pretty gifty: under $20

pretty gifty: under $20

got a secret santa? need a stash of stocking stuffers? one (or more!) from this bunch will brighten the day of someone on your list, without lightening the load in your wallet:

1 – a luxe lotion for $14; mark very sassy body lotion
2 – a bottle of polish in an artsy box for $12.50; nookie nail polish from laqa & co
3 – airline-approved hair care for $19.50; oribe beautiful color travel set
4 – spirited and sparkling blotting linens for $5; boscia pink peppermint blotting linens
5 – a sweet and salty lip scrub for $8.95; lush popcorn
6 – balm in a ball for $18.50; this works beauty ball ornament
7 – two pastel cream shadows for $17; topshop eye cream duo
8 – a purse-sized solid perfume for $10; crazylibellule and the poppies rose a saigon

laqa & co. fat lip pencils

let’s kick off the week with something extra pretty, shall we?

you might remember these pens of awesomeness by laqa & co. and the brand has recently released their latest launch, a foursome of fat lip pencils. unlike most of the lip pencils we’ve seen, these take on far less the personality of a balm or stain and behave more like a moisturizing matte lipstick. they go on creamy and opaque in wearable shades, each able to be built up for a deeper color application. they come in the cutest twist-bottom plastic casing with a clear top making very handbag-friendly – which is a good thing because you’ll want to keep them handy.

my favorite shade is lambchop, a nearly neon that falls somewhere between a baby pink and a bright fuchsia. i like the way it lightens things up and gives me a polished lip look in a couple of swipes of the ‘stick. i’d imagine the three other shades are dynamite as well!

perhaps the icing on the cake for these beauties is their packaging, which is too pretty to even consider throwing away. (just look at that box!) each box features the artwork of a young artist who receives royalities from the sale of every product. believe me when i tell you their work is gorgeous.

if you’ve got to get your hands on one of these four buttery shades, anthropologie has the whole bunch for $20 each.

click and easy: laqa & co. nail polish pens

i’m not sure what’s more fun, saying “laqa” (pronounced like lacquer with a boston accent – makes me feel at home!) or clicking your way to polished pretty with these clever little nail pens. each pen houses one of eleven shades of glossy nail color that’s formaldehyde, toluene, and DHP-free for super natural results. they come in the coolest boxes that showcase art from young designers giving a voice (and a cut of profits!) to the lesser known and stunning inspiration to their customers. the color selection leaves nothing to be desired. first on my list are squid ink (a light teal blue, second from top), pimpin (hot pink, top) and i want a pony (soft lemon yellow, bottom).

laqa & co. nail polish pens are available online for $14.95 and orders over $20 ship for free.