tuesday shoesday: nine west taker

thanks to your excellent feedback on friday, i decided to welcome these fun floral flats into my shoe collection. they’ve been popping up along the blogosphere as of late and i just had to jump on board the taker train. they’re crazy cute in person and quite comfy, too – i can’t wait to sport them around nyc this weekend!

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6 Comments to tuesday shoesday: nine west taker

  1. I must have these! They look similar to a beloved pair of painted floral flats that I adored, and finally wore to pieces:)

    • lara ramos says:

      oooh good to know that i will get a lot of use out of them :) i was afraid of them at first but i’m already working them into so many outfits!

  2. RosaLovesDC says:

    So glad you order the shoes! They are adorable!

  3. alyson says:

    So pretty! Good choice. I have a pair of floral flats from Target a few seasons ago however they’re a little wide on me. These look perfect! Enjoy them.

    • lara ramos says:

      i tried on the round-toe version of these and they are wide. the pointed version that i purchased fits completely differently (and perfect) – so strange. i love them!!

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