this or that: drugstore dry shampoo

this or that: dry shampoo (drugstore edition)
here at the glossarie, we’ve done our fair share of research on dry shampoos (lara swears by oscar blandi and oribe), and lately i’ve been looking for bargain-friendly alternatives to my go-to use of johnson’s baby powder. while johnson’s absorbs oil really effectively, i find myself fighting the baby scent. there’s also the challenge that if you go too heavy on the application you can end up with a george washington wig-type situation and, let’s be honest, i’d rather run around with greasy roots.
the brands above provide a refreshing restart to second (and third!) day locks. i prefer the fresh, clean scent of dove’s brand over not your mother’s, but both get the job done with no residue or heaviness.

this: not your mother’s clean freak refreshing dry shampoo, $5.99
that: dove refresh + care invigorating dry shampoo, $4.89
do you have a go-to drugstore dry shampoo? if so, please share your secret!

johnson’s bedtime lotion

johnson's bedtime lotion

okay, between what i’m about to say and this post from back in october, i’m truly starting to sound like a child trapped in a twenty-something’s body. but the glossarie is all about sharing what works and what we really love, so if we’re being honest with each other here, lately my go-to moisturizer has been johnson’s bedtime lotion.

made for babies.

i love the subtle scent, and the texture is the perfect middle ground between ultra-thick creams and those lotions that are just a tad too thin. it’s hypoallergenic and extremely mild (since it’s made for infants and all), so everything about it is truly gentle. it’s perfect to smooth onto slightly damp skin after a bath or shower, or massage into hands when they’re feeling a bit dry.

you can grab the ultra-soothing lotion here or at your local drugstore for $3.44.