love your curls2

oh, dove. you’re really tugging at my heartstrings with this one.

the love your curls campaign was designed to encourage women and girls to celebrate and take pride in their curly hair – something that i fail to do, always. with baby lou in the picture (curls pending – baldish at the moment), it breaks my heart to think about her feeling frustration, anxiety or dislike towards any single part of her. admittedly, this video was a bit of a wake up call and a reminder that the littles in our life look up to us. it’s important for us to set the stage and instill confidence in them. dove has nailed this message and done it in such a sweet way that it has me thinking hard about (sigh) giving the flat iron a rest…

do you have curly hair? does your daughter? i’d love to hear how you #loveyourcurls!

ps – curly hair favorites here, here, and here

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bareminerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream0

bare minerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream

i do love it when a brand knocks itself off of the beauty pedestal!

until very recently, i didn’t think buxom (technically under the bare escentuals umbrella) show some skin foundation could be topped. as i have inched closer and closer to the end of my tube, panic started to set in. would i repurchase the same foundation? has something better come onto the scene since march of last year? (i would surely hope so, but fruitless product tests and endless sephora sampling have proved otherwise.)

as fate would have it, i repurchased my beloved show some skin the very week that my friends at bareminerals released complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream. when my sample of complexion rescue (in shade opal) arrived, i tore into it and rubbed a little on the back of my hand to see what the fuss was all about. standing at my kitchen island, i actually uttered “wow.”

from the hand test i could tell that this was going to be a game changer and now that i’ve been applying it daily, i can tell you that this is more than just a crush – it’s a full-on love affair of the long term variety, and here’s why:

bareminerals has create a gel formula that makes this more-than-a-tinted-moisturizer blend invisibly into my skin and feel like the most heavenly moisturizer. coverage is buildable, light to medium, so you get the natural, dewy look of a top-notch foundation with a lightweight and super hydrating feel. i have applied complexion rescue with my fingers (not my favorite), with this brush (even less my favorite) and settled on my #1 foundation brush to be the best vehicle. using something with dense bristles will give coverage that’s more even and you’ll be shocked by how very little of this stuff you need to cover your entire face.

as with any foundation, hop along to sephora to grab a sample to make sure that a dewy and moisturizing formula is going to work with your skin type. i’m predicting that this winter launch is going to make a lot of ladies (and their skin!) very pleased.

bareminerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream, $29 >


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la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel6

la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel

leave it to me to get totally fired up over a face wash, but if you only knew how much i dread washing my face before bed you would understand. i have searched far and wide for the best evening face wash, preferring something that can be smoothed onto a dry face, will dissolve my washable mascara without rubbing and tugging, and can be rinsed clean with water. i have been using this one for awhile now and i like it, but my feelings haven’t been strong enough to warrant a blog post (a telling sign).

when i read about la roche-posay’s cleansing gel (physiological** cleansing gel, that is) i knew i had to have it. reviewers commented on its “milky, pudding-like goodness” and touted it as “the best cleanser i’ve ever used.” um yup, sold. it landed on my doorstep from the lovely people at la roche-posay and i have used it every single night since.

here’s why it’s so good. the cleanser works like a cetaphil or a cerave, but it’s way, way better. for one, it’s thicker and it feels more luxe, but it’s not as heavy and greasy as this cleanser. you can just tell that the science that goes into this cleanser is doing wonderful things for your skin when you smooth it on. it adheres to the day’s makeup, sucks out all of the dirt and grime and melts away my mascara in less than a minute. after rinsing, my face doesn’t feel tight and doesn’t look red so my sensitive skin is left feeling pampered, not abused. it smells kind of like a spa treatment and it has already made an impact on my skin’s clarity. if you suffer from acne, your skin is going to love this stuff so much more than whatever harsh regimen you’re already using.

if you have a face, do it this one favor and grab yourself a bottle of this gorgeous and gentle cleanser. it’s going to make you and your skin very, very happy.

la roche-posay physiological cleansing gel, $21.49 >

**from what i can gather from webster, the term means that this cleanser works with the way that your skin normally functions (i think)

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dior addict lip glow coral2

dior addict lip glow coral

to say that i loved this ‘into the gloss’ post on tinted lip balms would be an understatement. it’s more like i identify with it at the very core of my being, because that’s how serious i am about tinted lip balm. i wear it everyday and i try every single one that hits the market – and there are a lot of tinted lip balms on the market.

so let’s get down to brass tacks: which tinted lip balm is the best? while fresh makes a very good case (with twelve shades!) for having this category cornered, i’m going a bit more luxe and giving top marks to dior addict lip glow.

i had kind of considered this one case closed, not believing that dior could be beat, but it turns out that the brand has bested themselves. sephora has an exclusive with the coral version of my favorite tinted lip balm and dare i say, it’s better than the original. the coral shade is an extra fresh take and a welcome update for those of us who prefer orange tones over bright pink. the formula is just as moisturizing as the original, but the color is warm and has a vinyl-like, almost juicy finish. for a daily lip it’s neutral, but lush, perfect for every occasion and perfect for this dreary time of year.

i haven’t separated from mine since it landed on my doorstep (after a very patient wait for a restock) and just this morning as i was putting it on, i was reminded how much i love it. it’s the ideal pop of color and it feels so comforting on my winter-ravaged lips. it’s the type of makeup i live for – something that looks like a stiletto, but feels like fleece leggings.

dior addict lip glow coral, $33 >

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r+co death valley dry shampoo6

r+co death valley dry shampoo

if 2015 isn’t** going to be the year that i break up with my blow dryer and flat iron, i am at the very least vowing to treat my hair like royalty. in order to handle my rapidly thinning hair (i actually have postpartum bald spots! eff you hormones.) with kid gloves, i need to find one badass dry shampoo so that i can make it an extra day between washings and fryings.

the issue is that since all, i repeat all, of my hair is falling out at the crown and around my hairline, my head has been getting greasy much faster than it has in the past. rather than start showering everyday (seriously, who has time for that?) i have been on the warpath hunting for a dry shampoo that can handle this level of oiliness.

fast forward to the ray of sunshine in this gloomy setup.

r+co has really won me over with death valley. i get volume and body and not a lick of white residue while it zaps oil on the spot. this spray is actually making me love my second-day hair more than my freshly showered style and i also don’t get any of the weird itchy feeling that i normally get with dry shampoos. it might be the absolute best thing going in dry shampoo and i’m so happy that someone has finally gotten it very right.

r+co death valley dry shampoo, 29 >

**i have already tried and failed…anyone out there a curl expert willing to give me a major style intervention??

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sebamed q10 age defense cream0

sebamed q10 age defense cream

did you know that your skin has an optimum pH of 5.5? this is the level where it seals in hydration and can better protect itself from environmental stressors that cause damage. there are a lot of ways that you can bring balance to your skin, but all you really need to know is that achieving this balance is the key to a more beautiful face. in layman’s terms? maintaing the right pH balance means less fine lines and pesky crow’s feet.

sign. me. up.

my skin pretty much always exhibits one of the main symptoms of being unbalanced: acne. simple exposure to the elements causes my pores to clog and it’s no picnic. my pH balance has to be out of whack, but how did it get that way? the likely causes are my tendency to be too harsh on my face, using water that’s too hot and over-exfoliating. the good news for me is that it’s actually pretty simple to get things back in line, and that’s where seamed q10 comes in.

this cream is magic. not only does it bring my skin to that perfect 5.5 pH, it’s bringing everything back to basics and science says that a few weeks of regular use will calm my skin problems, help my face to properly absorb hydration and repel things that irritate it. since adding this luxe lotion to my morning ritual, i’m experiencing skin that looks and feels healthier. science also says that it’s helping all of my other products to work better, helping my skincare investment to turn a tidy profit to the tune of glowing skin.

if i haven’t bored you with all of my newfound beauty knowledge on pH, all you really need to take away is that i’m highly impressed with this workhorse of a beauty jar – and i’d bargain that anyone on the cusp of aging skin will agree.

sebamed q10 age defense cream, $25 >

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sabe masson le soft perfumes0

le soft perfume in lucky bay

one of the very first posts on the glossarie was about these little smelling sticks. you can’t find them anymore and i have been searching and searching for something similar. there are other solid stick perfumes on the market, but none so artfully designed as the originals – until now.

sabe masson le soft perfumes are just as beautifully packaged and just as convenient to apply as my first loves. available at my favorite online beauty retailer, these cuties are naturally composed in the best french perfumeries. they are delicate and sophisticated, sans parabens or alcohol, and ideal for even the most sensitive skins.

there are twelve varieties in three collections making a decision practically impossible. the shea butter collection boasts a natural skin softener perfect for dry spots and has scents like lemon, mandarin, and pink peppercorn. the tamanu mango collection holds anti-inflammatory anti-aging and healing powers and the tiare collection includes manoi oil which offers hydration and relief for skin after sun exposure.

if you’re in the market for a new scent, you like to keep thing simple and beautiful or if you just don’t love to smell like everyone else, these are a pretty and practical solution. they are so perfectly done and easily infuse the spirit of paris right into your beauty routine.

sabe masson le soft perfumes, $25 >

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drybar mai thai spritzer sea salt spray0

drybar mai thai spritzer

oh, sea salt spray.

i have such a love/hate relationship with you! time and time again, i thought i had found the perfect formula for authentically gisele-like beach waves – be it in a high-end product or drugstore deal – only to find my hair sticky, stiff or completely parched after spraying it on.

drybar mai thai spritzer sea salt spray is light enough that i can still run my fingers through my hair after application and it gives just the right amount of wave and texture to my locks – sans stickiness. the product contains aloe, which is why my hair still feels soft and healthy even after multiple spritzes. full disclosure: my favorite part of this product is the scent. it’s coconut-y and fresh, like the beach in a bottle.

of course, every mane is different, but i find this one works best when sprayed on second-day hair, after i’ve styled some loose waves.

do you have a favorite salt spray? have you tried this one?

drybar mai thai spritzer sea salt spray, $25 >

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marc jacobs beauty the face ii sculpting foundation brush no. 20


marc jacobs the face ii sculpting foundation brush

this brush is the coolest.

it falls somewhere between a traditional flat foundation brush (the kind that makeup artists are always trying to convince me to use) and the round fluffy brush that i’ve come to know and love as my ideal applicator. the precision of one combined with the natural application of the other blends to create the most flawless foundation coverage that i have ever experienced. this brush doesn’t soak up a ton of product and it doesn’t shed its bristles – which are soft and gentle on my sensitive skin. i love the weight of it in my hand and the way that it’s holding up, keeping its shape in-between washings, too.

i almost never spend or recommend spending this kind of money on a brush, but something about this one really has a hold on me. the shape allows me to get around my nose and into the corners of my eyes just as easily as i can obtain smooth, even coverage on my forehead, cheeks and chin. the fluffiness helps to blur any foundation into my jaw and neck so that i don’t run around with any crazy looking lines. i feel like it’s making my foundation perform better and it’s definitely making my skin look insanely good.

if you’ve got yourself a nice sephora gift card burning a hole in your pocket (you lucky devil) go ahead and grab this guy. any girls who apply any kind of liquid/cream foundation or a tinted moisturizer/bb/cc cream on the regular are really going to love this one.

marc jacobs beauty the face ii sculpting foundation brush no. 2 > $48

hmm…there seems to be some confusion about whether this is the face i or the face ii (sephora says one thing, marc jacobs says another) – the brush i’m in love with is the angled version pictured above!

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clarins moisture replenishing lip balm2

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm

i can’t believe it’s almost been a year since i saw lupita nyong’o drop a little blue tube of lip balm into pharrell’s hat at the oscars. while that may be just about the most random way to find out about a new beauty product – ever, i was not alone because the stuff sold out everywhere almost instantly. i kept in fierce touch with the lovely people at clarins until finally they had it back in stock to send my way. let’s just say that after a long wait, this stuff had a lot of living up to do.

the lip balm in question is clarins moisture replenishing balm with essential rose wax and people, it’s wonderful. my favorite way to use this lightly pink-tinged balm is to smooth it over my parched lips when i’m just out of the shower. it has a little sheen to it and it preps my lips for whatever color i’m planning to wear that day.

it’s simple, really. lupita’s lip balm makes my lips feel comfortable and look healthy. they are moist and protected all day long and i feel like i’m just one step closer to walking the red carpet.

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm, $24 >

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