beauty resolutions in review + a fresh set

jessica simpson vintage bloom

happy new year, beauties!

i love january 1st: a whole new year lies ahead – full of possibility! i’m taking a quick pulse check on 2012′s resolutions and sharing my fresh set of goals with you.

2012 beauty resolutions:

visit a dermatologist to get this 30-year old acne under control
appointment booked for january 4th! stay tuned for a full recap.

discover (and stick to!) a skincare regimen that works
done! mario badescu has my skin looking clearer than ever.

find my signature scent, toss the rest
i don’t know if i’ll ever stick to one scent,
but at the moment i can’t get enough of vintage bloom (above).

not pick at my pimples (hopefully won’t be an issue – see resolution #1)
done! i’ve been keeping my fingers away from my face, as a rule.

experiment with eye makeup and learn to confidently craft a few different looks
fail. fail. fail.

maybe take a makeup class?
done! ‘all decked out‘ was a smashing success
i can’t wait to do more of these in 2013

master the at-home manicure
done! i do this much more often than going to sit in the salon chair, now.

drink more water!
eh…still a struggle, but i’m trying.

take my vitamins
done! i leave my multi on my bedside table and i take it nightly without fail.

work on my horrendous posture
this may be a lost cause. does anyone have any advice?
definitely going back on the list for 2013!

i have to say, i did better than expected – all in all i’m pretty pleased!

2013 will be my year

2013 beauty resolutions:

get organized! my cosmetic collection is taking over my world.

master the self blowout and stop making the excuse that it requires three arms.
(although, you and i both know that it does!)

treat my body like i treat my face – moisturize and exfoliate on the regular.

apply my eye cream more nightly, because there’s
no time like the present to get serious about preventing crow’s feet.


quit my cream and sugar habit – opt for almond milk in my morning coffee -
or, better yet, switch it up for a mug of green tea.

get out and run a minimum of twice a week – no excuses.

stop. the. slouching.

drink 48 oz of water daily.
(less than suggested, i know – but this will be a huge upgrade for me!)

wear spf every day.

of course i would love to know what challenges you have set for yourself this year (be they beauty-related or otherwise!) – please leave them in the comments.