a new signature lip a la nars

new spring lips

i love wearing a fuchsia or red-orange lip as much as the next gal (ok, maybe more than the next gal), but truth be told, i’ve been in search of my everyday signature lip (read: likely not fuchsia or orange-red, or anything in the bold family) for way too long. i finally got my priorities straight and marched myself into sephora earlier this week. i accosted the first black-smocked lady i could find, deeming myself putty in melanie’s hands if she could just prescribe my custom lip nirvana. thankfully, mel was up to the task.

i knew what i wanted: a neutral pink. a pretty, girly one that would go with my daily, somewhat minimalist, makeup routine. we pretty quickly settled on this trio from nars and i’ve had a little more spring in my step ever since. here’s what i’m loving about my mouth’s new wardrobe:

1. the lip liner in tonga is the first lip liner i have ever owned. (yes, yes i know. i should deliver myself straight to beauty blogger jail for that one.) it is amazing! it’s flesh-toned matte and perfect for filling in all over the lip to help lipstick “grip” just a bit longer than it would solo. i even love the way it looks on its own!

2. my new lipstick in catfight is a cool, subtle pink, almost a mauve. it has a slight sheen to it and it’s comfortable to wear. i got five hours out of this baby yesterday! best of all, it suits me to a tee and i can apply it sans mirror, on the go.

and 3. i wasn’t sure the lip lacquer in baby doll was absolutely necessary at the time, but it’s been the difference-maker in the group for me. i can swipe it straight on my lips and go (love that), pop it over the lip liner (love that even more), or use it to finish off the most glammy lip look of all – the triple threat of tonga + catfight + baby doll.

now, i’m not endorsing any of my own bad habits. you can (and likely have) put together a signature lip look for far less than the $70 (eek!) i spent on this one. but i have to say, my new lips are giving me $1,000 worth of happiness.

what’s your go-to lip look? do you have a corresponding duo or trio, or one signature piece? tell me, i’m dying to know!

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6 Comments to a new signature lip a la nars

  1. Johanna says:

    They are all so pretty. Sometimes subtle color is nice and how awesome would your smackers be with a winged tip eye? Talk about sex kitten. Meow!

    • lara ramos says:

      haha love that! i need to master a little more confidence when it comes to my eyes, but the subtle wing tip would definitely be first on my list to learn – so pretty.

  2. Nars is one of the few brands I have never tried, even though for years I’ve been wanting the beloved Orgasm blush! I might have to try these products out!


    • lara ramos says:

      you must! nars makes a great range of color, whether you prefer bold or more nude, and their products perform consistently well. it’s really great line!

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