my ten favorite product finds of 2012

my vanity, makeup bag, and face see a constant rotation of products. with the volume and frequency of beauty being tested, it can be really tough to hang on to something for longer than a few weeks, let alone give it permanent residence in my bathroom’s beauty basket. low and behold, some products do actually stand the test of time. here are ten products that i posted about in 2012 that are still in my daily routine:

my ten favorite product finds of 2012

1. urban decay’s naked foundation is my go-to for a flawless face; i use it every day and i am still loving the semi-matte finish.

2. dr. lipp’s nipple balm for lips is a godsend for chapped lips; when all else fails, i know this will get the job done!

3. pattern body wash’s balance of effective cleaning and hydration makes it a permanent favorite in our coed shower. i love the scents and feel like i’m doing something good for my skin when i’m lathering up.

4. oribe’s dry texturizing spray is better than the best dry shampoo. it continues to make day two hair look better than day one. and the scent! yum.

5. sheswai’s nail lacquers come in the most playful shades. i still haven’t found anything that’s easier to apply than these, saving me bundles in salon manicures.

6. deborah lippmann’s the stripper to go is the most ingenious nail polish remover method. the little mitts may be pricy, but their portability and swift polish removal makes them completely worth the expense!

7. i still dab leila lou’s perfume oil in the crook of my elbows daily. the fragrance is flirty, fresh, and light, plus the rollerball makes it easy to travel with.

8. when i cannot stand to look as tired as i feel, tarte emphaseyes inner rim brightener saves the day. i constantly rely on this small wonder to fake eight hours.

9. i will never go back to plain old boring hair ties! olivia’s mane message pretties crop up everywhere, from all around my condo to the depths of my handbags to my car cup holders. you’re sure to always find one on my wrist, too!

10. chanel’s precision eyelash curler has replaced my beloved shu ueumra and proven better than the original. lashes are left perfectly curled without the awkward crimp some other curlers leave behind.

have you discovered anything through the blog that has found a permanent home in your beauty bag this year?

travel pretty: dc-nyc-boston-newburyport-dc

i’m on the train headed back to nyc for a week of fun with hobo at the international gift fair. from new york, i’m training up to boston for a little visit with my family, and then the husband and i will be flying back from mass back to dc.

the trip totals 11 days away from home and comprises planes, trains, automobiles, hotel rooms, my sister’s brighton apartment and my parents’ house in newburyport. as if the length of time wasn’t enough of a suitcase dilemma, it’s also a lot of different climates and activities to prepare for (a trade show, nights out in new york, a red sox game, lazy days at the beach). i like to think that i’ve mastered packing over this last year, but sometimes bringing beauty can still be a real challenge, especially when i’m tight on space and really suck at going without any of my favorite products.

here’s what i have tucked away in the tsa-approved liquids and gels department (all packed inside the clear zip around pouch from my favorite stephanie johnson ml traveler):

1. leila lou perfume oil - which i’ve lately taken to wearing
in the crooks of my elbows, does anyone else do this?
2. use me cleanser for fine hair – a godsend against harsh hotel water
3. somme institute nourishing cleanser, from the pillow pack
4. somme institute double defense spf, from the pillow pack
5. ole henriksen ultimate lift eye gel – completely necessary for the next few early mornings, will be completely unnecessary by the time i reach the beach on saturday :)
6. use me moisturizer for fine hair – see #2
7. nars lip lacquer in baby doll – a super easy daytime lip
8. somme institute serum (full size)
9. perricone md no concealer concealer - most days i’m lucky enough not to need this, but late nights and early mornings mean ugliness for my often-hiding dark circles
10. vaseline lip therapy (impossibly tiny!) – combats dry hotel and plane air to keep lips soft
11. somme instite a-bomb, from the pillow pack
12. clinique all about eyes - i never fall asleep without it!
13. urban decay naked skin (full post coming tomorrow, simply ah-mazing)

as you can see, i monopolize every inch of real estate in that clear plastic pouch – thank goodness for super small versions of my (many) essential products!

leila lou perfume oil

invoking reactions of the beauty nature from mr. glossarie can be near impossible, so when i get so much as a “why do you smell so good?!” i know i’ve got something blog worthy on my hands (well, more literally, dabbed on my wrists).

meet the adorably sweet and simple leila lou by rosie jane cosmetics. i’m completely hooked on this perfume oil with its notes of pear blossom, fresh-cut grass, and tangerine. i never remember to wear perfume, but i’ve been religiously rolling this scent on my wrists in the mornings and smiling whenever i catch a waft of it throughout the day. it’s that good. there’s something innocent and romantic about the blend and it’s absolutely perfect for summer. the fragrance oil has become a fast favorite because i find that they last longer on me, but i’ll fill you in on a little secret:

i’ve been spritzing the eau de toilette on my mane message hair ties and headbands. it’s a genius way to wear a hint of fragrance (whether they’re on your wrist or in your hair) – even while working out! the cotton elastic grabs onto the scent and keeps me smelling subtly sweet. why didn’t i think of this sooner?

all in all, it’s a love for me.

if you’ve just got to have a little leila lou in your life, you can shop the line here.