mark. saint barts collection

mark saint bart's

it’s been awhile since i shared anything new from the mark. camp, but lucky me! i got to spend some time in their nyc offices earlier this month getting my hands all over their saint bart’s collection – and it is gorgeous!

talk about an instant vacation, these six products are begging to be tossed into a beach tote and taken somewhere warm. (preferably by the sea!) each piece was inspired by the sparkling waters and shimmering sands of saint barts in the caribbean and the result is a definitive island feel that both my vanity and my beauty routine have been missing.

starting with the hero of the group for me, island beauty face compact is almost too pretty to use. (almost!) it delivers a peachy pink, bronzed glow that has been warming up my winter foundation shade while still looking completely natural. this is one of those products that will have a home in my makeup bag all the way until labor day.

moving on to the eyelids, (because why should your cheeks have all the fun?) island eyes eye color palette includes every shade that you could possibly need this summer. from shimmering champagne to chocolate brown in the neutral department, to stunning blues and greens which blend beautifully for an unexpected smoky eye that would make even the most glittering mermaid jealous.

for your body, mark has created a très cool shimmering body lotion – think of it as a hydrating luminizer – that will bring life back into sun-starved arms and legs just in time for wedding season – and an exotic and glam eau de toilette spray that is rich in coconut and frangipani. layer the two together for the ultimate in island living, even if you’re not leaving the couch.

to top things off, mark gives us that’s beachy texturizing surf spray. sprayed onto wet hair, you’ll enjoy effortlessly soft waves, bouncy volume and texture without crunch. i love this stuff! for your nails, i’m crazy about the latest nail this look mini lacquers in azure (a trend-right cornflower blue) and nudist (the exact right beige to show off your new tan).

i’m going to go ahead and call this mark’s prettiest collection yet. they thought of everything, head to toe, and the resulting products are as pretty in the package as they are on your skin. you’ll surely want to scoop these up – and don’t blame me when you find yourself dreaming of the islands.

ready for your own instant vacation? mark. is giving away products from the saint barts collection signed by lucy hale! enter here every day until april 27th.

mac patentpolish lip pencil

mac patentpolish lip pencil

the chubby lip pencil is nothing new, and just when i had been starting to feel like i had tried them all and that they were all the same, mac up and changes the game. their new patentpolish lip pencils are refreshingly new and exciting for three reasons:

one – the tip is actually chubby (not just the pencil!) and perfectly shaped to cover lips in a few swipes. it’s a snap to fill things in with such a broad and rounded color stick – i love the way these apply.

two – the color pay off is rich and opaque, which means that the sheer, semi-lackluster coverage that you’re used to in a pencil like this is a thing of the past.

three – the finish is shiny like a gloss, but as smooth and comfortable to wear as a moisturizing lip balm. i can put it on bare lips with absolutely no fear of dry out.

sometimes my affection for a product is as simple as one-two-three, and mac’s patentpolish is a perfect example. someone has finally nailed the pencil product in a way that makes it wearable as an everyday lip. if you scoop these up, you’ll be applying them over and over – and if you see me out and about, the shade i can’t get enough of is called fearless.

mac patentpolish lip pencil, $20 >

sally hansen triple shine

sally hansen reef raf

i’ve spent the last four days in the outer banks of north carolina attending the wedding of a college friend. sadly the weather was pretty miserable, but that didn’t stop our friends from celebrating to the fullest extent. and while my toes may not have seen much sun or sand, my penchant for gold gladiators meant that they were more than on display all weekend.

before leaving town, i booked myself a pedicure (my first of the season! does anyone else let their toes “breathe” in the winter months?) and i brought sally hansen triple shine in reef-raf with me. something about the watermelon pink felt so perfect for a spring wedding and based on my experience with sally hansen, i knew the formula would not disappoint.

after the first bright and shiny stripe, the nail tech looked up at me and said “wow, nice polish!” which i took as the highest possible endorsement. when she was done, i took in my beautiful pink toes, which were practically glowing. the glossy color wore amazingly well throughout four days of activities (which included much ducking between the raindrops in flip flops – i did not pack well for the weather).

now that i’m home, my pedi is still going strong, even after taking a pretty hard beating on a joyously crowded reception dance floor. i took triple shine for a test run myself, dousing my fingers in red snapper and hello! check out that shine:

sally hansen red snapper

sally has once again delivered salon quality at the drugstore price and i’m in love with the way that these polishes paint and perform.

this post was sponsored by refinery 29 and sally hansen, a brand that i love and have used for years.

hourglass ambient lighting blush

hourglass ambient lighting blush

ah, blush.

my very first beauty love and favorite product to this day. i love it so much that i like to save it for last, after my brows, lashes, even lips are done and watch the magic happen as it awakens my entire face. over the years, i have learned that the right shade creates life and glow, irregardless of shimmer in the formula. since my biggest pet peeve is a blush that falls flat, you can only imagine how thrilled i was to discover hourglass’ revolutionary powder that’s actually designed to bring depth and dimension.

hourglass has fused its well-loved ambient lighting powders with stunning blush shades to create this multidimensional color product. it sweeps on with ease, blending beautifully and delivering a soft-focus to the face that simply brings all of the attention to all of the right places.

what looks semi-scary in the pan actually results in a natural finish and is surprisingly hard to overdo. my current favorite is radiant magenta, but next on my list is ethereal glow – the perfect cotton candy pink. (so springy!) these blushes are super special, along with being heads and shoulders above other baked and marbled options. while $35 may cause some beauty addicts to cringe a bit, the velvety long-lasting effects make this one worth every penny.

hourglass ambient lighting blush, $35 >

kerastase elixir ultime crème fine

kerastase elixir ultime creme fine

forget everything you think you know about hair oil, because kerastase is changing the game. inside this gold tube is a product that has the weight of a lotion, but the deeply nourishing powers of a rich oil. crème fine is a hair treatment that falls somewhere between a leave-in conditioner and a serum, bringing instant health to hair of all textures and thicknesses. so high is the praise for this product, that i have spoken with girls who use it as a curl cream and those who use it as a straightening lotion, ladies who employ it as a pre-styling treatment, and those who reserve it for an after-styling balm. it’s a true multi-tasker and it hasn’t failed any of us yet.

i have personally taken to using it as a blow-in styling treatment and the effects are mega gorgeous. a dime sized amount distributed through damp hair, pre-blow dry results in smooth hair that is weightless yet full of shape and volume. oh, and the shine? is out of this world. i’m most impressed with the manageable and easy finished look that looks effortless (it truly is effortless) and polished at the same time. this product plays extra nice with my flat iron and leaves hair looking and feeling just as good on day two without any added grease.

i’m telling you, this is the good stuff. so, if your hair is begging for softness, strength, and smoothness (and really, whose isn’t?) then this gold tube is holding your new best friend.

kerastase elixir ultime creme fine, $42 >

first aid beauty age delay dual repair eye cream

first aid beauty dual repair eye cream

i like a no nonsense eye cream.

i’m lucky enough not to be suffering any major woes – just a minimal combination of dark circles, crow’s feet, and fine lines underneath. (par for the 32 year-old course, i suppose) to keep things from progressing, i apply an eye cream nightly and i look for something that’s nourishing and preventative. since anything that lengthens my evening routine is likely to get skipped, in order to keep me on track it’s also important that my eye cream blend in easily, completely and fast.

first aid beauty has created the perfect eye cream for me. it delivers all of the essential anti-aging benefits without any irritation and i’ve been most impressed with the way that it brightens, strengthens, and keeps puffiness at bay. this eye cream is all business, but it doesn’t stop there.

when it comes to application, the pump operates like a dream and you can get the exact right amount that you need so that no product is wasted. (those who have had frustrations with other pumps will totally know what i mean, here!) secondly, this product vanishes completely into skin, and without much effort. i don’t know why this is so satisfying (or important) to me, but i love how this blends easily into the under eye area and saturates the delicate skin without requiring much rubbage.

until situations call for something more serious, this eye cream will be taking up permanent residence on my sink side. three cheers for simple and effective beauty!

first aid beauty age delay dual repair eye cream, $40 >

pantene root reboot dry shampoo

pantene root reboot dry shampoo

you should probably know that i’m transitioning my hair to a three-day wash cycle, because well, those are the types of things we discuss seriously around here. i’ve been washing my hair every other day without fail since 2004, but it dawned on me recently that maybe, just maybe, i could squeak a second day in there between washings without too much oily scalp drama. turns out that i was right, but only because i discovered pantene’s root reboot dry shampoo.

this new formula joins pantene’s original option and it delivers gorgeous, non-greasy hair on day three without the need for a wash and rinse. i shake up the bottle, lift up my hair at the crown and aim its nozzle directly at my roots. then, i flip my head and tousle, tousle, tousle until it’s all absorbed. the finished product? it zaps all traces of oil, bringing me back to that fresh-out-of-the-shower hair from 48 hours prior and it also delivers such a boost that i am suspicious that it’s the world’s best volumizing spray masquerading as a dry shampoo.

i like the texture, scent and light hold that the spray delivers to my layered locks and the fact that it’s gifting me with an extra hour or two each week is icing on the cake!

pantene root reboot dry shampoo, $6.99 >

the bright lip

the glossarie - a bright lip wardrobe

let’s not beat around the bush: my middle is swelling at an alarming rate and while i’m all for growth in the name of progress, my new size is definitely taking some getting used to. in order to feel my absolute best (aside from my afternoon snack of broccoli chips – do not ask – and hummus), i am embracing the bright lip in an extra big way. i’ve always been a fan of a bold, bright shade on the lips, especially for an event or an evening out, but these days i find myself swiping on the brightness in the morning, too. i theorize that the pop of color draws eyes up towards my face and away from the belly, and whether that’s true or not, it sure does make me feel like a million polished-and-put-together bucks.

i’ve amassed a group of six not-for-the-faint-of-heart favorites that have been in constant rotation. from left to right:

mac huggable lip color in feeling amorous, $20
(no longer available :( similar option from stila)
soft and buttery, the easiest way to wear bright color because they are so comfy!

tarte power pigment in flush, $24
punched up pigment in a sheer berry shade that
moisturizes lips and doesn’t wander.

topshop lip bullet in heartbeat, $16
embrace orange lips with this satiny coral crayon -
it’s the easiest to apply and very bright.

lorac lip luxe in hot pink, $16
velvety smooth, powerfully pigmented, with anti-aging benefits to boot.

face stockholm for j.crew in peony pink, $20
(no longer available; similar shade = smile)
this stuff is like confidence in a tube! it’s the shade that i’m wearing
in my bio picture and it always incites endless compliments.

stila stay all day vinyl lip gloss in melon vinyl, $24
a full on burst of color and shine for when i feel like a gloss.
looks like lacquer, wears like iron!

i’d love to know: what’s your go to shade when you’re feelin’ a bright lip?

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapyover the years, i’ve learned that the best way to combat lip dryness is to get into a cycle of prevention as opposed to reactive treatment. it seems to be all about what i put on them overnight that determines how they behave throughout the next day – regardless of even adding drying stains and matte colors into the mix.

this darling tub of vaseline in-miniature houses a rich cocoa butter formula that not only smells delicious (de. lic-ious.), but it softens and soothes on contact, sealing in moisture and stopping dry lips dead in their tricks. my lips are protected all night long and treated to a bath of good-for-them moisture in a butter-like texture. in the morning, i awake to heavenly soft lips that are primed and ready for my signature shade.

using this particular flavor of vaseline religiously has officially broken the vicious cycle of dry  lips for me. better yet, it has not caused a single breakout along my lip line (which unfortunately, is a major issue for me with some products!). she costs less than $2 at the drugstore and leaves my lips much more kissable on a regular basis.


vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy, $1.79 >

deborah lippmann cosmic love


coolest topcoat ever?

deborah has truly outdone herself with this serious stunner. the base is a light pink jelly and the glitter is a mix of pink, gold, and purple holographic hexagons. we are talking total glitter bomb and jaw dropping gorgeous! i have found my party polish for spring.

i normally shy away from glitters, but there is something so festive and special about this amped up sparkler. i don’t know about you, but i find that polishes like these are best dabbed on in coats of two (or even three), then sealed up good with a top coat so that they don’t chip or flake.

fun fact: if you tend to avoid glitter because of the painful removal process, might i recommend opi’s glitter off peelable base coat? applying a thin layer underneath of your favorite glitters means that you can wear them until your heart’s content and then swiftly peel them off when you’re sick of the style.

totally freaking genius, right? i know, i wish i thought of it, too.

deborah lippmann cosmic love, $20 >