september beauty wishes

september beauty wishes


casa ramos (aka glossarie hq) truly is a revolving door for beauty products. i am on a first name basis with my ups man, and the fed ex guy knows that i work from home so he just knocks once and leaves packages at my door. you will never hear me complain about the generosity of the brands that support the glossarie. it is because of their kindness that i’m able to test and review as many products as i do! all of that being said, i am still an avid beauty shopper. my reach goes way past the limits of things that are sent to me for consideration and this month i’m craving a handful of pretty products:

prabal garung for sally hansen in loden green: this one graced the runways in february and it will finally be available this month! army green is going to be my go-to nail shade for fall. i love that it’s unexpected, more interesting than navy, and so surprisingly chic. this particular shade is limited edition, so once you see it, do not wait!

diorshow fusion mono eyeshadow in meteore, $30: this coppery gold will be perfect for creating a sophisticated gilded eye. the metallic finish is so on-trend and the darker shade is a nice update on my usual champagne shadow. i plan to concentrate this shadow all over my lid for a glowy little halo, adding a few coats of mascara for impact.

trish mcevoy instant eye lift concealer, $38: word on the street is that this wonder product goes far beyond the triangle of light. beauty editors have touted its powers in concealing everything from blemishes to around-the-nose redness, and even the occasional scar (arms and legs not excluded). i’m thinking there’s nothing it can’t do.

oribe creme for style, $35: i have been nursing a sample of this stuff since the neiman marcus fall beauty event. i am nearing ever closer to the last drop and it has dawned on me that i will need the full size. when i use it, my hair is full, shapely, and well, perfect. style lasts easily for two days. this might be the best blow-in creme ever.

almay smart shade blush, $11: call me a sucker for cute packaging, but those polka dots are speaking to me. plus, i have never been known to resist a self-adjusting anything and i love the different shades of pink in this one. also, kate hudson (allegedly) wears it and she’s kind of a goddess.

paul & joe limited edition lipstick cases, $5 each: you can pair these with any paul & joe lipstick for the ultimate in beauty accessorizing. i especially love the tribal print, but those peach-toned roses would look so nice on a tangerine orange like once upon a time. any of the three are sure to look so good coming out of my new favorite clutch.

now, which to buy first?

almay smart shade mousse makeup

almay smart shade mousse makeup

i consider myself a bit of a foundation naysayer. i want all of my flaws masked for a perfectly poreless finish that doesn’t look like i’m wearing makeup. oh, and i also don’t want to feel like i’m wearing makeup. it’s a constant struggle.

i’ve loved the almay line for a long time. it’s always touted by my derm as the best possible makeup brand for sensitive and breakout-prone skin. so, when i was flipping through instyle a couple of months ago and saw the new almay foundation teased, i waited patiently for it to hit drugstore shelves. after scooping it up at target a couple of weeks ago, we have become fast friends.

i’m always leery about shade matching makeup (it’s good in theory, but for some reason it never works out quite right) but the 100 shade (light) has been doing a bang-up job of matching my skin tone more perfectly than most foundations. there are four shades in this lineup, so i’m not going to be so bold as to say that there’s something for everyone but i’m definitely impressed with the match on me. this stuff is light as air, yet heavy on coverage, and it somehow goes on to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. it gives my skin a smooth, even appearance that has been working as a great base for a variety of makeup looks without looking cakey.

there are a couple of caveats, though. the first is that since the mousse goes on white and then “transforms” into your ideal shade, it can be very easy to overdo it on coverage. i got the hang of it after one application though, and it’s been a breeze since then. second, you’ll find that the finish on this is almost powdery which leads me to believe that it might not be so friendly to those with drier skin.┬áthe rest of you light-handed, combination-oily gals will definitely enjoy the silky texture and flawless finish with a drugstore price tag.

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