clarins moisture replenishing lip balm2

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm

i can’t believe it’s almost been a year since i saw lupita nyong’o drop a little blue tube of lip balm into pharrell’s hat at the oscars. while that may be just about the most random way to find out about a new beauty product – ever, i was not alone because the stuff sold out everywhere almost instantly. i kept in fierce touch with the lovely people at clarins until finally they had it back in stock to send my way. let’s just say that after a long wait, this stuff had a lot of living up to do.

the lip balm in question is clarins moisture replenishing balm with essential rose wax and people, it’s wonderful. my favorite way to use this lightly pink-tinged balm is to smooth it over my parched lips when i’m just out of the shower. it has a little sheen to it and it preps my lips for whatever color i’m planning to wear that day.

it’s simple, really. lupita’s lip balm makes my lips feel comfortable and look healthy. they are moist and protected all day long and i feel like i’m just one step closer to walking the red carpet.

clarins moisture replenishing lip balm, $24 >

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mac mineralize blush0


mac mineralize blush new romance

i waltzed, nay sprinted, into the nordstrom beauty department on a recent dash through the mall. (time is scarce with a baby, people – errands become an athletic event!) i was on a mission for the perfect blush.

i get to test a lot of things and many of them are beautiful, but sometimes you just want an expert to prescribe you that no-questions-asked shade and formula. my demands were clear: something natural, fresh, pretty, that would make my skin look youthful and glowing. the absolute darling of a girl working the mac counter didn’t hesitate and pressed mineralize blush in new romance into my hand. it’s peachier than i normally gravitate towards (fair maidens must be weary of anything looking garish) but i was so drawn to its pearly sheen that i didn’t think twice. mac girl told me she gets a lot of freebies from the brand (like, a lot) and that this is the one that she repurchases over and over. we had similar skin tone, i was sold!

now that i’ve got it home and i’ve been using it, i have to say this is the good stuff. for a powder, it’s almost creamy and it brings such life to these tired cheeks, just enhancing everything i’ve got with a sheer and luminous glow. you must be very careful with application because i overdid it on the first try. just a single tap goes a long way to making me feel pretty.

a small warning that this might have a touch too much shimmer for some, so go give it a visit in person before committing, but i think a lot of you ladies will find a home for mac mineralize blush in your daily face.

mac mineralize blush, $27 >

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olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream0


olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream

as if the cold air doesn’t do enough damage, the late nights and lack of sleep that come with the holidays can really wreak havoc on my skin. knowing that my face needs a little extra love this time of year, i am choosing to truly pamper it each morning and every night before bed. when looking for the right product, i wanted something luxe with anti-aging ingredients, something that feels rich without being heavy or greasy.

enter, olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream.

to start the day, i massage it into my skin before putting on my makeup. it soaks in quickly and feels smooth and hydrating. my makeup glides overtop and my skin feels comfortable all day – even in the dead of winter when things tend to feel tight.

in the evenings, i press olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream into my skin after cleansing and before climbing into bed. it hydrates things immediately and almost works as a mask to plump things up while i sleep.

beyond just looking and feeling good, olay delivers amino-peptide and b3. these ingredients bring major brightness and zap fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. there’s no doubt that olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream is superior moisturization for your skin this winter.

as a participant in the totally her program, i’ve received product samples and/or compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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revlon colorstay gel envy4


revlon colorstay gel envy

we’re all looking to save a little cash this time of year and i know that when i’m evaluating my own budget, regular gel manicures are the first thing to go. this is especially disappointing because i love nothing more than a gel mani around the holidays, but i am terrible at doing my own nails. beyond that, i am yet to find the at-home alternative that truly lives up to salon quality – until now.

revlon colorstay gel envy is the biggest surprise of the winter season! for nearly a quarter of the cost of a salon gel manicure, i can get shiny and long-lasting nails in minutes. the brush makes it incredibly easy to get two even coats and the color goes on really smooth without streaking.

since the right color can last for a week’s worth of festivities, i’m opting for high roller, a beautiful eggplant. it goes with everything from my favorite flannel shirt to a chic little black dress, and its dark sophistication really flatters my fair skin.

i can’t get over how much revlon has impressed me with these polishes. they make doing my own nails such a cinch that i may continue to skip the salon chair!

as a participant in the totally her program, i’ve received product samples and/or compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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covergirl clump crusher mascara0


covergirl clump crusher

dark and doll-like lashes are one of my favorite trends for holiday parties and i’m nailing the look with COVERGIRL clump crusher mascara from walmart.

in order to get lashes that are big and full, you have to master the art of layering mascara, but anyone who has tried it knows that it can lead to a big mess. thankfully, COVERGIRL is changing the game! the curved brush lines up beautifully with the shape of my eyes and the thickening formula delivers lashes that don’t flake or smudge.

to get the doll-like look, i use both sides of the brush to coat my lashes in multiple layers. i apply the first coat using the brush curved towards my lashes and then flip the brush for the second coat. this effect really lengthens the lashes in the middle, making my eyes pop. i love that no matter how many layers i add, my lashes get longer and more defined, without any clumps.

with this little gem, very little effort creates long, gorgeous lashes that will last through any holiday soiree!

as a participant in the totally her program, i’ve received product samples and/or compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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closing out a banner year3

Photo Dec 24, 6 04 20 PM

with two days left in 2014 i’m compelled to take a grateful look back on what has truly been a banner year – for me and for the blog.

first and foremost, i welcomed my daughter in august after nearly two years of trying to conceive. (if any of you are suffering through infertility, i’m sending you love and strength!) she’s incredible and at 4 months old she amazes me every. single. day. miracle doesn’t even begin to cover it.

in glossarie-land, i continued my partnership with mark. and i am constantly amazed by their support and the power of their fan base. i’m so lucky to work with a brand run by such great people.

i wrote 151 (!) blog posts and had the opportunity to partner with several companies who compensated me for my time and energy in creating posts that showcased their products. i’m being candid here because these posts fuel me both financially and spiritually to keep this little engine churning. i’m insanely particular about the projects that i commit to and i hope that my organic energy comes through. i’m thankful for the ways in which you embrace these posts and i’m excited to announce one final partnership with walmart starting today.

moral of the story? 2014 has been such a bright and happy year for me – and i’m thanking you from the bottom of my beauty-lovin’ heart for playing a role in making that happen!

with love and best wishes for a FABULOUS new year,


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neutrogena 7-day retinol road test2

2014-12-20 08.40.10

a major skincare overhaul is not normally something that i’m game for, but every once in awhile the claims are so good that i just can’t resist. neutrogena asked me to road test their rapid wrinkle repair products for seven days, claiming that i would see noticeable improvements in fine lines and overall skin tone. since i’ve been trusting my face to neutrogena since puberty, i jumped right in.

i’ve been using the regimen for seven days and photographing my progress. (yup, that’s me up there, being super brave and putting my makeup-free face on the internet…) in the mornings, i hydrated with rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer spf 30 and before bed, i alternated rapid wrinkle repair night moisturizer with the coordinating serum. i also applied rapid wrinkle repair eye cream each night.

before i started, my skin was mostly clear with a few spots and a minor forehead breakout that’s driving me insane. (note to self: must find out which of my hair products is causing this!) i have some fine lines underneath and in the outer corners of my eyes – the kind that are really ferocious when i smile.

here’s how the seven days played out:

day 1 – the rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer feels (and smells!) really good on my skin out of the shower. i apply the serum at night and notice that it’s not harsh at all. it’s hydrating, glides on and feels like it’s working with my skin.

day 2 – in the morning, i notice that my skin is less red, and surprisingly soft. it feels balanced (not dry or greasy) and it looks more calm and even than on a typical morning. things are off to a good start!

day 3 – no breakouts or irritation (but my skin isn’t clearing either) and redness continues to improve. i really like how the night moisturizer is soothing, but doesn’t feel heavy. i’m also noticing how applying eye cream regularly is definitely helping to improve that area.

day 4 – my skin feels a little dry this morning, so i opt for my regular moisturizer (without retinol). at night i apply the serum and instantly notice how calm and soft my skin is. it’s a big difference over my normal routine.

day 5 – i’m seeing a tiny difference under my eyes. i can’t say that i pay too much attention to this area (i rely heavily on concealer!) but it does seem that the skin under my eyes is really smooth and noticeably more firm. it’s also softer to the touch.

day 6 – there’s no doubt – the surface of my skin is changing. my face looks renewed and so much less dull.

day 7 – my skin feels slightly fatigued, probably from the barrage of retinol, and a bit dry, but i can’t help noticing that it’s visually improved. all in all i am impressed!

i honestly wasn’t expecting any noticeable changes in just a week, but there’s no denying that my skin is less red, more even, and the skin under my eyes is greatly improved. i have to say that i’m surprised at how well my skin handled all of the retinol. neutrogena is definitely on to something with products that don’t irritate faces needing a little extra tlc and it doesn’t hurt that you can scoop these up without sacrificing your entire budget.

i’m not sure that i need to keep up with the entire regimen, but my favorite product of the group is definitely the serum and i think i’ll keep that one in my routine for awhile.

have you tried any of these products? do you use retinol in your beauty routine?

neutrogena was kind enough to provide products and compensation for this post. all brutally honest opinions are my own. thank you so very much for supporting the brands that support the glossarie!

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a brilliant new year’s celebration with colgate optic white0

colgate optic white

there’s no doubt about it – new year’s eve is my favorite night of the year. it’s festive and fun, no matter what your plans are, and it’s always the perfect excuse to go for a little extra sparkle. of course my gears are already turning around inspiration for the ultimate beauty look – with a sparkling white smile as the star.

leading up to new year’s eve, i’m using a regimen from colgate optic white to brighten my teeth. i feel like i have searched forever for the perfect solution to improve my admittedly lackluster grin. (thank you, iced coffee and red wine!) lucky for me, colgate optic white has created a lineup of products that are easy to use and that work quickly to whiten.

i especially love the combination of the colgate optic white platinum whiten and protect toothpaste and colgate optic white toothbrush and whitening pen. the toothpaste deeply and visibly whitens teeth, plus seals out new stains so i can keep sipping my favorite beverages. the pen holds a stay-on gel formula that you can brush straight onto your teeth for deeper whitening that doesn’t need rinsing. it’s a simple and affordable way to get a gorgeous smile.

in celebration of new year’s eve, i’ve been compiling my favorite ways to get in the spirit on pinterest – each one more sparkly and glam than the next. if you’re searching for style inspiration that goes beyond a beautiful smile, i suggest starting there.

then, just in time for the big event, i am co-hosting a twitter party on monday, december 29th when we will be chatting about how to get ready for your own new year’s celebration – making sure that your style and your smile are brilliant and dazzling.

New Years Twitter Invite copy

i hope you’ll join me on pinterest and twitter between now and new year’s eve. i can’t wait to hear how you’ll each be making it a glam celebration!

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pretty gifty: paul & joe hand cream0

paul & joe hand cream

who: your beauty entourage – hair stylist, masseuse, nail artist, aesthetician etc.

what: paul & joe’s deeply hydrating hand cream, coming in scents like rose, geranium and orange

why: pretty much anything from this adorably packaged and luxuriously formulated line would make the perfect prezzie, but paul & joe’s newly expanded body line is top notch pampering. take your pick – or buy all three!

where: beautyhabit, $15

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wanted: marsala lips2

marsala layering lip collection

you’ve likely heard that pantone’s color of the year for 2015 is earthy, neutral, sophisticated marsala. (yes, it makes me think of chicken, too.) i have to say that i really love it. it’s kind of sultry and subtle at the same time, flattering just about every single skin tone out there. while it’s sure to look gorgeous on nails and even cheeks, my thoughts went straight to lips. consequently, this sephora+pantone universe layering lip collection has shot to the top of my wish list for its ultimate take on the trend. i love the idea of creating a blended ombre look with these chubby, hydrating pencils and cheers to sephora for adding in reservatrol (for anti-aging benefits) and formulating without parabens and phthalates. plus, five shades for twenty-eight bucks is a fantastic value, no?

are you into marsala as the color of the year? think you’ll be adding this red-brown shade to your beauty bag?

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