korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip cooler

korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip coolers

these little lip coolers from korres are bringing something new and different to the table. with a consistency that feels like you’re smoothing greek yoghurt over your lips, the formula buffs away dry skin as it melts on. the long-lasting hydrating effects give way to lips that are softer and more hydrated and the tiny rollerball hidden inside the applicator massages the product in to your lips so that you get the full effects. you’ll feel a burst of coolness once the treatment is in place and the peach and raspberry shades provide a beautiful hint of tint.

having loved all things korres lip (like these, these, and these) in the past, i was super eager to give these a try and i’ve gone back and forth with my feelings on them, but i’ve decided that they’re a love and here’s why:

once you get past the strange consistency (which isn’t offensive in any way – it’s just unlike anything that i’ve ever put on my lips) and the grit (which in the end, disappears and leaves my lips without a single flake), you’re left with improved lip texture and a sheer wash of moist color that’s very, very pretty.

true beauty junkies will appreciate the uniqueness of the product and the innovations in packaging and formula. this is not a necessary addition to every makeup bag, but one that’s been a refreshingly fun find for me – and who am i to deny you anything fun?

korres greek yoghurt nourishing lip coolers, $19

show me your lip bomb, meg

name: meg biram
internet home: megbiram.com
number of products: 6
the bomb:  

nothing like a dancing #lipbomb for your superbowl sunday viewing pleasure! this charming collection comes from one of my very best blogging friends (and real life dc partner in crime), meg biram. she is a wizard consultant, a talented artist, and she is also half of the mastermind duo behind to&from. you can read meg’s lifestyle musings on the edit and i would definitely recommend keeping both your eyes on this girl – she is one to watch! i am so lucky to count her among my favorite people.

show me your lip bomb, diana


name: diana
internet home: alegria
she says: here are the lip products i found in my purse today. i didn’t even know i had some of these in there!
number of products: 8
the bomb:

victoria’s secret beauty rush lip gloss in passion fruit pop, $$9
blistex five star lip protection, $2.29
korres cherry full color gloss in fuchsia 54, $17
dior addict lip glow, $30
bobbi brown lip gloss in buff, $23
mac viva glam vi lip glass, $19.50
nars lip gloss in oasis, $24
nars velvet matte lip pencil in sex machine, $24

one of the best things about marrying my husband is his amazing group of girl cousins. they are all my age, super sweet and really fun. steve’s cousin diana and i have fiercely bonded over our shared beauty addiction so it’s no surprise that i own almost all of the lip products in her collection. thanks for sharing your lip bomb, d!

if you want to see your #lipbomb in the glossarie, send it over to theglossarie@gmail.com.

on my lips for fall

on my lips for fall

i think the only thing that rivals my lip product obsession is my earring collection. call me crazy, but nothing makes me feel like a new girl more than a killer new lip color or shiny pair of chandeliers. ear adornments aside (that’s a whole different blog post!), i am building up my lip wardrobe for fall. top to bottom, here’s what’s on the list:

korres lip butter in mango, $12

bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in fig, $24

perfekt lip perfection gel in vine, $24

youngblood mighty shiny lip gel, $25.50

urban decay super-saturdated high gloss lip color in naked, $19

what’s on your lips?

moody beauty a la scarlett johansson

i absolutely adore this shot of scarjo swiped from one of my new favorite blogs. maybe it’s her wild hair or that insane turquoise butterfly necklace, but i’m so super smitten by her moody makeup.

smudgy copper under-eyes, plummy purple lips and those arch-less brows all sum up to one sultry scarlett and i just had to find the perfect products to recreate this pretty face:

think this look is one you can find an occasion for? i really want to try it!

pixi lip twin vs. korres lip butter glaze

in stark contrast to last weekend’s peek inside the glamorous life, this weekend holds hours of schoolwork and babysitting while the husband hosts a bachelor party in atlantic city. to add a little shine to this humdrum weekend of mine, i’m thinking about picking up a new wallet-friendly gloss and i’ve narrowed it down to two:

pixi succulent lip twin cheek and lip color duo
$18 at target and online

a multitasker! the tube houses a fruity, satin-y balm with light pigment. the dome is a semimatte cheek / lip tint in a matching shade.

korres lip butter glaze
$14 at sephora

vanilla scented, crazy moisturizing, nonsticky, sheer, shiny goodness in an application-friendly tube.

i love how clever and cutesy the pixi is but i’m also a longtime fan of korres and love to see the famous butter in shinier, more vibrant hues. decisions! your votes and opinions are much appreciated. here’s hoping a new gloss makes my weekend! and now, a few things that have already made my week:

happy friday!

oh my gloss!

lip gloss is no longer for the faint of heart! two of my favorite brands have taken pretty to a whole new level. the latest additions to their gloss collections are not for wallflowers and leave you with lips that demand attention, however, the thing i like about both of these new lippies is that they feel like glosses but look like rich lip color and last like a lipstick.

benefit has given their lip gloss an ultra shiny makeover and created five new super sparkly shades. they gave the revamped formula a custom brush for the ultimate in glossy, reflective shine. foxy lady and dancing queen are my recommendations for anyone looking to purchase.

korres is also following suit in creating an intense new gloss. their raspberry antioxidant liquid lipstick packs a serious punch for those not playing around with the same old girly gloss. not sure i’m bold enough for any of the shades on the shelves but more power to you ladies that love a fancy lip! you will be in absolute heaven.

what do we think of this trend?