beauty for brides + makeup brush 101

hello! hope you had a great weekend. i’m in two places sharing the beauty love today – come visit :)

(me with tulips, courtesy of the talented kate headley)

pop over to dc photog extraordinaire kate headley’s beautiful blog to see a few shots from a fun beauty photo shoot that we collaborated on together. i’m sharing a handful of important beauty tips for brides (but really, they relate to all of us!).

(powder brush and smudge brush and foundation brush, oh my!)

it was also fun to partner up with my friend liz of so much to smile about. we’re talking beauty brushes over on her blog and she created a little glossarie (!) of brush types complete with their uses and tips ‘n’ tricks for making them multitask.

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8 Comments to beauty for brides + makeup brush 101

  1. Trishelle says:

    Gorgeous photo! And i love Liz’s blog too! :)

  2. QQ says:

    nice post ilike

  3. could your skin be anymore beautiful and pure looking?? geez!!! so pretty and i love the brush “glosserie”- you are so witty! this is definitely a mind bender for most people in choosing brushes, what great advice.

    • lara ramos says:

      thanks, jenny! i’m going to do a post soon on my makeup look for the shoot AND i have a post pending on my current skincare routine (which i think is contributing to the pureness you so sweetly mentioned). so happy you liked both guest posts. i’m loving your stint over at birchbox!

  4. Liz says:

    Gorgeous photo Lara! Thanks so much for helping me figure out my brushes – it was so helpful and I was so thankful I could share!

  5. Beautifully really interesting.

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