pretty gifty: we see beauty matte dew x beauty bag0

we see beauty matte dew

who: your socially conscious bestie, or anyone who needs a skin-perfecting finish and an extra pretty place to stash her beauty essentials.

what: wee see beauty’s mattifier and moisturizer in one, matte dew, paired with a graphic hand-woven zip-top beauty bag.

why:  33.3% of all sales on is donated to the we see beauty foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the cooperative movement.

where:, $45

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pretty gifty 20140

the glossarie beauty gifts

i’m getting pretty excited to start sharing all of my beauty-fueled gift ideas with you in the coming weeks, but if you’re itching for some early suggestions, click on over to meg biram’s blog where she is showcasing 32 pretty presents recommended by beauty bloggers!

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beauty to be thankful for from mark.2

mark. fall beauty

the mark. fall collection is so pretty and cohesive that there’s no need to look anywhere else for eyes, lips and cheeks. this thanksgiving, i’ll be wearing all time eye hookup longwear shadow in tenderlove. it’s a gorgeous neutral metallic and it doesn’t crease or smudge so i know it’s going to lass from mimosas all the way to pumpkin pie. i use the applicator and my finger to wash it over my lid, and then define things with what a line max waterproof liquid eyeliner in chocolate gleam along my waterline. it’s soft and bronzey, the perfect way to make my lashes look longer without the edge of black liner. on my cheeks, it’s all about touch & glow shimmer cream cubes. these have been one of my favorite mark. products for nearly two years now. you can blend a big fluffy brush over top and then pop the hint of shimmer onto your apples, over your favorite blush or on its own. the result is a warm and healthy glow – not too overdone. to finish things off, i’m wearing gloss gorgeous in spicy on my lips. this non-sticky stain is beautiful on everyone and the raisin shade is so right for this time of year.

these products are some of the hardest working items in my makeup bag – each one prettier and better performing than the next. my friends at mark. are always kicking things up a notch and this time they have truly secured themselves as a one-stop destination for fall beauty.

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first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery1

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

something has been a little off with my skin lately. blame it on the breastfeeding, or maybe the early mornings, but the fact is that things have been looking kind of dull and tired. knowing that i needed to add something special to my routine to turn it all around, i rummaged through the glossarie beauty closet and pulled out first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery. it promised to hydrate and repair my stressed skin. done!

a few nights ago, in lieu of my go-to toner, i rubbed a teaspoon of the liquid between my hands. at first glance, the consistency is not much more impressive than plain water, but after pressing it into skin it’s clear that this is no ordinary h20. it’s insanely hydrating on contact and plumps up the skin, making it feel smooth and very soft. in the morning is where the real magic is visible: my skin is less red, more vibrant and healthy, and my makeup glides on, working with my skin and not against it.

since my skin tends to break out, i much prefer applying this lightweight and little-goes-a-long-way fluid instead of a thick cream. best of all, there’s no risk of breakouts or irritation (my sensitive skin did not react at all) – only hydrated and happy skin.

first aid beauty ultra repair liquid recovery, $38 >

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benefit majorette0


benefit majorette blush

sweet cheeks! i’m in love with this blush from benefit.

technically a cream to powder, majorette’s peachy flush is so much more interesting than my usual pop of pink. you can pat it on with your finger tips or sweep it on with a stippling brush (my personal preference) and either way, the look is natural, fresh, and flattering. it’s long-lasting, even on someone who tends to be oily, and the adorable packaging is just a big bonus. i’ve been wearing majorette on its own, but it’s actually designed to be a “booster” for any of benefit’s box o’ powders or your blush of choice. you can layer it up to your heart’s content or concentrate it on your apples all by its lonesome for a little splash of sunshine.

benefit majorette booster blush, $28 >

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perversion mascara and deluxe subversion primer2

urban decay perversion mascara

i have mascara on the brain. there have been so many formulas coming across the glossarie desk recently that it has prompted me to attempt the ultimate roundup. while i’ve been busy testing things left and right, glossarie contributor maggie has found her new favorite.

maggie says:

the urban decay perversion mascara and deluxe subversion primer duo has been giving my lashes major body, length and pigment, making additional eye makeup unnecessary – and i’m usually an eyeliner every day type of gal! applying the primer first smooths out my lashes, making application of the actual mascara completely fuss-free. the extra-black color is the result of triple pigments and it really make my eyes pop.

as further proof, after running out of mascara the other morning, my roommate borrowed mine and promptly went out to purchase perversion for herself. in my world, that’s a pretty impressive sign for a $22 mascara.

urban decay perversion mascara with deluxe primer sample, $22 >

ps – more favorite mascaras here, here, and here

pps – tell us about your mascara must-haves in the comments

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COVERGIRL #girlscan giveaway0


COVERGIRL #girlscan


have you ever turned a can’t into a can?

let me just say that nothing has challenged me more than motherhood, especially striking a balance between propelling my career (which is very important to me) and being the perfect mom (which is more important to me). the fear of this imbalance even prevented me from trying to have a baby sooner than we did. i just couldn’t picture it!

now that lou is here (and she’s amazing), i’ve realized that striving for perfection is extreme. with realistic expectations and good help, i can absolutely be both professionally successful and a highly involved and present mother. for me, this means putting her in daycare three days a week and working nights on the two days that she and i are home together. it takes a village and it’s a juggle – but i’m doing it.

COVERGIRL is getting behind the “can’t into can” concept with their #girlscan initiative, empowering women by encouraging them to break down barriers. two new limited edition mascaras are available at walmart and, to help girls succeed, COVERGIRL is donating $50,000 to dress for success.

you can get involved by visiting the #girlscan display at walmart and picking up COVERGIRL flamed out mascara or my personal favorite, COVERGIRL professional all-in-one mascara. i love that it’s all business, no fuss, delivering length, volume, and definition. it magnifies lashes while still looking natural and it doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes.

COVERGIRL has generously offered to give away a $25 walmart gift card so that one lucky reader can purchase their own #girlscan mascara (and more!). enter here and please (please!) feel free to share any mom advice or your own “can’t into can” story in the comments.

the walmart gift cards, product, and information in this post have been provided by COVERGIRL.

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stephanie johnson friends + family sale0

stephanie johnson mini pouch

it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

stephanie johnson is having her twice-yearly friends + family sale which means that every single gorgeous cosmetic bag on her website is 45% off. (which is almost 50% off, which is almost free.)

might i recommend the mini pouch in galapagos orchid? it holds your entire fall lip wardrobe, your meds, a creme blush, you name it. i happen to know that steph (#shamelessnamedrop) carries a mini pouch that serves as her wallet. she keeps it stashed with her cards and cash and i always think that it looks exceedingly chic every time that she pulls it out to pay for something.

this season, beyond the mini pouch which is my consistent favorite, i’m also loving the large flat pouch in santiago. my thinking is that it would keep me organized and double as the cutest clutch. if you’re in the market for some serious travel makeup bags, look no further than grace brush case (a weekend getaway essential) or the iconic ml traveler, which is a must if you’re going away for more than a night or two.

there’s endless beauty on stephanie’s site and each one of her designs is more pretty and practical than the next. case in point: julianna jewelry case, my favorite newcomer this season. i mean, hello gorgeous! do i go galapagos grey or sparkly chantilly? decisions.

so, in summary, before i go any more ga-ga, stephanie johnson’s fall collection is crazy good, like maybe the best ever, and it’s all 45% off with code sjfriends.

happy shopping!

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m-61 jetglow cream0

m-61 jetglow cream

well, it’s happened.

i have fallen for a $92 face cream and i almost wish it wasn’t true, but facts are facts and the fact is that m-61 jetglow cream has changed my face tremendously. this stuff is truly worth its weight in gold and here’s why:

my skin needs more than just a good cleanser and moisturizer to keep it healthy. on top of my tendency to break out, my skin is quickly beginning to show signs of age, a signal that i need to bring out some big guns to work on improving it overnight. jetglow combines my favorite chemical exfoliant, glycolic acid, with peptides to relax fine lines and wrinkles and antioxidants like red seaweed to firm, soothe, and nourishes. this combination keeps my pores clear and visibly improves texture, plus when i smooth it on after my nightly washing, it instantly calms my skin. this makes jetglow a bit of a game changer, because where most hardworking anti-aging products tend to irritate my sensitive skin, this one actually strengthens and improves it.

i know that $92 is a bit steep (i mean, i don’t even spend that on jeans) but when i realized how many products this night cream actually replaces, i decided that the benefits far outweigh the costs. the overnight results are so good that this one product is replacing my toner, acne medication, eye cream, and even my favorite mask. it’s a luxurious but highly effective all-in-one that penetrates and improves things while you sleep – so save your pennies and make a little extra room on the sink-side for this guy.

m-61 jetglow cream, $92 >

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ghd 1″ professional styler0

god professional styler

there’s possibly nothing better than a good hair day.

(ok, maybe candy corn, but that’s neither here nor there.)

if you’re in the market for more good hair days in your life and you use a flat iron to smooth your strands on the regular, meet your new best friend. the ghd 1″ professional styler has a strong reputation as a workhorse around the industry. it’s a no-fuss approach to straightening and, let me tell ya, it gets the job done. heating up quickly to an optimal temperature that straightens in one pass but doesn’t scorch, the styler glides through all of my fine hair, polishing each strand and adding shape while protecting volume. it’s extra comfortable to hold and maneuver (no more straight-hair carpal tunnel) and it straightens hair quickly, leaving it looking healthy and leaving me with more time for other things – like covering up these hellacious dark circles (#thanksmotherhood).

ghd 1″ professional styler, $149 >

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