happy hostessing with lucia soap

happy sunday! it’s pouring buckets around here today so we’re knocking out some small projects and getting organized. in the midst of all the spring cleaning excitement, i stumbled upon my the small collection of hostess gifts that i keep on hand so that i’ve always got something at the ready. the latest addition to my bag of tricks are these sweet soaps by lucia and i thought they would be appropriate to share here because, well, they are perfectly pretty.

lucia soaps are handmade with shea butter to be deliciously hydrating and protecting so that they can actually be used as soap and not just left in drawers as sachets (though they work fine for that, too). i purchased this set of 8 smalls for $18 which includes wild ginger & fresh fig, thyme flower & coriander, goat milk & linseed, mandarin & tomato flower, pomegranate & redcurrant, sea watercress & chai tea, tea leaf & wild honey (my favorite!), and olive oil & laurel leaf. the packaging is amazingly chic and makes for the perfect aromatic present.

do you stock up on hostess gifts? got a fab go-to? share!

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2 Comments to happy hostessing with lucia soap

  1. michelle says:

    Fig soap, I bet that smells lovely!

    • lara ramos says:

      the scents on these are outstanding! the ginger and fig does smell really yummy :)