one slick stick


i am just beginning to explore the world of naturally beautiful josie maran cosmetics and so far, i like what i see. she’s obviously got the creative chops to release fun and innovative products like these finger paints but she’s also proving her practical side with the head to toe cure-all known as the argan oil moisturizing stick. so far, for me, it’s solved chapped lips, flyaways, and that obnoxiously dry skin that pops up at my (receding) widow’s peak making it well worth its $22 price point. add on its claims to soothe sunburn, bug bites, and stretch marks? this stuff is better than duct tape! so if your purse is calling for a multitasking balm in a stick (and really now, whose isn’t?), then you’ve just been introduced to the best there is.

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2 Comments to one slick stick

  1. Jamie says:

    My purse is not so dextrous with a keyboard, so I’ll speak for it and say that we (my purse and I) want and need this!

  2. theglossarie says:

    my only complaint is that it’s HUGE. i wish it was lipstick-sized or even a bit chubbier, but the awesomeness that it brings counteracts the size inconvenience

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