soap & paper factory solid perfumes

i don’t think it’s any secret that i love a solid perfume. there’s just something so practical, easy, and inexpensive about the little tubs of scent that i can’t get enough of. my latest find is from soap & paper factory. their collection of nine solid perfumes are no bigger than a lip gloss, all natural, and last forever. they are softly scented, not overpowering, and serve as the perfect pick me up in this wicked heat. insider tip: they can also (i kid you not) double as a hair pomade in a pinch!

their sweet little tins are designed for travel and give them a look as pretty as they smell. each can be purchased directly from soap and paper factory or from beautyhabit for $18 each.

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  1. my pham says:

    soap & paper factory solid perfumes ! Interesting!

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