price-happy pretty: part 1

the glossarie is not always about glitzy brands; we can also do drugstore with the best of ’em. i have racked up some serious extra bucks at cvs and decided to browse their beauty aisle for some recession friendly finds. here’s the first drugstore delight that i could not wait to share with you!

l'oreal extra volume collagen mascara

l'oreal extra volume collagen mascara

l’oreal is a beauty giant known and loved by all but this time they have truly outdone themselves with the most glam looking drugstore mascara i’ve ever seen. at $5.99 i couldn’t resist the gorgeous tube and promises of instantly plumped up plusher lashes. so, did it deliver? the brush is huge yet still easy to maneuver and the formula is refreshingly light and airy. i am officially on board after a few weekend test drives of blackest black and the results are unbelievable! this mascara (by some wonder of technology i will leave to the experts) actually makes my eyes look bigger? it gives amazing crazy volume and not a smudge to speak of. you can snag your own l’oreal extra volume collagen mascara at any ulta, drugstore or online at tarjay.

stay tuned for tomorrow’s look at makeup for the masses when we review a beauty breakthrough from revlon!

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