lust have: aerin kaleidolight palette

aerin kaleidolight palette

hello, GORGEOUS!

this face and eye palette from estee lauder’s granddaughter, aerin, is spring splendor if i’ve ever seen it. face brightening pastel shadows are paired with shades of pink, beige and bronze for endless options of easy and versatile beauty looks. it’s one of those pieces that will look just as stunning sitting on my vanity as it will gracing my cheeks and eyelids. i cannot wait to play!

aerin kaleidolight face + eye palette, $70 >

summer wishes

summer wishes


my product lust list is ever evolving, but i can’t get these six somethings out of my head – which means that i’ll be making them all mine very very soon.

forever 21 southwestern eyelash curler, $2.80
yes you read that correctly: an eyelash curler in coral and mint
that rings in at under $3. i’ll take two, please.

the body shop amazonian wild lily perfume oil, $12
these little bottles evoke some serious high school memories and
this aqua floral is begging to be my summer scent.

sara happ ‘the lip scrub’ in lavender, $24
limited edition for summer, i am ga ga for this
relaxing, spa-like lip smoother.

ck one summer long wear + shine nail color, $14
a long-wearing, streak-free, strengthening polish? sign me up!
bonus: it smells like ck one summer when dry.

avon fiji paradise all over face powder, $7.99
such a perfectly pretty powder, this compact looks just
like a sunset and is perfect for blushing and highlighting.

aerin pretty bronze illuminating powder, $55
bronzer goes glam! this stuff gives an extra healthy
glow to the skin above and below your neck.

what’s on your wish list for summer?

lip gloss lineup

lip gloss lineup


for a blog called the glossarie, lip gloss sure doesn’t get much play around here. i’ve been in a longstanding lipstick / tinted lip balm phase because i had started to feel like glosses were kind of…annoying. they stick to everything (hair, wine glasses, the like) and you can’t get through a full glossy-lipped meal without smearing it all over the place. in short, they feel fussy and i was over it.

but, i’ve slowly been getting back into the lipgloss game and there have been a bunch of key players impressing me as of late. seems like with these bang-up formulas, i can have the shiny lips i like without the hassle!

physician’s formula pH matchmaker pH powered lip gloss, $9.95there’s very little this gloss can’t do. it has a mirror along the side of the tube and a lighted top for application in the dark.** the paintbrush applicator is perfect for getting the right amount of gloss on your lips and the formula reacts to your pH to create a “custom shade.” once it fades, you’re left with a light stain that i kind of like.

mark. glimmer shine lip gloss, $12these are gorgeous, and all about the shine. i love the light, hydrating formula and the sheer colors tint lips in just the right way, leaving them smooth and full with a glossy finish. the oversized tube looks ultra expensive with its shiny gold top and the flat applicator makes putting it on a piece of cake. they are easy to wear – a makeup bag must have.

miracle skin lip rewind, $24 - sometimes your lips just need a little something extra. with this click pen from miracle skin you get a beautiful jewel-tone finish and ingredients that work behind the scenes to hydrate, restore, enhance and protect. lips feel comfortable while you wear and the hydration effects really last once it fades. a definite must for those seeking a little color and a lot of nourishment!

aerin beauty limited edition lip gloss, $30 – for the girls out there who just want to feel pretty, from the time you pull the product out of your purse until you tuck it away, this gloss is for you. off the bat, it’s nothing  fancy – a medium weight, near full-coverage pink that goes on extra smooth and doesn’t settle into lines – but something about this gloss just brightens up my whole face and makes me smile. i can’t get enough! a clutch must.

nyx butter gloss, $5 – these were such a pleasant surprise! the formula is creamy and opaque with beautiful color payoff and bonne bell-like deliciousness. each shade is named after a sweet treat and the insanely moisturizing gloss is, well, just like butter. i cannot stop swiping these on my lips and i think the four shades currently knocking around in my purse says something very important about my feelings on the matter.

**it works! i tested it…but who are you people applying your lip gloss in the dark? am i too old to understand the need for this? please advise.

in my new year’s eve clutch

what's in my new year's eve clutch


i woke up in a cold sweat this morning.

not because another year has passed me by at lightning speed. not because i still don’t know what i’m going to wear tonight (or more importantly, what color i’m going to paint my nails), but because i am consumed with concern over how i’m going to pack my itty bitty bag for this evening’s festivities.

when carrying a small bag, i am very picky about what i pack, putting every inch of that precious real estate to excellent use. tonight is like the super bowl of clutch packing – the marathon hours of celebrating and venue hopping call for keeping a complicated survival kit on hand. here’s what made the cut:

i’ll be touching up with revlon’s super lustrous creme lipstick
in berry haute between glasses of champagne.

aerin’s rose lip conditioner and a box of altoid smalls
will make sure i’m fully prepped for that midnight kiss.

i always need to mattify after a spin on the dance floor.
this mini sized make up for ever hd microfinish powder is clutch-friendly
at half the price (and i just toss in a disposable powder puff for application).

kate spade’s twirl rollerball is fresh and flirty,
just what the festive atmosphere calls for!

becca’s beach tint in fig is my current blush of choice.
lucky for me that it’s extra little (i’m loving this duo!)
and takes up next to zero room – plus, it also doubles as a lip color.

a super stylish iphone backup battery will help ensure
that i don’t miss a single happy new year text!

a mane message hair tie (in stylish black glitter) will inevitably come
in handy when my hair gets pulled back into a ponytail well before midnight.

and last but certainly not least, i should mention that i have been saving the cutest of holiday hobos for new year’s eve. i cannot wait to take this little beauty (whose name is twinkle!) out on the town.

so, do tell…are you carrying a tiny bag tonight? more importantly, what’s inside?