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while i may be a fresh 27 in years, grad school is aging me quickly and my eyes are starting to show it. mostly attributed to bleary-eyed textbook studying and not enough sleep, the uninvited side effects are bags, puffiness, teensy fine lines, and dark circles. all whining aside, i believe i’ve found the secret weapon to counteract the troublemakers, and here it is:

wishin' & hopin'

wishin' & hopin'

philosophy’s latest and greatest creation is a miracle worker! this advanced anti-aging cream is packed full of goodness designed to vanish dark circles, shrink puffiness, and vanish fine lines and wrinkles. it is luxuriously rich and soothing (much more than any other eye cream i’ve tried) when i apply it before bedtime and the stats on this stuff are unbelievable! here’s a taste:

  • 83% of participants showed improvement in fine lines within six weeks
  • 95% of participants showed improvement in dark circles in six weeks
  • 85% of participants showed improvement in puffiness in six weeks
  • 98% of participants showed improvement in smoothness in six weeks.

wowee! i plan to give an update six weeks from today (july 16th, hold me to it!) to share my personal results.

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