tarte colored clay tinted brow gel6

tarte colored clay tinted brow gel

this new brow’scara from tarte turns even the most unruly brows into shapely arches – extending the time that i can get away between threading appointments. you might think that tinted brow gels are tinted brow gels, but there are a couple of things that this product has going for it that set it apart from my previous favorite.

the brush is impossibly tiny and thin, bringing much needed precision to the process. (it makes me want to toss my spoolie and never look back!) because the bristles are close together the gel does not clump up in spots, it just gets smoothed evenly onto each individual brow hair subtly filling in any sparse spots and taming the hairs. the brush wand is also soft and flexible so it works with the natural shape of your arch and texture of your hair to get things going in the same direction – it doesn’t just force the hair into a sleek shape. the whole process takes all of ten seconds and the remarkable change that it makes to your entire face is seriously impressive.

ladies who like their brows to look natural will really appreciate the way that this tinted gel enhances what you have, making vast improvements on pigment and shape. aside from keeping things looking great in an instant, the formula includes peptides that condition brow hairs and best of all, the look lasts all day long because the colored clay is resistant to water, sweat, and oil. that’s a whole lot of brilliance in one slim tube – bravo, tarte!

tarte colored clay tinted brow gel, $21 >
(30% off until 11:59 pm TONIGHT with code FANDF
during tarte friends & family event)

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momma bear makeup tips from jamie greenberg4

Jamie Greenberg headshot

i adore mark celebrity makeup artist jamie greenberg. we are yet to meet in person, but my obsession with her you tube channel makes me feel like i know her. along with being uber talented, jamie is also kind of a super mom. i constantly stalk her instagram for the occasional peek of her cutie daughter leni, so i wanted to tap into her momma bear expertise and have her give me some much needed advice for keeping my makeup fresh while i wait for my own mini me to arrive.

i’m embracing it as much as i can, but what is your best trick to help deflect attention from my expanding belly?

try to deflect with bold makeup choices, i think a bold lip is first and foremost. also, i love a statement necklace, drawing attention to your neck rather than your belly!

it’s hot! how can i look polished without literally sweating my face off?

less is more – groomed hair and minimal makeup make it easier to navigate the heat. try carrying blotting sheets with you, this way you can constantly touch up your skin without piling on makeup over and over again. i also love those little fans that they sell at bed, bath & beyond for an instant cooling effect!

sleeping is a challenge (and I hear it’s only about to get worse!) – what are your favorite tricks for disguising tired eyes?

i’m really into lash extensions or fake lashes because they instantly open up your eyes. plus, they create a full look when you’re so tired you don’t have much time for any other makeup!

i was not anticipating the sun spots and skin pigmentation that come with pregnancy hormones. any advice on how to combat this pesky problem?

a good concealer that you can dab on naturally so it just covers the pigmentation, but blends evenly into your skin. the good thing is that the spots will go away after pregnancy. remember to use plenty of safe SPF so you don’t attract any more sun spots!

post-baby, how can i look presentable and pulled together in as little time as possible? what areas should i concentrate on, what is ok to skip?

messy hair is a clear giveaway that you’re tired and there’s a newborn at home, so if it’s possible, spend time perfecting your hair. curl your lashes, apply mascara and a cheek and lip tint – applying minimal makeup will save time you can spend on your hair. you will look polished and it won’t take much time! also, a top knot is an easy style that always looks chic!

finally – just because i’m obsessed – how can I make my eyebrows look like lucy hale’s?

let’s be honest, lucy was born with perfect brows.

damn. well, a girl can dream.

if you’re craving more from jamie (and you should be) – please check out her you tube channel. i promise you will be hooked after watching my two favorite videos – the one in which she gives her 89 year old grandmother a makeover for her daily trip to the grocery store and the one where she lets her adorable daughter leni do actress marla sokoloff’s daughter’s makeup. (hilarious!)

many thanks to jamie for her kind advice. one week and counting down to baby gloss…


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i am in love with this photo of emma watson. i’m not sure how recent of a snap it is, but her makeup is just spot on perfection. i also happen to think that she is one adorable class act of a human being, someone i would totally love to have a latte (or perhaps something stronger) with – however, it could be totally embarrassing when i show up having perfectly recreated this face.

to start, her tapered brows frame her face beautifully without taking over. whoever filled them in has mastered the art of concentrating color in the inner corners and leaving the edges soft and natural. i do still love a bold brow, but there’s also something to be said for this kind of subtlety. i would use a matching brow powder and my favorite brush to get the look on my own.

moving down to that teensiest of cat eyes and those lush black lashes, i would try using a very thin black liquid liner. to emulate emma, i would take it just beyond a tightline on the top lid, flicking it out into the corner of my eye (not beyond) and then carrying it about a third of the way under my bottom lash line for a touch more definition. for blacker than black defined lashes, i’d reach for my favorite precision mascara – it never, ever clumps.

finishing things off with that sweetly pink lip is a piece of cake. my go-to shade from nars (called catfight) is a semi-matte nude mauve. when polished off with the very slightest touch of cotton candy gloss, my lips are looking as good as lucy’s. (did anyone else love my week with marilyn?) oh, and if you want the story on emma’s to die for tribal pearls, they are dior - but i am planning to score my own more affordable version from baublebar.

do you love this look as much as me?

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clinique chubby stick cheek colour balms + baby tints3


clinique baby tints + cheek colour balms

summer has me craving color, but i like to keep things super lightweight in the heat. clinique has delivered some real beauties in their two new chubby stick collections – one for cheeks and one for lips. they pair together beautifully and i’ve been changing up my combination daily, yet to discover one that i’m not fully obsessed with.

the moisturizing cheek colour balms pack a lot of punch. the formula is an oil-free gel that the fibers in my stippling brush grip right onto, giving a ton of color payoff once it hits your cheekbones. (i found myself needing to hold back a bit on application, so be warned if you are heavy handed!) once in place, these feel like nothing at all, look natural, and they wear all day long with no fading or smudging. i’ve been alternating amp’d up apple (definitely nude, not at all red) and robust rhubarb (true peach) most frequently and i’m very much in love. clinique has easily created my new favorite cream blush.

the baby tints are a fresh take on clinique’s popular chubby sticks. they are lighter, more moisturizing, and they go on sheer, turning into a super pretty tint that develops after you apply. now, i often have a bone to pink with “blooming” lip colors because they tend to go neon and unnatural on me. while these may be a bit more of a luxe price point for a sheer, tinted balm, clinique has really nailed the subtle “blossoming” lip phenomenon. each one of these is prettier than the next and i am finding them to be the perfect finishing touch to everyday summer makeup. my advice? go play with these asap and find your favorite(s)!

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laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide2

laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide

leave it to the makeup gods to deliver one helluva perfect foundation just as i am squeezing the life out of my current tube and feeling at a complete loss of where to go next. i didn’t know quite what to expect from laura mercier’s latest, but the blogs have been raving so i had a feeling it would be good – and boy, is it ever.

this is one of those instances where you think what you’re using is top notch, until you discover something better. smooth finish flawless fluide combines all of the best parts of my two most recent favorite foundations. in concept, it’s very similar to bareminerals bareskin, but it improves dramatically on some of the shortcomings. once you shake it up to activate the ingredients, the consistency is far less watery than the bareminerals version and it goes on with a more medium coverage (still build-able). i find that it sits lighter on the skin and because it’s less sheer, imperfections virtually disappear but the foundation is still undetectable on skin.

it leaves my skin smooth, does not hug fine lines and appears very slightly matte (so perfect for summer). it hasn’t irritated my pores at all, even in the sweaty heat, and i don’t have a single breakout to speak of. i think the true testament is that every time i have caught myself in the mirror while wearing it, i have been taken aback by how good my skin looks. (and that’s not something i’m often saying to myself!)

anyone looking for a lighter-than-air summertime foundation will fall fast for this stuff. since the formula is a bit nontraditional, i would recommend giving it a solid test in-store before committing to a tube, but i think you and your skin will be pretty pleased.

laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide, $48 >

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lush tea tree water7

lush tea tree water

in a word, this toner from lush is gorgeous.

tea tree water is designed to keep oily and spotty skin clear, and while most toners making these claims smell medicinal and can be drying, this one borders on aramoatherap-eutic. the formula is rich in juniper berry (clearing) and grapefruit waters (balancing), absent of alcohols (drying and irritating), and antibacterial so it banishes blemishes, without being harsh.

aside from loving the ingredients and the scent, i am absolutely obsessed with the packaging. why don’t more brands package their toners in a spray bottle? at night, i can douse a cotton pad before sweeping it over clean skin and during a rushed morning, i can use it instead of washing my face by spritzing it all over and gently blotting with a tissue. it’s genius!

best of all, my skin really loves it. the toner is lightweight and refreshing, it’s soothing and it softens my skin without being greasy. i’ve been using it daily with no complaints from my sensitive face and, better yet, my skin is responding by staying calm and clear.

win, win, win.

lush tea tree water, $9.95 – $21.95 >

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weekender essentials0

i may have just a few short weeks left before our little chickadee makes her debut, but you had better believe i am soaking up every drop of summer before she arrives.

2014-07-18 07.12.12-1

on a day when i’m planning to sweat it out poolside, i don’t bother with deep cleansing. cetaphil gentle skin cleansing cloths are the perfect thing to refresh and prep my face for my favorite facial SPF from equitance. i love how it glides on, brightening and moisturizing as it dries quickly. then I coat my lips in coola liplux which protects while soothing and improving any previous sun damage.

2014-07-08 15.12.44

since relaxation is the name of the game before our lives change forever (in the best possible way!), i pack up my turkish towel from sabun home, aviators, and my kindle. i’m currently reading diane keaton’s ‘let’s just say it wasn’t pretty’ and i absolutely love it. the theme of the book centers around beauty and diane’s wisdom is priceless – and funny!

2014-07-08 15.16.23

out and about, I keep clarins sunscreen care oil handy. it’s water-resistant, non-greasy, and you can use it on your hair. everything is left silky smooth and it also protects against the drying effects of salt water and chlorine (along with the harmful effects of the sun). for lips, fresh’s sugar lip treatment in tulip is a pool bag must, just be sure to keep it in a cool spot (like actually in the cooler).

2014-07-08 15.18.15

i take a less fussy approach to hair in the summer heat and this trifecta is just the ticket to letting my natural curls run a bit wild. whether i’m dousing my head in the shower, pool, or ocean, my cricket comb is always close at hand and so is mark. surf spray. the comb gets out all of my snags without pulling out any precious strands and the spray gives gorgeous texture and volume that’s not crunchy or dry. if all else fails, i keep a mane message hair tie on my wrist and whip things into a curly pony.

2014-07-08 15.19.29

after sun, my routine is simple. cetaphil gentle skin cleansing cloths come to the rescue once again to remove all of the sweat and sunscreen from my sensitive skin. they are effective and ultra soothing, giving me a clean canvas to work from. once my skin is clean, i rub lierac silky serum onto my face and neck. it works to repair and moisturize my sun-kissed skin, leaving things smooth and comfortable.

voila! my weekend skincare ritual, from day to night.

how do you care for your skin in the summer?

Compensation for this post was provided by Galderma via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Galderma or AOL.

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boscia all-in one b.b. eye brightener0

boscia b.b. eye brightener

you know when you need to take your day way into overtime without missing a beat? in my case, this day looks something like: wake up early, knock out a few hours of work, go to the hospital to visit with brand new baby niece (squeal!), sit on the highway for way too long fighting traffic coming home, grocery shop, and then attend a barbecue block party meeting all new neighbors for the first time – all while looking glowy, happy, energized, and not the least bit 37 weeks pregnant.

yeah. it’s a tall order.

by the time i got halfway through that agenda on wednesday, i was wearing the day all over my face. my eyes were looking sad and tired, but i was not about to settle for that. i reached for this boscia b.b. eye brightener and used my ring finger to apply it liberally under each of my eyes. it’s a combination brightener and hydrator so it glides on like an eye cream and brightens (concealing slightly) like a tinted highlighter. bottom line: it made one very tired me look perky and awake in an instant.

this is not going to take the place of your under eye concealer, but it is definitely something you will want to keep in your bag whenever you need an afternoon boost. it layers nicely over concealer or foundation and really just works to smooth, lift, and tighten while giving a little burst of light to your worn-out eyes. considering that i tested it on quite possibly the tiredest, puffiest, most sleep-deprived eyes on earth, i feel more than confident that it will seriously impress all of you.

boscia all-in one b.b. eye brightener, $38 >

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a reverse moon mani in mint + navy0


i cannot stop thinking about this multicolored half-moon manicure spotted on nailing hollywood. the rounded tips, the navy-on-aqua tones accented with gold dots, it’s just all very, very good. this is the kind of nail art that i love because, believe it or not, it’s actually not that hard to recreate. want these nails on your own pretty hands? the look can be pulled together using these polishes and the following steps:

1 – opt for an opaque cool blue, like rgb cobalt, as a base and go for two coats so that you get that vivid color payoff

2 – once the navy is completely dry, stick a binder reinforcement at the base of your nail, exposing a skinny sliver along your cuticle

3 – apply a mint creme, like deborah lippmann flowers in her hair, to the very bottom of your nail, overlapping slightly with the binder reinforcement

4 – slowly remove each binder reinforcement once the mint color is completely dry and use a spare bobby pin dipped in a gold shade, like butter london the full monty, to create dots where the two blues intersect

5 – seal everything with a high-shine gel topper like dior gel coat and admire your masterpiece for days and days

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r+co park ave blow out balm0


i haven’t washed my hair in four days – and it’s not because of a professional salon blowout, but the result of my new favorite styling product from r+co.

as someone who is trying to shorten and simplify her hair routine as soon as possible, i am making major strides towards embracing an unfussy, less-than-perfect finished look that i’m able to create solo in my own bathroom. i’ve been working with r+co’s park ave blow out balm lately and i really, really like it. something about this blow-in lotion gives a little grit and texture to my layers, leaving them with a touch of attitude and sass. i don’t know how to explain it, but this product smooths my hair without stripping it of its own personality. it’s far less stepford wife slash news anchor, and much more effortless. i get oomph at the roots, nice shape and body throughout, it delivers shine and i’m able to easily get my fingers through it – a must, since i have never committed to parting my hair to one side. (if you know me, you know i flip my hair. a lot.)

this is seemingly the product to beat in the race for a perfect styler that will allow me to maintain my favorite style amidst sleep deprivation. i love all of the hardworking ingredients that condition, strengthen, nourish, adding shine, volume, elasticity, and moisture. the combination makes this yet another winner from r+co.

and in case it’s not clear, if you haven’t given these goods a go, your hair is majorly missing out!

r + co park ave blow out balm, $28 >

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