boscia konjac cleansing sponge

boscia konjac

file this one under weird, but wonderful.

boscia’s new konjac cleansing sponge is the coolest thing to come into my skincare routine, possibly ever. i’m always looking for ways to exfoliate gently but effectively and while the regular old household washcloth tends to be my go-to, i was too tempted by the claims of this all-natural puff. essentially, the pillow-soft sponge is 100% konjac root, a vegetable known for its dietary detoxifying abilities. historically it has also doubled as a¬†calming, naturally exfoliating sponge for delicate skin which is what boscia is capitalizing on. i scooped it up at sephora and have been using it once a day with a cleanser to smooth out the dry spots that crop up when the weather gets cooler.

let me tell you – i LOVE this thing.

it’s rough enough to leave my face can’t-stop-touching-it soft but the sponge is soft enough not to irritate my sensitive skin or fragile under eye area. a few sweeps with the large flat surface picks up any last traces of makeup and exfoliates things on a just-right level. the super spongy, almost jelly, texture is especially good at getting the hair line and crevices on the side of my nose – which i always miss with a scrub or my clarisonic. my skin is left perfectly primed for the next step (night cream or daytime moisturizer and makeup).

when i’m done using it, i just squeeze it out and hang it up by the little thread to dry. i think the coolest thing about this all-white sponge is that no matter what you use it to remove (foundation, mascara, etc.) it washes completely clean with water. i’m going to credit that feature to its all-natural’ness but i love knowing that it’s not harboring bacteria like my washcloths (and my makeup brushes) probably are.

i can already tell that this is helping to keep my skin clearer, brighter, and more even with no other changes to my routine. i’m calling this little beauty a must for anyone who wants a new way to exfoliate or clarify acne-prone pores. it’s a winner!

boscia konjac cleansing sponge ($18) >

pretty gifty: under $20

pretty gifty: under $20

got a secret santa? need a stash of stocking stuffers? one (or more!) from this bunch will brighten the day of someone on your list, without lightening the load in your wallet:

1 – a luxe lotion for $14; mark very sassy body lotion
2 – a bottle of polish in an artsy box for $12.50; nookie nail polish from laqa & co
3 – airline-approved hair care for $19.50; oribe beautiful color travel set
4 – spirited and sparkling blotting linens for $5; boscia pink peppermint blotting linens
5 – a sweet and salty lip scrub for $8.95; lush popcorn
6 – balm in a ball for $18.50; this works beauty ball ornament
7 – two pastel cream shadows for $17; topshop eye cream duo
8 – a purse-sized solid perfume for $10; crazylibellule and the poppies rose a saigon

pretty finds $10 and under

i’m a complete and total sucker for a steal so it’s no surprise that these $10 and under finds from sephora have me planning a mini spree! from left to right, here are my top four picks:

clinique bottom lash mascara
popping this sample-size tube into your basket is sure to send you on a whirlwind adventure of lash discovery. the tiniest of lash brushes will give you a twiggy-esque bottom line you never knew you needed but soon won’t be able to live without. the formula is completely smudgeproof making it a must-have in my book at just $10.

sephora by opi traffic stopper copper top coat
rose gold and copper are so in for spring and i am loving this sparkly top coat. it instantly updates any polish you’ve got hiding at home and brings something different from your run-of-the-mill silver or yellow gold for only $9.50.

benefit cosmetics high beam to go
i actually prefer this version to the full-size high beam because of the doe-foot applicator (as opposed to the brush on the full-size). it’s one of my favorite under-eye highlighters and works like a dream – just three dots under each eye and you’re ready to roll. this purse-sized perfector is a definite do at $10.

boscia green tea blotting linens limited edition
i might be as much of a sucker for something limited edition as i am for something steal-worthy. there’s no question that boscia’s blotting linens are the best around and, to be fair, they are always priced at $10. the precious print on this LE green tea version, however, is simply impossible to resist!

that’s a lot of beauty goodness for just $40. pop on over to sephora’s under $10 section to see more pocket-friendly pretty and save away!