aquaphor healing ointment giveaway


if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a tube of aquaphor healing ointment is worth at least a thousand dollars.

ok, so maybe that’s a stretch, but in fairness it has a minimum of a thousand uses.

i am hard pressed to find a celebrity beauty interview or recall a chat with a backstage makeup artist where this little wonder product isn’t mentioned and the list of tricks and tips that feature eucerin’s famous multi-purpose treatment is endless.

as we know, my skin is temperamental and i find that aquaphor keeps my skin from drying out and overproducing oil. i tend to use it sparingly, on problem areas, but there are certainly people from the school of thought that slathering this stuff on in layers will keep you young.

i keep a small tube handy in my bag, by my bedside table, and always with me on the road and i keep one of the bigger tubes in the medicine cabinet for everyday ailments. here are just a few of the ways that i have used it:

  • to soothe the world’s worst chapped lips
  • to condition eyelashes when mascara has sucked all the life out of them
  • to prevent scarring after a questionable mole removal
  • to moisturize cuticles
  • to heal a tattoo (yes, that’s right. we will talk about it later.)
  • as a nighttime eye cream
  • on that around-the-nose redness that comes with a nasty cold
  • to soothe a kitchen burn
  • slathered on dry heels, under socks, overnight

point blank: this is the best thing that you can put on your skin to prevent moisture loss, but beyond being a problem solver, aquaphor’s healing ointment actually adds some serious pretty to the situation, making it a true makeup bag staple. you can use it to give a beautiful sheen to lashes if you’re going sans mascara or dabbed on eyelids to lock your eye makeup in place and make shadow look more “lived in.” i’ve also found that it serves as a dynamite pre-matte lipstick primer because it prevents dryness and grips on to color.

it is quite literally a cure all and if you’re living without it, well i’m not sure how, but it’s your lucky day! the fabulous eucerin team has offered up a generous aquaphor autumn gift pack complete with a $50 visa gift card. you can enter through the link below and let the beautifying begin!

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sleeping beauty

beauty treatments that work while you sleep


i’m big on products that work while i sleep. taking an extra minute to pump moisture in to my skin, eyes, and lips before hitting the pillow means that i wake up to clearer and calmer skin each morning. my bare bones routine probably comes as a surprise to most, but these tried and true products have made a big time difference in my skin – and as a bonus, they’re easy to find and very inexpensive.

simple vital vitamin night cream, $10.99
this stuff is the best and i do not travel without it. one touch and you’ll see how thick it is and how a little goes a very long way. it’s ultra soothing and my skin absolutely drinks it up. once it sinks in there’s no extra grease and it won’t cause any breakouts. see? the best.

aquaphor lip repair, $4.29
this tiny tube provides immediate relief to dry lips (and cuticles!) and it leaves you with hydration that really lasts. if you’re prone to dry lips, aquaphor is serious skincare that will probably change your life. using it every night means that i need less balm during the day.

simple soothing eye balm, $10.99
another little tube that makes a big difference, this eye cream from simple is lightweight but effective with extra vitamins b5 (softening) and e (moisturizing). i love the way that it wakes up tired eyes in the morning and prevents all manner of puff and wrinkle while i sleep.

vaseline petroleum jelly, $4.49
my daily mascara habit really sucks the life out of my lashes, leaving them dry, brittle and falling out. an aesthetician recommended giving them a nightly dose of vaseline and it has really helped to strengthen and condition them into shinier versions of their former selves.

neosporin first aid antibiotic ointment, $4.49
and for my final trick, i will tell you that i’ve been using neosporin on my pesky pimples. it greatly reduces redness and swelling without clogging my pores and it works so much better than harsh acne meds that tend to dry and irritate my sensitive skin. who knew?!

show me your lip bomb, sharona

sharona lip bomb

name: sharona
she says: love this project! here’s what I carry – so many!! if you haven’t tried the c.o. bigelow, i highly recommend it!!
number of products: 7
the bomb: 

c.o. bigelow my favorite lip balm, $7.50
aquaphor healing ointment, 2 for $5.99
jouer lip enhancer, $14
fresh sugar mini
pangea organics pyrenees lavendar with cardamom lip balm, $12
stila lip glaze in lights (from this trio)
tarte lipsurgence natural lip tint in joy, $24

reader #lipbombs are my favorite! don’t get me wrong, blogger bombs are great, but there’s something about seeing how an average jane spends her hard earned money on beauty. sharona is a great example of how to invest in some quality staples – plus i’m totally falling victim to her c.o. bigelow endorsement!