mac patentpolish lip pencil

mac patentpolish lip pencil

the chubby lip pencil is nothing new, and just when i had been starting to feel like i had tried them all and that they were all the same, mac up and changes the game. their new patentpolish lip pencils are refreshingly new and exciting for three reasons:

one – the tip is actually chubby (not just the pencil!) and perfectly shaped to cover lips in a few swipes. it’s a snap to fill things in with such a broad and rounded color stick – i love the way these apply.

two – the color pay off is rich and opaque, which means that the sheer, semi-lackluster coverage that you’re used to in a pencil like this is a thing of the past.

three – the finish is shiny like a gloss, but as smooth and comfortable to wear as a moisturizing lip balm. i can put it on bare lips with absolutely no fear of dry out.

sometimes my affection for a product is as simple as one-two-three, and mac’s patentpolish is a perfect example. someone has finally nailed the pencil product in a way that makes it wearable as an everyday lip. if you scoop these up, you’ll be applying them over and over – and if you see me out and about, the shade i can’t get enough of is called fearless.

mac patentpolish lip pencil, $20 >

the bright lip

the glossarie - a bright lip wardrobe

let’s not beat around the bush: my middle is swelling at an alarming rate and while i’m all for growth in the name of progress, my new size is definitely taking some getting used to. in order to feel my absolute best (aside from my afternoon snack of broccoli chips – do not ask – and hummus), i am embracing the bright lip in an extra big way. i’ve always been a fan of a bold, bright shade on the lips, especially for an event or an evening out, but these days i find myself swiping on the brightness in the morning, too. i theorize that the pop of color draws eyes up towards my face and away from the belly, and whether that’s true or not, it sure does make me feel like a million polished-and-put-together bucks.

i’ve amassed a group of six not-for-the-faint-of-heart favorites that have been in constant rotation. from left to right:

mac huggable lip color in feeling amorous, $20
(no longer available :( similar option from stila)
soft and buttery, the easiest way to wear bright color because they are so comfy!

tarte power pigment in flush, $24
punched up pigment in a sheer berry shade that
moisturizes lips and doesn’t wander.

topshop lip bullet in heartbeat, $16
embrace orange lips with this satiny coral crayon -
it’s the easiest to apply and very bright.

lorac lip luxe in hot pink, $16
velvety smooth, powerfully pigmented, with anti-aging benefits to boot.

face stockholm for j.crew in peony pink, $20
(no longer available; similar shade = smile)
this stuff is like confidence in a tube! it’s the shade that i’m wearing
in my bio picture and it always incites endless compliments.

stila stay all day vinyl lip gloss in melon vinyl, $24
a full on burst of color and shine for when i feel like a gloss.
looks like lacquer, wears like iron!

i’d love to know: what’s your go to shade when you’re feelin’ a bright lip?

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapyover the years, i’ve learned that the best way to combat lip dryness is to get into a cycle of prevention as opposed to reactive treatment. it seems to be all about what i put on them overnight that determines how they behave throughout the next day – regardless of even adding drying stains and matte colors into the mix.

this darling tub of vaseline in-miniature houses a rich cocoa butter formula that not only smells delicious (de. lic-ious.), but it softens and soothes on contact, sealing in moisture and stopping dry lips dead in their tricks. my lips are protected all night long and treated to a bath of good-for-them moisture in a butter-like texture. in the morning, i awake to heavenly soft lips that are primed and ready for my signature shade.

using this particular flavor of vaseline religiously has officially broken the vicious cycle of dry  lips for me. better yet, it has not caused a single breakout along my lip line (which unfortunately, is a major issue for me with some products!). she costs less than $2 at the drugstore and leaves my lips much more kissable on a regular basis.


vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy, $1.79 >

favorite lip products

lara ramos copy

i’m over on meg biram’s place in the blog world talking about my five most favorite lip products! meg has been tapping into the inner workings of several of my best beauty blogger girls and the resulting posts are incredibly fun. click on over to see the five products that made my cut, and rediscover a new go-to (or twelve).

lipstick queen saint in hot rose

lipstick queen saint hot rose

in my opinion, dry lips don’t just need moisture, they need color. for that reason, i am always on the hunt for a one-step lip that will hydrate and soothe while also giving me a sheer pop of pink. sadly, most tinted balms don’t deliver nearly enough pigment for my liking, leaving me mostly disappointed. i’m not sure why this concept is such a tough one for brands to latch on to, but it’s really not surprising that a real winner in this category would arrive from poppy king.

lipstick queen’s saint lipstick has 10% pigment for a hint of long-lasting and buttery-feeling color. available in 20 (!) shades, saint is easy to apply and a piece of cake to wear, delivering a casual glam that’s perfect for everyday. i’m partial to hot rose, a deep fuchsia that has been delivering a lightly vanilla-scented wash of pink hydration to my dry and colorless lips this winter. the shade is more than enough to wake up my dead winter lips and i also love the way that it’s bringing life to my paling complexion.

if your lips are needing a burst of brightness (or even if a sheer, hydrating nude or a gothy wine is more your speed), forego the obvious choice and take a good long look at lipstick queen’s saint formula. you won’t be sorry.

lipstick queen saint, $22 >

make primers

i am impressed time and time again by the products coming out of the make camp, and these two primers are no exception. primer is one of those things that i hate slathering all over my face – it clogs my pores and aggravates my skin, almost counteracting the long-wearing benefits. there are still, however, a couple of places on my face that i really like to use it, namely underneath my eyes and on my lips.

make transforming eye primer

the transforming eye primer ($23) is creamy and gorgeous. i use it underneath of my eyes, after my moisturizer to grip on to my cc cream or foundation and lessen the need for extra concealer. it works like a charm! it goes on cool and smooth, softening fine lines and without settling into crow’s feet. the tint helps to brighten that delicate area and the silky formula is super easy to wear. if your under eye makeup tends to fade, this is definitely a  little lifesaver.

make lip primer

when it comes to lips, i love bright, bold color but i hate the way that it fades, plus it can feel dry and uncomfortable. i’m drawn to gloss/balm hybrids and more moisturizing color for the comfort factor, but keeping those on your lips can be pretty impossible. the lip primer ($23) from make is waxy, but weightless, filling in lines and sealing in moisture while locking in color and preventing feather and fade. it’s been giving staying power to even the slickest ‘sticks and tinted balms, making me a very happy girl.

have you tried any of make’s for-benefit products yet? 33.3% of web sales go to the we see beauty foundation – a great cause that supports the cooperative movement – reminding me that there truly is nothing like looking good and feeling good at the same time.

burt’s bees lip color

burt's bees lip color

burt’s bees’ lip options
have come so far from the days where the best among their ranks was this little gem. the line has expanded to include every formula that any natural-loving product girl could ever ask for. from gloss to shimmer and from tinted balms to beautiful shine, burt’s bees lip collection has things covered for whatever lip look you like to portray. here are my favorite shades from each of their four formulas and how i use each one to get a pair of good lookin’ lips.lip gloss in spring splendor, $9
these give beautiful color, lots of shine, and comfortable non-sticky wear. rather than drying out my lips, the formula actually leaves them better off than i started, bringing in moisture. spring splendor is a subtle and flattering pink that i love to layer over drying stains and matte’ish lipsticks.

lip shimmer in rhubarb, $5
perhaps my favorite of the bunch, these skinny little lip slicks are simply gorgeous and bring a nourishing touch to full-coverage pigment. color truly pops and the addition of slight shimmer and a minty taste makes them next level. rhubarb is a deep fuchsia that can be worn year-round, all on its own.

lip shine in pucker, $7
looking for a luxe and lightweight lip sheer to layer over your favorite color? then, look no further. these are great on their own for a no-makeup dewy shine or can be a perfect topper for the lip shimmers. i’m a fan of putting pucker, a natural red, over my favorite stain for a look that provides much more punch than a clear balm.

tinted lip balm in sweet violet, $7
the perfect combination of sheer color and hydration, these can be applied without a mirror and i love the way my lips blossom with the right touch of tint. sweet violet is an unexpected cool, natural purple. it’s just enough to bring a wash of color and buttery hydration to needy, nude lips.

perhaps the very best thing about this lineup? you can invest in one of each for about the same (or less!) than what it would cost you to invest in one prestige lip. if you’re yet to explore this collection and you’re not sure where to start, burt’s bees has this handy little lip shade finder to help you out. (not being able to test products is one of my biggest pet peeves about drugstore shopping, but this solves the issue!)

judging by your #lipbombs, most of you are already familiar with burt’s bees many lip options, but i’d love to know if there are shades out there that my current wardrobe is missing!

this post was sponsored by burt’s bees through their partnership with POPSUGAR. while I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about burt’s bees, all opinions are my own.

bite agave lip mask

bite agave lip mask

this time of year, i cannot survive without this overnight mask. it sinks into skin, replenishing moisture lost to freezing temperatures and best of all, it does not need to be washed off. it’s a lifesaver to say the least, but i have often felt that my lips are a bit left out in the cold – until now.

this past week in nyc, i popped into the bite lip lab to see what the fuss is all about.** to say that i am a huge fan of this brand would be an understatement. they only do lips and they do them damn well, with a run of colors and formulas to suit every pair of lips on the planet.

at my visit, i walked away with bite’s newest product release, their agave lip mask. the manager, melissa, told me to put it on before bed and leave it on overnight for soft lips that will last all day – and that’s exactly what happened. the beauty of this mask is that it eliminates the dead skin that can make your lip color look terrible and it plumps up fine lines so that things wear smoother, and longer. out of the tube it’s extra thick, but it melts onto lips (with a simple and sweet taste) and feels very hydrating. for a boost, try applying this after you’ve applied a lip scrub. you’ll find yourself using less lip balm on the following day since it helps lips to stay moisturized. amazing! this product is innovative and luxurious, and so necessary while we weather this wicked winter.

bite beauty agave lip mask, $26 >

**note: the fuss is underplayed! this place allows you to create a custom lipstick, from designing the perfect shade to layering in your favorite scent, then watching it be poured, molded, and packaged into a one-of-a-kind lip just for you. i’m hoping to review this process for you soon!

tatcha gold camellia nourishing lip balm


i may have a myriad of lip balms littering up my life (a small army at the bottom of my purse, at least one in my car’s cup holder, and i’m constantly unearthing them in desk/dresser drawers), but i’m slightly more selective when it comes to choosing my “home base” balm. i tend to stick to one really good splurge-worthy lip balm that i use in the morning to set the tone for the day and then for a good healthy dose of hydration before bed.

tatcha’s camellia lip balm is the most recent recipient of this worthy title. the jelly-like texture has a nice slip, but goes on pretty matte, keeping things unfussy once you get past that gorgeous gold leaf. (the gold layer does make the first few applications extra fun with just a hint of a metallic finish.) it has the look and feel of a truly luxurious product (and it is!) but when it comes to formula, this stuff is all business. glycerin is combined with all natural oils to create a feeling that’s intensely hydrating once it hits your lips.

a twice-daily application has left mine feeling extra kissable (a serious feat when the words over your state on the weather map read FRIGID) and i absolutely delight in dipping my fingers into that gold and purple pot. at $36 i know that this is not an impulse buy, but i can tell you that a little goes a long way and that tatcha’s generous helping will last you a very long time. balm lovers won’t be able to resist adding this one to their collection.

tatcha gold camellia nourishing lip balm, $36 >

kat burki glossy lip treatment

kat burki glossy lip treatmentit’s a brand new year (!), so let’s start it off with a bang, shall we? i’ve got your first must-have product of 2014 and it’s a good one. kat burki glossy lip treatment has got everything and more that you are looking for in a balm/gloss. for one, it’s beautifully packaged in a squeeze tube that locks and unlocks to avoid any messy wasting of product while kicking around in your purse. the tip is a ceramic rollerball that feels kind of (ok, very) luxurious whilst rolling across your lips. it’s got a cooling sensation that wakes up your circulation and helps your lips to soak up all of the goodness in kat’s ingredients. the hybrid gloss-balm itself is super soothing and non-sticky, packed full of nourishing coconut oil and hydrating vitamin e. it’s unlike anything that i have ever tried and it looks gorgeous on bare lips (hello, shine!) or over your favorite lip color. it also feels incredible, zapping any hint of dryness but also adding the life back into my lips that the winter tends to rob them of.

i’m pretty obsessed with this little wonder product and am promptly tossing all of my other clear glosses to make room for this queen bee. how’s that for a new year’s resolution?

kat burki glossy lip treatment ($28) >