christmas wishes

christmas wishes

confession: the stocking is always my favorite part of christmas because that’s where all of the beauty goodies are usually hiding. i have a swarm of cosmetic wishes this year and i can’t wait to see which ones come true.

1 – every celebrity and makeup artist under the sun claims cle de peau concealer ($70) to be life changing. it wins at everything from blending to coverage, texture and flawless concealing. it’s about time i bit the bullet. i need it.

2 – i need another neutral shadow like i need a hole in the head, but something about nars mississippi mermaid ($24) is calling to me. it’s the perfect champagne for an overall lid color, inner corner highlight and for brow bone brightening.

3 – these new blush cremes from clarins ($30) are gorgeous. if i could, i would hoard all four shades and cocktail them together for the prettiest in natural and smooth cheek color. bonus: natural oils and vitamin e give them a hydrating leg up over other options.

4 – this bottle promises volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish, all in one oil-free formula. with weightless shine, manageable body, heat protection, and even static control, living proof perfect hair day ($26) is everything i could ever want and more.

5 – i have learned to love applying my foundation with a dense rounded brush. make up for ever medium highlighter brush ($37) was recently recommended to me for the ultimate in flawless coverage and i can’t get my hands on it fast enough.

6 – overnight hydration masks are my sole winter skin salvation. dr. jart water fuse water-max sleeping mask ($48) locks in moisture bringing new meaning to “beauty sleep.” i love that it does not need to be washed off and works its magic all night long.

7 – and also, world peace.

happy christmas beauties! what’s on your wishlist this year?

living proof weightless styling spray

living proof weightless styling spray

i feel compelled to affirm that i test hair brands beyond living proof. it’s just that the lp products always rise above the rest – and who am i to withhold good, quality information from you only for fear of beginning to sound like a broken record?

living proof’s weightless styling spray is yet another winner. it completely stops frizz and blocks humidity without causing buildup or weighing hair down with silicones or oils. a good all-over head spray before drying is enough to smooth out my curls and prep hair for the flat iron. my croc glides through without resistance and i love the added shape and hold that i get from this product. i tested it in yesterday’s rainy weather without any puffiness, kink or curl making an appearance – the smoothness held up far above my expectations. then today, as i was running late and had to skip my shower, i was completely impressed with how clean my hair still looked since yesterday morning’s wash and blow dry. the lightness of the spray gives hair a matte, natural finish and the formula works to actually repel dirt, keeping my hair cleaner longer.

i’m crazy about this stuff and will definitely be working it into my regular product rotation. it’s a great option for girls who have fine-to-medium hair and anyone whose hair texture needs smoothing or straightening, but can’t handle anything heavy.

shop living proof weightless styling spray ($26) >

living proof straight

living proof straight spray

every living proof product that touches my hair, turns it into gold.

this lightweight spray creates a sleek style that lasts for days, thanks to the absence of oils or silicones and a formula that works to repel dirt. a good 10-second all over the head spray is the perfect prescription for speedily dried, smoothed out hair that’s primed for the flat iron. on top of the way ‘straight’ aids my styling, it also protects my hair from the heat which my stylist tells me is the number one thing i should be looking for in a product.

i will say that for whatever reason, this product quickens blow drying but somehow slows the straightening process. it takes a bit longer to straighten and smooth out my hair to my liking once it’s dry, but the results are better than any other product i’ve tried. the finish has nice hold and shape, not overly shiny but not at all dry. when i’m done, it’s kind of like that’s just what my hair naturally does - my hair looks good, and not as though i tried to make it look good. that’s the beauty of why i love this stuff so much.

if your hair is medium-fine with waves or curls that you’re constantly battling with heat tools, this is a great solution. living proof products can be purchased in small sizes at sephora if you have a fear of commitment (the minis are also great for travel!). you can try living proof’s straight spray for $17 – $29 at sephora.

living proof restore mask treatment

confession: i am a triple hair offender.

as someone who highlights, blow dries, and uses heat styling tools on a regular basis, my locks are in need of some serious therapy. i’ve long resisted leave-in conditioners and hair masks, mostly because my hair leans on the greasy side and i worry that any mega-conditioners might leave it limp or oily. living proof’s restore mask treatment has completely converted me into a twice-weekly deep conditioner user. recommended by a friend with gorgeous long hair, this product is slightly pricey, but with my hair feeling more straw-like than ever due to the dryer weather, i decided to splurge.

and i am so glad i did.

after using this product once (just apply to clean, wet hair, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse), my hair was so smooth and soft that i didn’t even need my trusty detangler when combing through it. i couldn’t stop touching it throughout the day – so silky!

this is the perfect product for those who use heat on your hair regularly. you can join the deep conditioning club by purchasing living proof’s hair mask here for $42.

living proof prime style extender

this lightweight lotion is bringing big brains to my beauty routine. created by the mit scientists behind living proof, prime style extender is a non-sticky hair product that delivers improved manageability and really helps a blowout last. working in a manner similar to what makeup primer does for your face (evens out tone and texture, helps makeup stick around much longer), prime makes a noticeable difference in how quickly my hair gets dirty. an everyday blowout lasts more than two full days without dry shampoo – quite a miracle in the world that is my head.

the product is designed to work alongside whatever products you already use, but beauties like myself (with fine hair that tends toward oily) will enjoy the fact that it actually replaces my former routine and cuts drying time in half.

i’ll save you the science behind why this works the way it does, but trust me when i say that you will definitely see a few extra miles from your hairstyles with this in your arsenal.

living proof prime style extender is available at sephora for $20.

hug a scientist today

the glossarie took an unannounced siesta due to the wedding planning crazy taking hold of this beauty blogstress, but we are back and very excited about this new release from the folks at living proof.

i may be the only girl who reads every line of allure magazine, including the technical bio-speak that explains all of the latest advancements in the beauty industry and how science (which i always hated) paves the way for pretty. you can thank me later for digesting all of that complex talk and breaking it down into one simple post, but the long and short of it is that new full thickening mousse is lightweight and provides hold without being sticky thanks to the serious smarts of a scientist or two.

i am a firm believer that creams and lotions do not volumize, no matter what they claim. gels and mousses are where it’s at if you’re after the fluff factor so in my eyes, living proof has got it right with this new, lighter formula. it’s available now only on and fully launches in 2011.

update 1/13/11: the wait is over! living proof full thickening mousse has landed at sephora

happy head of hair

i suffer from the limp locks and if there’s a new volumizer on the market, it’s got my name all over it. i resisted living proof’s full as long as i could because i live in a land where even lightweight lotions and creams don’t volumize, they flatten. (and they also make my forehead break out like crazy!) i have actually long been a believer that the only thing that volumizes is mousse because it’s light and fluffy and that’s what has worked for me. being the biggest skeptic may have made me the perfect person to review living proof full thickening cream because i assumed i would hate it.

but, boy was i wrong. this stuff is amazing! a little goes along way (we’re talking less than a dime size dollop) it smells better than my favorite perfume — i kid you not, i want to bathe in this stuff — and it fattens my hair up like none other. it also has a smoothing and detangling quality that my favorite mousses cannot compete with leaving my hair soft, pretty, and smell-erific. better yet, no pesky forehead pimples to speak of.

so there you have it. i am living proof and i am on board!