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bath bombs = fizzy flavor for your bath water

fizzy flavor for your bath water

i am in dire need of one of those last for hours, nobody dare interrupt me, get lost in a book until my fingers are pruny baths. the kind that calls for some sort of luxurious, skin pampering product to set the tone for full body relaxation. enter vanilla mountain from lush. if you’re unfamiliar, lush is the boston-based handmaker of fresh, organic cosmetics including everything from skincare and fragrance, to hair dye and deodorant. while i am a long-time fan of their honey trap lip balm (intoxicating combo of white chocolate, orange, vanilla & honey = oh-em-gee YUM!), this time it’s this generously oversized bath bomb that’s got me rushing home to run the tub. lush bath bombs literally burst into a fragrant fizz once they hit your pre-run bath, their essential oils scenting the water resulting in soft, fragrant skin. vanilla mountain tops my list for two reasons: 1) i happen to share a life with one of those boys who is obsessed with the smell of anything vanilla or cupcake-y and 2) it’s so delightfully huge that i can smash it into pieces and extend it over multiple baths!

what makes you rush to lush?

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