three fragrance favorites

three fragrance favorites

there’s something nice about the right perfume. i love the way that scent is such a personal choice and i rarely find two women who have same “signature.” regardless of the time of year, whether my skin is breaking out or flaking off, my favorite perfume always works and somehow, always makes me feel pulled together. everything else about my day could be falling apart, but if i’m wearing perfume, i’m doing a-ok.

i find that my fragrance preferences are changing constantly and that i am more closely related to having perfume A.D.D. than i am committing to a true signature scent. lately, there are three gorgeous smells that have captured my attention and i’ve been rotating them together for the prettiest aromatic bouquet.

kate spade ‘live colorfully’ rollerball, $24
this sachet has so many of my favorite things! it layers florals with citrus for a playful combination that’s super easy to wear. things like mandarin, water lily, and anise are paired with grown-up gardenia and tahitian vanilla to create a flirty and fun fragrance. i can’t get enough.

marc jacobs honey, $22 – $92
i have overlooked almost every other mj fragrance because i just wasn’t impressed, but honey has a punchy freshness laced with a girly sweetness that has completely stolen my heart. it’s bright (green pear, orange blossom) and warm (smooth woods), with a honeysuckle base that cheers me all day long.

lady gaga fame, $17
a surprisingly wearable scent from mother monster, i am still shocked at how much i like this mass’tige celebrity perfume. it’s a musky (incense) floral (jasmine, orchid) that’s kept light with the addition of apricot and honey. the combination is feminine and interesting, not at all overpowering or old lady.

this or that: sunglasses

*this or that: sunglasses


i read a little interview with heidi klum recently where she said “one of my biggest beauty products are my sunglasses.” i am obsessed with this quote and i could not agree more! the right pair of sunglasses are not only a glam accessory (and a great way to reflect your own personal style), but they are also crow’s feet stoppers and under eye wrinkle preventers – basically an anti-aging shield for your eyes.

i hunt every season for a great pair of sunnies and most years, i come up empty handed reverting back to a pair of classic favorites. this season, i zeroed in on kate spade’s shawna sunglasses for their black frames, pinched arms, and touch of tortoise. i loved the shape and the unique mixed media look, so i treated myself using funds from a spring sales bonus (thanks, hobo!).

i quickly found that gorgeous as they may be, they are not the most comfortable to wear and they are constantly sliding down my nose. no bueno.

i held on to them because i love the style so much! but, $138 is too steep of a price to pay for something that you’re not crazy about. then, when i saw these two-tone audrey shades from anthropologie, i thought they might be a good option. turns out that they are perfect. they’re lightweight, they fit me exactly right with the cat eye flare that i’ve been looking for and at $38 i don’t care if i’m sick of them next season. with $100 price difference, i can no longer justify the kate spades so back to nordstrom they go. don’t you just love a bargain?

in my new year’s eve clutch

what's in my new year's eve clutch


i woke up in a cold sweat this morning.

not because another year has passed me by at lightning speed. not because i still don’t know what i’m going to wear tonight (or more importantly, what color i’m going to paint my nails), but because i am consumed with concern over how i’m going to pack my itty bitty bag for this evening’s festivities.

when carrying a small bag, i am very picky about what i pack, putting every inch of that precious real estate to excellent use. tonight is like the super bowl of clutch packing – the marathon hours of celebrating and venue hopping call for keeping a complicated survival kit on hand. here’s what made the cut:

i’ll be touching up with revlon’s super lustrous creme lipstick
in berry haute between glasses of champagne.

aerin’s rose lip conditioner and a box of altoid smalls
will make sure i’m fully prepped for that midnight kiss.

i always need to mattify after a spin on the dance floor.
this mini sized make up for ever hd microfinish powder is clutch-friendly
at half the price (and i just toss in a disposable powder puff for application).

kate spade’s twirl rollerball is fresh and flirty,
just what the festive atmosphere calls for!

becca’s beach tint in fig is my current blush of choice.
lucky for me that it’s extra little (i’m loving this duo!)
and takes up next to zero room – plus, it also doubles as a lip color.

a super stylish iphone backup battery will help ensure
that i don’t miss a single happy new year text!

a mane message hair tie (in stylish black glitter) will inevitably come
in handy when my hair gets pulled back into a ponytail well before midnight.

and last but certainly not least, i should mention that i have been saving the cutest of holiday hobos for new year’s eve. i cannot wait to take this little beauty (whose name is twinkle!) out on the town.

so, do tell…are you carrying a tiny bag tonight? more importantly, what’s inside?

this or that: mini nail sets

this or that: nail sets

on top: kate spade travel nail polish set includes
watermelon fingers, seafoam swirls, orange solar, and yellow cockatoos

on bottom: sonia kashuk ‘a powerful punch’ mini nail set includes
ooh la la, khaki shorts, making waves, and tutti frutti

ps – thank you for all of your votes this week! you can still vote today up until noon and we will know on monday if i’m in the competition for week three. you are all amazing and i can’t tell you how much i value your love and support :) have a fabulous weekend!

kate spade florence broadhurst compact

*     *     *

this little compact mirror has a lot of character. it’s covered in florence broadhurst’s japanese floral wallpaper print in black and cream meaning it will create an impact the second you pull it out of your purse. but pop it open to find the words “hello beautiful” inscribed inside and consider your day permanently brightened.

trust me when i say, if you treat yourself to this treasure, you will fall in love with its vintage sweetness at very first sight.

this small wonder is available at kate spade for $18.

kate spade doodles pen necklace

if you are a born in the 80′s child of the 90′s, you watched ghostwriter. best of all, because of your timing, you got to watch hector (aka william hernandez) on the greatest show ever created and then watch him again on his stint in the real world philadelphia house. amazing.

anyway, the long and short of the matter is, that if you watched ghostwriter, you wanted a pen necklace (image here). bottom line. end of story. a pen necklace is actually a very practical item since you never know when you’re going to need to make a list, or sign an autograph, or solve a crime using magic ink. us ladies of the 80′s (and gents, i suppose) have kate spade to thank for not only reinvigorating the pen necklace, but making it amazingly chic.

kate has created a very grown up version of the pen necklace in gold. but if $78 is too steep a price to pay to relive a childhood fantasy, she also has a sweet sale version in red for $27.

hooray! it’s friday + kate’s a princess


happy friday, lovelies!

so tell me, were you up at 4 am watching the wedding of the century? did you set your dvr for 6 hours of coverage? am i the only one who slept blissfully through the madness? (ok, i’ll admit – i peeked at some photos and the girl looked incredible – talk about one fashionable fairytale! sigh.)

hope you all have one fabulous weekend on tap. i’ll be putting the finishing touches on a 50 page change management plan and strategic human capital presentation, but you know what? as of 8 p.m. on tuesday my graduate career will be COMPLETE! knowing that this is my last weekend of schoolwork is enough to send me full speed ahead into the next grueling 72 hours – and with a smile, too.

{a few lovely links}

  • can’t help but remember princess diana today in all of her simply stunning pretty – these photos of her are to die for
  • obsessed with this gorgeous necklace my cousin michael got me for my mba graduation – endless thanks, miguel! xo
  • did you know jess lc is starting a handbag line?! i can’t wait to get my mitts on one of her designs.
  • i used to live in jellies all summer and j.crew has finally made a pair for big girls!
  • absolutely head-to-toe LOVE whitney port’s look for the us weekly hot hollywood party

enjoy your weekends! xo

thursday purseday: kate spade gold coast lily

meet lily, my latest love. her small size and light gold chain make her the perfect alternative to the party clutch. she’s versatile with a convertible drop length – leave it long for a cross-body look or a cool one-shoulder throwback vibe and double it up for a chic statement, day or night. she’s sweet with a woven polka dot lining and she’s glamorous with her bold gold turnlock. i can’t turn away from her edgy details. but if you can’t turn away from her $300 pricetag, she’s available on bag borrow or steal.

february favorites: v day lovelies

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

a most glamorous cocktail ring, sexy scented candles, a poppy striped keyring, and luscious cupcake-flavored lip scrub are just four of the things i’m loving this month. not only would any of them make perfect valentine’s day prezzies (pay attention, fellas – all three of you reading) but they would certainly bring a little brightness to you year-round.

i sure hope my valentine is reading :)

do you make love lists? what’s caught your eye this month?