do good, feel better

i am a big fan of companies, products, and the cosmetics industry as a whole who really seem to rally behind causes in need to truly give generously. one in particular, who has been doing good since the days when i used to spend my allowance on bath beads and perfume oils (ananya was my fave!), is the body shop. backing campaigns on animal testing, the environment, and self esteem is essential to their business model and their latest efforts are to stop sex trafficking. pick up a tube of soft hands, kind heart hand cream to soften your mitts and show your support. it’s light, yet rich, citrusy, yet floral and for $10 you can make a difference in your skin and the world. not too shabby.

ps – a whole slew of do-gooding products are right around the corner in celebration of national breast cancer awareness month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for pink goodies from estee lauder, bobbi brown, clinique, and so many more

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  1. theglossarie says:

    post update: peruse instyle’s comprehensive list of all gifts BCA! that hayden harnett bag is calling me …