smile to be extra bright as i more frequently turn to red lipstick, and crest whitestrips 1 hour express strips definitely make all the difference. these are like the old-school crest whitestrips, but so much better. no more 30-minute sessions twice a day for two weeks – these powerful little guys deliver results in one hour, with no irritation to my gums or teeth.

i have been on the hunt for a good moroccan oil for a while now, and marc anthony oil of morocco argan oil is really doing it for me these days. just a few drops after the shower make my hair soft, shiny and much more manageable, and it has a subtle scent that i catch throughout the day. quick disclaimer: this product doesn’t contain heat protection so i’d recommend adding a serum to the mix in order to protect your hair during heat styling!

with the cooling temps comes a change in skincare and i’ve found that simple hydrating light moisturizer is the perfect balance of nourishing and weightless. it’s scent-free, no muss, no fuss – just a really good daily moisturizer for keeping your skin in check. i’ve been using it nightly and have quickly turned my roommates onto it as well.

what have been your go-to products this fall?

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic floral

i am lo-ving these soft cosmetic cases from sonia kashuk’s target line, not only because of their budget-friendly price of $6.99, but because their smaller size recently forced me to do a major edit of the contents of my (dirty, oversized) cosmetic bag. it wasn’t a good situation – i had old eyeliners, eyeshadows i never wear, three cheek tints (i mean, really) and a variety of other unnecessary goods in that old thing. this perfectly-sized pouch was just too cute to pass up, so purge i did!

the chubby little number is small enough to limit me to my essentials but flexible enough that i can still stick in a few extra products if i need ‘em. the adorable prints are a plus – we are loving the floral shown above and this geometric. i might just snag a few more if my makeup starts overflowing again. such a great solution for toting my daily necessities on the go!

do tell us what do you prefer: a large makeup bag that fits everything you might
(or might not) need, or a small, just-the-basics pouch?

shop sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case ($6.99) here >

this or that: drugstore dry shampoo

this or that: dry shampoo (drugstore edition)
here at the glossarie, we’ve done our fair share of research on dry shampoos (lara swears by oscar blandi and oribe), and lately i’ve been looking for bargain-friendly alternatives to my go-to use of johnson’s baby powder. while johnson’s absorbs oil really effectively, i find myself fighting the baby scent. there’s also the challenge that if you go too heavy on the application you can end up with a george washington wig-type situation and, let’s be honest, i’d rather run around with greasy roots.
the brands above provide a refreshing restart to second (and third!) day locks. i prefer the fresh, clean scent of dove’s brand over not your mother’s, but both get the job done with no residue or heaviness.

this: not your mother’s clean freak refreshing dry shampoo, $5.99
that: dove refresh + care invigorating dry shampoo, $4.89
do you have a go-to drugstore dry shampoo? if so, please share your secret!

neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask

neutrogena, hair, conditioner

i am always thrilled to find beauty products that really work, and when they not only work but they are budget-friendly to boot, i consider that the ultimate win. neutrogena’s triple moisture deep recovery hair mask is the newest addition to my collection of drugstore favorites. just a small scoop of this ultra luxe (yet, surprisingly cheap) cream once-weekly has revamped my summer sun-damaged tresses. it smells amazing, leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, and gives me that fresh-from-the-salon feeling. while i’ll always love my living proof restore mask, this was a lovely little discovery (if not solely for the purposes of my bank account) and definitely an effective alternative. if summer was way harsh on your hair, i’m thinking that you should treat yourself to some therapy of the neutrogena variety!

neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask, $5.99 >

dior addict lip glow

dior addict lip glow

i’ve heard a lot of hype about dior addict lip glow, so when the lovely lady at sephora told my friend and me that it would give us the always-strived-for “your lips, but better” effect, we rolled eyes before settling in front of the mirror to give it a whirl. seconds after applying we realized that although she may have uttered the most overused and laughable phrase in the beauty industry, she was also exactly right. this incredibly moisturizing balm adjusts to each user’s skin pigment, giving lips a personalized, subtle swipe of color. mine turn just a shade rosier, and the balm adds a touch of sheen. it’s so nourishing that it can substitute as my chapstick in a pinch, and since i’ve started using it (religiously, every day) i’ve had multiple people ask me what i’m wearing on my lips. it’s also spf 10 which is always a plus during these last sun-filled weeks of summer.

reader and glossarie cousin diana is clearly already a fan of this gem as evidenced by her lip bomb post. we love the touch of glam peeking out from inside our purse and the absolute ease with which this stuff makes us feel instantly prettier.

is this one already in your makeup bag? think you’ll be making the addition?

dior addict lip glow, $31 >

eve lom rescue mask


last weekend was one of those weekends that was so much fun – i had visitors in town and the weather cooperated wonderfully with our plans – but due to a combination of too much time in the sun, eating all the wrong foods (shake shack, anyone?) and indulging in a few summer cocktails, i was left feeling less than beautiful come monday morning. think puffy, tired eyes, broken-out skin, and a general feeling of blah-ness. i was in need of some serious revival.

eve lom’s rescue mask did just what the name suggests – came to my post-weekend rescue. after applying to clean skin (admittedly, with some hesitation due to the rough, oatmeal-like texture and strong smell), i left it on for the instructed 15 minutes, and rinsed off to find my skin feeling refreshed and extremely soft. the mask leaves a subtle cooling sensation, and my skin did not feel tight or dry, as it sometimes does with other clay masks. my pores appeared smaller, and i swear it reduced redness in those 15 short minutes. suffice it to say this might need to become a sunday ritual.

have eve come to your rescue and snap this mask up at nordstrom.