rediscovering a few old favorites

old favorites


on sundays i do a weekly purge of the glossarie stash and archives. i move things from the “to be tested drawer” to my makeup basket, from my makeup basket to my “keep” drawer or into my donation bags. (everyone who comes over is forced to pillage and take what they wish. i’m also known to bring the bag to lunch dates and happy hours – it’s vicious.) inventory control is a major process, but i find that as i’m working through it each week, i discover new obsessions and i always find a few neglected old friends.

this week, i found four former glossarie favorites that i was so excited to rediscover. i promptly put all of them on as my face of the day, and popped them straight into the keep drawer.

stila countless color pigments in lyric, $22 – i discovered this at south moon under and it quickly became my go-to blush shade through the summer months. technically an eyeshadow, the light pink / peach combination has turned out to be a flattering cheek shade that i keep coming back to. (warning: go very light on the touch or you will look scary.)

make up for ever hd invisible cover foundation, $42nicole brought this foundation into my life nearly two years ago and it is still a favorite for photo shoot and event days. my skin just takes really well to it and i’m left with that no-makeup flawlessness that serves as the perfect canvas for the rest of my makeup. i love the perfect application and the long-wearing performance.

clinique bottom lash mascara, $10 – we’ve talked about it twice now, but i still cannot get enough of this stuff. something about that teensy brush and the gorgeous, smudge-proof formula makes it one of my all time favorites for going on three years. the look is long and fluttery, without a single missed lash. i’m partial to the black/brown shade because you can swipe it through your eyebrows in a pinch to fill things in.

soap & glory a great kisser in juicy peach, $10 – this one was found in the pages of lucky magazine and it is still a popular lip balm choice for me. it’s got a sweet peach flavor, a slight coral tint, and a tackiness to it that makes it adhere to my lips and lock in moisture. it feels amazing (hydrating, soothing), but it also makes my lips look shiny and full. and you know how much i love something that looks as good as it performs.

have you recently rediscovered an old beauty favorite?

on my shower shelves

the glossarie shower shelves

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
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what better way to celebrate “april showers” than to give you a glimpse of the products that actually stare me in the face as i lather up each day? our shower scene is the perfect picture of cohabitation, complete with his and hers caddy shelves. here’s what mr. glossarie and i reach for everyday to get cleaned up:

top shelf / his:

  • paul mitchell tea tree special shampoo & conditioner, 2 for $20 in salons: as a confession, i have been known to partake in the mister’s shampoo – i love how invigorating it feels and how clean-smelling it leaves my hair. for the record, it works wonders on his head as well (and hair free of sticky man product means extra head scratches in our house).
  • kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, $19.50: breaks up oil without drying out his face. i have nonchalantly tossed many a facial cleanser onto his shelf over the years and this is the only one that has stuck! he likes the way it leaves his face totally clean and balanced.
  • dove men+care body & face wash in extra fresh, $5: steve is a fan of this body wash because of how clean it gets him after a gritty soccer game or sweaty work out. the scent is great and the price isn’t too shabby either.

bottom shelf / mine:

  • soap & glory foam call, $16: i’m still in love with this body wash almost one year later. i am crazy for the consistency, the foamy lather and i can’t get enough of the scent!
  • colorproof clearitup detox shampoo: the newest addition to my shower continues to impress! my hair is clean, vibrant, with no harm done to its fragile state – win, win, win.
  • simple smoothing facial scrub, $6.99: when the heat goes off and there’s extra moisture in the air, the seasonal change can lead to breakouts. i like to increase exfoliation to twice weekly and this scrub has been a lifesaver. it soothes and smoothens rough skin, keeping my face free and clear of pesky spots.
  • use me moisturizer for fine hair, $29.99: my most favorite of all conditioners. this stuff detangles and softens without weighing my hair down. a little goes a long, long way and this might be the only conditioner not to break out my skin.
  • gillette venus embrace, $11: i won’t get into my frustrations about how they haven’t made more technological advances in the shaving department, but nonetheless, until they do this is the only razor i will ever use. i have not nicked myself once since transitioning over a couple of years ago and it leaves my legs and ‘pits baby smooth without the need for shaving cream.

so there you have it! a juicy sneak peek into the world behind my shower curtain. what do you think: should this be a regular feature? would you like to see what fellow readers and other bloggers keep inside their showers?

luxe and lightweight lip sheers for spring

luxe and lightweight lip sheers for spring

i do love myself a lip sheer. they’re easily applied without a mirror and give your lips a blooming sheer wash of color to brighten and hydrate. these days, the shade range goes far beyond the pinks and reds of yesteryear to include oranges and plums so there’s definitely something for everyone. the drugstore brands are also getting into the game in a big way which means you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact. here are a few of my many favorites for the coming season, from left to right:

clinique almost lipstick in flirty honey, $15

burt’s bees lip shine in pucker, $6.99

it cosmetics vitality lip flush in je ne sais quoi, $20

soap & glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick in plum jam, $16

ysl volupte sheer candy in succulent pomegranate, $32

bare minerals loud & clear lip sheer in tangerine trance, $15

boots botanics tinted lip balm in sheer guava, $5.99

soap & glory a great kisser

soap & glory a great kisser

when jean godfrey-june says jump,  i say “how high?” i pretty much live and die for that woman’s “from the beauty closet” section in each issue of lucky magazine. i can trust that there will always be one or more gems of product that i did not know i could live without. this month, that product was soap & glory’s lip balm called “a great kisser” and once again, june did not disappoint.

i’ve been using this balm faithfully each morning to top off my makeup routine and boy am i impressed. this pink pot has several major pro’s over its less-great peers. for one, it smells and tastes like apricots (or maybe peaches?). from there, it has a tendency to melt on to lips and sinks in deep. a trifecta of soothers (mango butter, apricot berry, and lingonberry oil) work to moisturize, protect against winter winds, and hydrate intensely.

after washing my face and applying makeup, this balm leaves my lips feeling immediately moisturized and hydrated. it lasts a shockingly long time (my biggest complaint of all lip balms) and has a sheer coral tint that makes lips look shiny and full. i’d say that this one is totally worth the ten bucks. i think you’ll find a friend for life. or at least, for as long as it takes for me to discover the next best thing in lip balm.

shop soap & glory a great kisser ($10) >

note: i always finish my makeup routine by prepping my lips for color with a moisturizing lip balm. to share some perspective, previous contenders for this highly coveted spot have been smith’s minted rosebud salve, christian dior creme de rose, bobbi brown lip balm, and good old fashioned vaseline.

soap & glory foam-call

i just love this body wash by british beauty brand, soap & glory. foam-call is one of the most welcome additions to my shower possibly ever thanks to its unique (and delicious) scent, ultra moisturizing formula, and the fact that it doubles up as a luscious bubble bath. the oversized pump is a steal at $16 and a few squirts of this creamy wash onto your loofah will cause quite a stir in your morning routine. swipe it over your skin and you will notice an instant boost in hydration even decreasing the need for a body lotion. it cleanses well but rinses off completely and i cannot do the fruitigo scent justice without urging you to go smell it for yourself. i think that if it came in a perfume bottle i would buy it and the heavenly citrus oasis that it leaves lingering in the bathroom is super refreshing. as a word of warning, you might want to hide this one under the sink between washes, because your shower mates are definitely going to want some for themselves.

soap & flory’s foam-call is available at sephora.