a luxe little friday

my ultra luxe wish list

happy freakin’ friday, beauties! i don’t know if this week was as much of a haul for you as it was for me, but i don’t think that i have ever been happier to lay eyes on the weekend.

as some of you know, my husband and i are in the throes of homebuilding (so exciting! so stressful!). if all goes to plan, our house will be done about a week and a half before christmas and i vowed since the beginning that i would go on a shopping ban starting october first until we’re in the new place.

holy hell, this is going to be HARD.

since i can’t shop, i’m counting on all of you to do it for me. just be kind, ok?

here are a few things that i’ve got my wishful eye on and one beautiful candle that is like a little burst of sunshine in our current condo.

i’m picturing this sweet pea tray set atop my dresser, catching all of my beauty products in test phase and stud earrings (which are constantly on the loose). i can also see it as a home for my perfumes and mane message hair ties.

i discovered this jonathan adler specs case via meg biram and it’s got my name all over it! i’ve been on the hunt for a new place to tuck my sunnies and this velvet-paneled, padded, and downright ADORABLE case is obviously the solution.

you might recall that i fell hard for rosie jane’s tilly fragrance. the coordinating soy wax candle is gorgeous! we haven’t even lit it yet and it’s been filling our living room with the sweet scents of summer. love!

is this chantecaille zebra kabuki the most gorgeous cosmetic brush ever? it’s so unbelievably soft and it’s just begging for a permanent home in my life – perhaps on my sweet pea tray. i would dunk it in high definition powder and dust it all over my body.

this might be my favorite designer collaboration of all time: jewelry designer lisa salzer (aka lulu frost) for bobbi brown. the bb team teased this vintage-inspired swarovski-encrusted compact in their holiday gift guide and i just know that i need it. i don’t even know what’s inside (powder? a mirror?) and i don’t care.

these or those: vintage earrings

these or those: vintage earrings

i have a soft spot for vintage-inspired sparkle and i’ve had my eye on these lulu frost stunners for the longest. my husband might have a heart attack if i spent $180 on a pair of earrings (that in all likelihood, i will be over by next season…i’m the most fickle of fashion lovers), so i could not be more thrilled by these gorgeous alternatives from mark. both styles offer a unique feathered shape with an art deco feel. they’re ornate and at the same time, timelessly elegant. one of each, please?

these: mark. good vintage earrings, $18

those: lulu frost demeter earrings, $180

ps – did you hear lisa salzer was at the ifb conference in nyc yesterday? she doled out a wealth of warm-hearted business advice, i think i developed the most serious of girl crushes. still not sure i can pull the trigger on those earrings, though :)