perfekt lash perfection gel

perfekt lash perfection gel

it turns out that our lashes weren’t meant to be coated in mascara daily and they remind us of such by exhibiting behaviors like drying out, falling out, and being all around not the long lush natural fringe that we all lust after. while our favorite mascaras deliver the dramatic lash look that we want in the short run, they’re not actually doing us any long-term favors.

on days when i can afford to forgo the bambi look, i have been applying perfekt’s lash perfection gel. technically not a mascara, it’s a lash treatment masquerading as a smudge-proof lengthener. you get ingredients to help with added growth and extra moisture while enjoying the curl and darkening effects you would normally find in a mascara.

i find that my lashes look far better than they would with nothing on, and i’m actually doing something good for them. this is a great product to use a few times a week to give your eyes a break from your regular mascara and your lashes will fully repay your efforts as they morph into a shinier and stronger set than you started with.

pick up perfekt’s lash perfection gel at sephora for $28.50.

on my lips for fall

on my lips for fall

i think the only thing that rivals my lip product obsession is my earring collection. call me crazy, but nothing makes me feel like a new girl more than a killer new lip color or shiny pair of chandeliers. ear adornments aside (that’s a whole different blog post!), i am building up my lip wardrobe for fall. top to bottom, here’s what’s on the list:

korres lip butter in mango, $12

bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in fig, $24

perfekt lip perfection gel in vine, $24

youngblood mighty shiny lip gel, $25.50

urban decay super-saturdated high gloss lip color in naked, $19

what’s on your lips?