hourglass ambient lighting blush

hourglass ambient lighting blush

ah, blush.

my very first beauty love and favorite product to this day. i love it so much that i like to save it for last, after my brows, lashes, even lips are done and watch the magic happen as it awakens my entire face. over the years, i have learned that the right shade creates life and glow, irregardless of shimmer in the formula. since my biggest pet peeve is a blush that falls flat, you can only imagine how thrilled i was to discover hourglass’ revolutionary powder that’s actually designed to bring depth and dimension.

hourglass has fused its well-loved ambient lighting powders with stunning blush shades to create this multidimensional color product. it sweeps on with ease, blending beautifully and delivering a soft-focus to the face that simply brings all of the attention to all of the right places.

what looks semi-scary in the pan actually results in a natural finish and is surprisingly hard to overdo. my current favorite is radiant magenta, but next on my list is ethereal glow – the perfect cotton candy pink. (so springy!) these blushes are super special, along with being heads and shoulders above other baked and marbled options. while $35 may cause some beauty addicts to cringe a bit, the velvety long-lasting effects make this one worth every penny.

hourglass ambient lighting blush, $35 >

hourglass femme nude lip stylo

hourglass femme nude lip stylo

so you wanna go nude, but where’s a girl to start?

the nude lip is such a chic trend, yet so tricky to pull off, with shade choice being the deciding factor and all too often, (pun intended) the kiss of death. people, nude does not mean beige, and the key to that classy nude lip is warmth, dimension, and a creamy satin finish.

if you’re looking to take the guess work out of this not-so-passing trend, i suggest you take a peek at hourglass’ stunning new collection of nude lip crayons. formula is full coverage and so comfortable to wear with a luxurious finish that just doesn’t quit. quite possibly the best part about this half dozen is that hourglass has made it so simple to find a flattering shade.

as a quick rule of thumb: if you’re fair, opt for something golden or peachy (like no. 5); for olive tones, a rose or pink hue (like no. 3 and no. 4) will flatter you beautifully; dark-skinned gals should look for mauves, bronzes and caramels (like no. 2 and no. 6).

the weight on this packaging is luxe and substantial, making me feel like i’m taking a tiny secret weapon out of my makeup bag every time i reapply. i’m calling this one worth every one of its 300 pennies – and i really think you’ll love it, too.

hourglass femme nude lip stylo ($30) >

hourglass lip treatment oil

hourglass lip treatment oil

this is one beauty product that evokes a sense of fancy just by looking at it – let alone actually applying it to your lips. at first glance, hourglass’ new lip treatment oil is just plain pretty! for starters, the antibacterial applicator tip is 24k gold plated and if that doesn’t tell you this stuff means business, i don’t know what will. one press of the dispenser produces something that falls somewhere between the consistency of an oil and a balm and it soothes and hydrates on contact, providing instant relief. the taste is a unique orange, vanilla, clove combination that is ultra luxurious. and the shine? beautiful. it’s also worth noting that this tube might last you a lifetime thanks to a genius pump operation that allows you to waste zero precious product.

at $42, do you need it? no. could you get similar effects from aquaphor? probably. but if you take your lip balm very seriously (as i do – never joke about lip balm) or if you get a kick out of products that are truly special (and that work!), then you’re going to want to give this one a second look. and it goes without saying that if you suffer from super dry chapped lips, this could be quite the life saver.

i say, treat yo’self to this little gem, beauties.

shop hourglass lip treatment oil ($42) >

hourglass aura sheer cheek stain

hourglass aura

i have a new blush love! hourglass’ aura sheer cheek stain is  a bit of a game changer. the sheer water-based stain is housed in a stick with a click base and spongy applicator top. it can be tricky to get cream and liquid cheek color to go on evenly, but the lightweight formula is super simple to stamp and blend onto cheeks without the need for your fingers to get involved. (i don’t know about you, but i find that the less i touch my face, the better off i am.) it’s somehow hydrating and gives a gorgeous natural flush but it sets and dries completely leaving no stickiness behind. used over tinted moisturizer, it could not be more perfect for everyday wear and i love the fact that it stays where you put it sans settling into any creases. coming in two natural shades appropriate for a range of skin tones, it’s nice to find something that absorbs quickly and gives a dewy look without actually being wet or shimmery. in short, this blush is just easy – and couldn’t we all use just a bit more easy?

shop hourglass aura sheer cheek stain ($45) >

golden globes beauties

golden globes beauties

i love to go beauty gazing on the red carpet from my couch. while the awards for best of the year in tv and film were being doled out, i was hard at work whittling down my choices for best nails, hair, lip, lashes, brow, and best everything.

  • hands down: best nails went to zooey deschanel. the nail art queen did not disappoint with her tiny tv cameras and vintage film strips. (details here!)
  • tangerine tango: the lip on jessica alba created quite a stir! the color is hourglass cosmetics’ opaque rouge liquid lipstick in riviera.
  • shocking choice: i thought the best hair was jessica chastain’s. everyone hated it, but i thought the pulled back look set in waves really accentuated the actress’ gorgeous fiery red shade and her pretty facial features.
  • arch enemy: isla fisher gave me major brow envy, but i really was pretty in love with her entire beauty look. the side part, the berry lip, well done.
  • lush lashes: oh! the flutter fringe on rosie huntington whitely – so gorgeous. celeb makeup artist fiona stiles achieved the look using mark lash all you want high volume mascara.
  • best everything: anne hathaway’s beauty look was a vision. i’m still obsessed with her pixie and her whole face was completely flawless.

who were your favorite beauty looks last night?

show me your lip bomb, megan

lip bomb megan

name: megan
internet home: pretty in my pocket
she says: “the lip explosion in my purse :)”
number of products: 7
the bomb:

what a perfectly pretty explosion, if i do say so, miss megan! love your picks.
share your own #lipbomb with me at theglossarie@gmail.com.

on my lips

seriously, how many pink lip products does one girl need? it would seem that the answer is no less than six. my collection, top to bottom:

bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in fig, $24
bite beauty honey lip lacquer in gamay, $24
occ lip tar in memento, $15
hourglass opaque rouge liquid lipstick in canvas, $28
nars lip lacquer in baby doll, $24
urban decay super saturated high gloss lip color in naked, $19

clearly, pink lips are my vice – what’s yours?

deco darling: gatsby inspired beauty

(carey as daisy via)

the great gatsby is my very favorite. it was my mom’s very favorite and i quickly fell in love long before we were forced to read the story in 9th grade honors english. with the upcoming movie adaptation looming ever closer, i can only forecast that the twenties are going to have themselves a bit of a beauty moment this fall and winter. (because really, who doesn’t want to look like ms. mulligan?)

a few suggestions to help you channel your inner daisy buchanan:


deco darling: gatsby inspired beauty


the early twenties beauty look was comprised of cream or ivory face powder, rose or raspberry cheeks and deep brownish red lips applied in an exaggerated cupids bow. eyes were edged in black with painted black lashes. thin, sloping brows, and the coolest manicure – nails were painted only in the center, leaving the bottom half moon and the tip bare – topped things off.

to get a modern-day interpretation, you’ll want to round up some good old fashioned coty face powder, benefit’s benetint, besame’s vintage-inspired lipstick in merlot, bobbi brown’s long-wear gel eyeliner, hourglass’ film noir lash lacquer (you’re actually going for a bit spidery), and opi’s classic red in vodka & caviar.

the result is sure to be one fine flapper.

fringe benefits: hourglass film noir mascara

last weekend, i marched myself into sephora with bare lashes looking to end my search for the ultimate mascara once and for all. i tapped an unsuspecting beauty consultant on the shoulder and described my perfect match: shiny and jet black in color, smudge-proof but removable with soap and water only (i detest makeup remover), must deliver volume, length, lift and separation.

now let this be a lesson to you, beauties. the sephora consultants are full of more makeup wisdom than any of us could ever know. i thought i would certainly get a recommendation for a product or products that i had already tested twice over, but in response to what i thought was a tall order and only one i’ve been looking to fill for, oh i don’t know, eons, the lovely kayleigh says, “sure. definitely hourglass film noir.”

it was love at first swipe, right there in the store – glossy, thick, intensely dark, lustrous lashes that were long and defined. the cool hourglass shaped wand applies the formula cleanly and without a clump. after a couple of weeks as my go-to lash lengthener, i’ve found that it wears all day and washes off nicely (hallelujah!).

simply put, it’s not overdone and enhances lashes without looking fake. so if i never feature another mascara on this here blog, you know why. (totally kidding. of course i’ll feature other mascaras, but if there’s ever any question as to what’s on my lashes, it’s this guy, forever and ever, amen.)

hourglass film noir full spectrum mascara is available at sephora for $28.