mac liptensity collection5


jumping in with a quickie – because these vibrant new lipsticks from MAC are just too good not to share.

when this absolute prism arrived at my door, it took some major restraint not to swatch all of them immediately. (sadly, my lips would probably fall off, because #sensitivityproblems) thanfkully, this gem of a youtube’r has done all of the hard work for me and so i was able to settle in on the several shades that i would be coveting/hoarding/switching out daily. the video is definitely worth a watch because i found that almost all of these read very differently on the lips than they do in the tube – but they are all stunnnning.

the payoff is so good because the pigment on these puppies is INSANE and i really love the way that they wear. they are slicker and more high-shine than i was anticipating, but they pack a serious punch and they are surprisingly unfussy for a rich formula.

my favorites are easily doe (a neutral brown – such a risk for me and a sweet surprise), ambrosial (a bright plum pink – closest to my go-to shade, no matter the brand) and medium rare (a creamy soft pink, perfect for work).

bottom line? these are gorgeous. so hop along to your favorite MAC counter and pick up one or twelve – i can’t wait to hear what you think and which shades i need to add to my collection.

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albeit lip scrub from anthropologieComments Off on albeit lip scrub from anthropologie


there’s a beautiful new jar in my morning routine and it comes from what is quickly becoming one of my favorite lip brands – albeit from anthropologie.

i tested this scrub in store while filling my arms full of soft jackets and drapey tops, and the resulting smoothness had me grabbing one on my way to the checkout. i have tried a lot of lip smoothers in my day (chronically dry lips + a career in beauty + a matte lip trend = flaky disaster) and this one is top notch. gorgeously soft and hydrated lips make for one perfect lip canvas – and i find that my boldest lip colors hang around longer (and more comfortably!) when i start my day with this stuff.

so let’s look at formula:

chunky sugar crystals are mixed with tons of moisturizing oils (argan, jojoba, olive, and marula) plus vitamin e and aloe for the literal sweetest combination. it smells and tastes de-licious! i like to rub a small amount into my lips while going through my toning / moisturizing / priming regimen. by the time i get through my foundation, i can lightly dust off any spare sugar and the surrounding balm leaves my lips healthy and glowing.

i let the balmy situation sit while i commute and then when i pull into work, i craft my daily lip. there’s a very slight tackiness to the balm that this scrub leaves behind and it actually works as a subtle primer to some of my favorite lip colors. i find that my color wears more evenly (no more clown mouth!) and my lips have never been softer.

to sum it up, this pleasant surprise of a product is perfectly prepping my lips for all color, from sheer to bold. on top of that, it’s helping them to feel more comfortable during the day – and as a final testament, it’s 3:00 p.m. as i type this and my lip color has been going STRONG since 6 a.m.

in short, a cool $14 might just change the performance potential of your entire lip wardrobe.

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early fall roll call2


you guyssss, i miss talking beauty with you.

i’m determined to find a way to make some time for writing, because this lack of sharing the product love is not working for me.

so, let’s play a quick game of catch up and review what’s rocking my makeup world, yeah?

lately i’ve gotten back on board with this drugstore staple – it’s good, reliable stuff and it is completely filling the void that my summer foundation left behind. i’ve rediscovered this powder and i’m even more obsessed with it now than i was when i originally reviewed it. it somehow warms up my skin, adds glow and locks my look in for a very long day. for my cheeks there’s no denying the magic of this blush. it’s like a perfect sunset, it flatters everyone and the subtle healthy pop of color looks good in every single season.

i still cannot get enough of this lip. (spoiler alert, i recently researched and purchased a similar product that has been around since the 70’s! it apparently stains your lips for 12 hours.) the color is always perfect, always comfortable to wear, and long lasting. my lashes are in a state of flux, but i’m fully captivated by this new technology. it has been fun to play around with, gorgeous long, tapered lashes and no smudging. (possibly more to come on this one!)

as to be expected, my beauty wish list is ever growing, and i would love to hear what’s on yours!

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brows by benefit3

benefit ka-brow!

it has been over three months since my bomb brow experience at the benefit counter inside of ulta – and my brows are on the total verge of returning to their unruly selves.

in fact, it’s typically that point in the growth phase that would prompt me to consider making a wax appointment, but before i go rushing back to my girl hailey, i decided to see if benefit could make an even bigger believer out of me by testing a couple of their newly launched brow goodies. i had high hopes that they could extend the life of my waxing – and boy, oh boy, have they delivered.

i have been alternating crafting my daily brow with two products – precisely, my brow pencil and ka-brow! cream-gel eyebrow color.

the pencil is so-o good. for starters, it’s micro thin which makes for very realistic filled in hairs, and the “lead” itself is just the right amount of firm. my truly brow-obsessed mavens will know that if a pencil is too hard, the color does not transfer properly, too soft and you can easily overdo it. delicate balance is the name of the game, and benefit has nailed it. i love the way that this naturally fills in my brows and the spoolie blends everything together beautifully. such a win on such a staple product.

the pomade is a new concept for me and benefit’s take on it has a super precise little brow brush that makes all of the difference. (you can even snap it into the cap for an easy-to-hold elongated brush.) i like to use this to achieve more of a polished, pulled together brow. the process takes a little bit more time than filling in with a pencil and requires a little more attention to detail. the formula here is golden, easily lasting through the day – but the beauty of this one is in the brush. it’s perfectly shaped to mimic brow hairs, but sweeping it vertically across brows blends arches into place. it’s a wondrous little pot and i really love it.

benefit continues to make a believer out of me in the brow department. these products have an unexpected way of turning even the most amateur brow artist into a pro. the formulas are incredible, the packaging is gorgeous, and the results are basically unbeatable. i had no idea that i would be loving their whole concept so much, but it’s safe to say that my brows have never looked better, thanks to benefit.

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belif problem solution moisturizerComments Off on belif problem solution moisturizer

belif problem solution moisturizer

reading over the claims from belif problem solution moisturizer had me feeling like the brand was speaking right to me. there are not nearly enough products on the market designed to target oily, sensitive skin – so when one pops up, i can’t snatch it up fast enough.

while most skincare products don’t play nicely with my finicky face, this stuff instantly hydrates and soothes, taming redness without irritation. it’s everything that i have ever wanted in a moisturizer and more. the gel consistency is lightweight, yet one pump keeps my troubled skin in check and still feels deliciously moisturizing. i love that the formula is actually designed to prevent breakouts while also protecting my skin from the environmental aggressors that bring on unwelcome issues. it also claims oil control, but i am still layering a primer over top (more on that to come!) which is really working for me. my skin has that natural, satin finish that isn’t matte or shiny.

since working it into my routine, i have noticed much calmer and clearer skin with each passing day. all in all, it works beautifully. my skin is happy and healthy, creating a smooth and perfect canvas for my foundation – plus, the generous-sized bottle will surely last me a lifetime.

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laura geller filter finish setting powderComments Off on laura geller filter finish setting powder

laura geller filter finish setting powder

happy freakin’ friday, beauties!

launching into today’s post with full gusto because that pretty product up there is rocking my world.

if there’s one thing laura geller is known for, it’s a gorgeous powder. (case in point above, but also >> here.) back in the day, i loved her blush-n-brighten baked blushes, then baked gelato illuminators launched onto the scene. they were good, but filter finish setting powder hasn’t left my side since the day it was delivered.

it arrived to me earlier in the summer and i all but sprinted to dust the stunning-in-the-compact shade from head to toe. it’s one of those products that gives instant results, fully living up to brand claims. the powder is sheer and silky and i’ve been using my favorite big fluffy brush to apply it over a finished look or to “revive” my face late in the day. it’s the perfect thing to keep stashed in my work tote for when shine rears its ugly head – one of those things that i constantly keep handy because it’s just that good. it has already saved me on several day-to-evening refreshes, pulling my faded makeup look back together and prepping me for many a networking dinner.

from a setting standpoint, i can’t say that this will “lock” your makeup into place – but it serves as a beautiful alternative to guerlain météorites for the price point. it diffuses light, adds a touch of shimmer, minimizes imperfections, brightens and gives off a youthful glow. for $32, it gives me healthy, vibrant skin super quickly and for seemingly zero effort.

what more could a girl want?

(besides all of the happy hour wine – because i am living for 5 p.m. right about now…)

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holographic glitter nails from ilnp2

holographic glitter nail polish

hi! happy friday.

i’m popping in briefly to say 1) i miss you, 2) i’m still alive and 3) this holographic glitter nail lacquer is everything and then some.

if you’re mourning the end of summer and need a sunny little pick me up, this bottle is sure to do the trick. you can see the holographic effects for yourself in live action on instagram. i’m obsessed and only wishing that i had a bit more of a tan to make this glitter truly pop.

the ilnp brand is new to me, but i will absolutely be back for more. i took this bottle to my favorite nail salon and my manicurist really loved how smoothly it went on. i should note that it takes 3 careful coats to get the look, but it’s so so worth it. (and if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can read the 80+ positive reviews on amazon!)

as a major bonus, i’m anticipating that this will be a cinch to remove, unlike other glitter polishes (a process that i despise). that and the fact that me and my super shimmery nails are off to austin for a dear friends bachelorette celebrations – well it’s just really making me happy.

are you into the holographic nail trend? gonna snag this one?

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lipstick love: glossier generation g1

glossier generation g lipstick

do you find that your lipstick collection tends to accumulate in the bottom of your bag?

i change my lip color daily and i’m terrible at putting things away, so by mid-to-late week, the various shades start to collect and this is what it looked like last thursday. if you count them, there are eight products in tow. while the cocoa butter swivel stick is always within arm’s reach, i actually do wear the rest of these pretty regularly.

the newest to the collection, and the one that has surprised me the most, is glossier generation g in like. i love the size of the stick (it’s perfect for my lips) and the finished effect is kind of blurred and smudgy – almost as though it’s meant to be left a bit undone. it also somehow magically feels like you’ve got nothing on – it’s not really moisturizing, but it’s not drying, it’s just…neutral. bottom line: there is an easy unfussiness about this product, and the shade is so gorgeous that i just can’t get enough.

on a side note, this lip spill has me reminiscing over the #lipbomb series from a few years ago. i’m wondering if i should revive it, since i loved sneakily peeking into your makeup bags! if you’re game, please send those bombs over to

final side note, if there are any other goodies from this pileup that you would like me to review more thoroughly, let me know in the comments below.

have a great week, beauties!

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eyeshadow for everyday with mark. on the dot neutral2

mark. on the dot neutral eyeshadow

so, it turns out that being a beauty junkie does not translate to being a makeup artist – especially when it comes it eyeshadow.

taking an artistry class has been on my bucket list for the longest, so imagine my delight when i got to sit for a lesson with rajan tolomei. he’s a master of his trade and he walked us through everything from contouring (sharp lines! do not be afraid!) to a killer lash technique. (use your mascara brush like a tiny hammer and repeatedly press it into your lashes for major drama and lift. on the bottoms, it’s ok to smudge the brush right on your lash line for a “dirty” finish).

for eyes, he demonstrated a neutral smoky eyeshadow look that i am newly obsessed with. i have been recreating it with ease using my longtime-favorite palette from mark. it has every shade you could ever need – and trust me, you will use all of them.

the formulas are pigmented and shimmery metallic with stunning champagnes, subtle lavenders, and pretty taupes – a combination sure to flatter every single eye color. regrettably, my lids are oily and everything creases on me. with these, there’s no fallout, no fading, and i find that the pigment sticks beautifully, lasting all day when i lay them down over top of my favorite primer.

fun tip: i love to sub traditional black for the gorgeous aubergine that’s in the middle of the far-right column. it’s softer and unexpected, plus a big complement to hazel eyes like mine.

aside from being pocket friendly at $16, this palette is easy to pack and a dream to travel with thanks to its compact size. if you pull the trigger on this one, i’m predicting that you will use it every single day.

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a few good things2


i cannot pretend life isn’t crazy. transitioning to a fast-paced full-time office gig and four hours commuting daily has basically turned my reality upside down – but there are still so many bright spots, beauty and otherwise.

1 – my skin is looking GOOD. would you believe me if i told you that i haven’t had a zit since december 2015? this skincare routine is still rocking my world. i am using the toner, micellar water and serum religiously.

2 – this moisturizer is complementing my origins routine beautifully. i don’t know how i haven’t posted about it yet because it’s the first lightweight moisturizer to actually offer hydration. the souffle-like consistency is super unique and it refreshes my skin every time that i apply it. l-o-v-e (and already ordered a replacement tube!).

3 – i’m newly podcast obsessed and i cannot believe how i ever survived without my current favorites. leandra medine’s monocycle is simply amazing. i never really took to her as a blogger and now i’m kicking myself because her gritty realness is seriously inspiring. aside from that i love the longest shortest time for parenting advice (but GOOD parenting advice – just listen, you’ll see what i mean), lo bosworth and co’s lady lovin’ (so freakin’ great), and refinery 29’s strong opinions loosely held. any others that i’m missing?

4 – topping my wish list is this knockoff for the nars yachiyo brush. has anyone tried? you can see more of my product lusts here.

5 – i’m currently writing from the air en route to vegas and scooped up this dress before departure. it might be the most flattering thing in my closet. (and thank goodness for that, because let me tell you that 20 hours in your  car every week does not do nice things to your spare tire…)

what’s new with you?

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