mark. crushing on coconut body scrub, $12


i know i talked a little bit about my love for this scrub here, but my affair with its coconutty goodness has gone straight from first impression rose to fantasy suite status. it is by far the best thing happening in my shower, and here’s why:

scrubs can be really fussy. they always come in tubs or jars (requiring way too much coordination for me) and they’re always dripping in oil which, while it feels luxurious, never ever makes me feel clean. this scrub from mark comes in a tube and it has a perfect consistency that’s not too thick and not too liquidly. i squeeze it straight into my hands and get to work massaging into my arms, legs, chest, and big ole belly. i take an extra second to really go to town on my elbows, knees and heels, too.

the scent is pure heaven – relaxing and mood lifting at the same time, making my shower smell like a tropical oasis. i like the way that the fragrance sits subtly on my skin once i’m toweled off. it’s not so overbearing that you smell like the beach, but my skin is left fresh, clean, and slightly sweet.

the very best part is how this stuff makes my skin feel, because holy moly the softness is so freakin’ good. i cannot stop touching my arms and shoulders and i have also gotten positive endorsements from mr. gloss (by way of the double eyebrow raise, basically his highest praise for anything beauty-related).

so yes, this is the best thing to hit my shower in ages. it has given me some added confidence to break out my sundresses and bare a little more (very pregnant) skin. plus it’s already got me looking forward to my next shower – and i hear those are about to become a precious commodity in my world.

mark. crushing on coconut body scrub, $12 >



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  1. tabitha says:

    I love the smell of coconut too, this scrub is just devine. makes me feel like I’m on holiday on a tropical island, just bliss! My skin is happy and oh so soft.

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