four new glossarie giveaways!

the glossarie

i’m a little behind on my glossarie gives back giveaways and with a whole lot of packing to do (did i mention that we’re moving two days after christmas?!) – everything must GO! i grouped a few of my favorites together into one giveaway post, but you must enter to win each item separately. all links are below – best of luck!

1. my most favorite of all tweezers – the tweezerman mini slant! this pair is adorably patterned with pink pomegranates. what’s not to love? > enter to win tweezerman pink pomegranates mini slant!

2. the prettiest polish in a poppy pink that benefits the best cause. > enter to win clinique nail enamel in happy!

3. mane message hair ties in chevron and floral – if you don’t already own any of these, your life (and your hair) will never be the same. > enter to win two mane message hair ties!

4. one of my favorite new mascara discoveries in an unexpected charcoal. > enter to win ilia mascara in asphalt jungle!

beauty to be thankful for

beauty to be thankful for 2012

happy thanksgiving!

this is my favorite of all holidays. it always reminds me how much i have to be thankful for and towards the tippety top of that very long list is the opportunity to share my beauty love with you wonderful people. i absolutely adore blogging beauty and i’m so grateful that you visit the glossarie to read and comment as often as you do. you guys are the best.

also on my thankful list? several standby products that i couldn’t survive without:

top row -
mac powder blush in easy manner
bobbi brown creamy lip color in blue raspberry
chanel lash curler
dior creme de rose lip balm

bottom row -
mane message hair ties
essie beyond cozy
tweezerman zebra slant tweezer
mario badescu buffering lotion
neutrogena naturals purifying pure scrub

this group keeps me looking my best: clear skin, curled lashes, soft lips and flushed cheeks. while it’s true that in the grand scheme of life, beauty products might not rank too high, i really do love and cherish the great ones – and i know you do, too! so, if you’ve got beauty products that you’re thankful for, i would love to hear ‘em.

i hope you all enjoy a warm and cozy thanksgiving with your family and friends.

brow power

brow power


five of the top tools helping me to keep my eyebrows looking lovely (left to right):

shape: elf brow comb brush, $1
whips things right into shape, if i do nothing else
after washing my face, i brush my brows.

pluck: tweezerman cynthia rowley slant tweezer, $25
crazy for this collaboration! the print is too good
and the tweezers are reliably precise – as always.

highlight: boom boom brow bar push-up brow, $18
one side matte, one sparkly – two ways to amp up your
arches depending on your mood or agenda.

tame: tweezerman browmousse, $10
locks down the unruly hairs.
long lasting, no flakes or stickiness, an old standby.

define: tweezerman eyehance, $20
the *best* brow pencil.
a super natural shade fills everything in flawlessly.

are you as brow obsessed as me? do share your favorite tricks and tools!

old faithful: tweezerman slant

i take better care of my brows than i do my car. they are a source of pride and i’m obsessed with keeping them in perfect shape. as i hopped out of the shower this morning and plucked a few stray hairs, it dawned on me how long i’ve been relying on my favorite tweezers. i bought them the summer between my freshman and sophomore college years (when i was still flying home for haircuts and brow waxings – dedication, people), meaning our partnership has been going a whopping 11 years strong. i have tested so many other options over the years, thinking that things must have advanced in the tweezer department through the decade, but i keep returning to these. they grab on the first pinch, painlessly pluck the tiniest of hairs, and make it so easy for me to keep my arches under control. i’ll be sad if these suckers ever leave me – because let’s face it, there’s a better chance of me losing them than there is of them wearing out.

grab your own tweezermans here – it’s the best $22 you’ll ever spend.

note: technically the set pictured is the tweezerman professional tweezerette which might still be available at some pro beauty locations if you keep your eyes peeled!

some kinda cuteness from tweezerman

tweezerman is the only acceptable brand when it comes to brow grooming. their tiny tools grab absolutely every stray hair and help to make unpleasant plucking a total breeze. i should also mention that they are literally indestructible. i have had the same pair since 1999 and they are still in excellent shape. while it would take a lot for me to part with my beloved flamingo pink mini slants, this new fun and floral print may push me to do just that. it’s been a fantastic 12 year run, but methinks it’s time for an upgrade! are you loving their springy sweetness along with me? tweezerman’s floral print mini tweezers are available at sephora for $15.

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hope you beauties have one heckuva weekend! xo