simple sugars handmade scrubs

rub a dub dub, true happiness comes in a scrub! my latest obsession is a little brand of handmade, all natural scrubs called simple sugars. not only can you get body, face and foot scrubs in incredible scents like pink grapefruit, milk chocolate, rose, and pomegranate but they are insanely moisturizing and gently exfoliating at the same time. each scrub is modestly priced and comes in several sizes including my fave, a travel-friendly 2 oz tub. simple sugars also offers the option of an add in essential oil for those of us that like a little extra luxury in our scrub. but probably best of all you can actually gift six and twelve month scrub-scriptions to your besties, bridesmaids, or other ladies in your life for the ultimate in uninterrupted smoothness.

a little side note: i was so impressed by this product and its genius business model that i looked into it and the creator/owner of simple sugars is – wait for it – 15! her name is lani and she’s a total rockstar in my book. way to go, lani! we think you have a very bright future in beauty and my skin thanks you.

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2 Comments to simple sugars handmade scrubs

  1. Lindsay says:

    So cool! What an inspiration Lani is. And I am so big on exfoliation these days. Will track these down.

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