chanel precision eyelash curler

if i had to choose, i’d say that the three discerning characteristics of my finished face are bold, defined brows, a perfectly sculpted cheek, and lots, and lots of lash. i like a long, luscious fan of fringe that looks home grown but in all reality takes some serious curling and two coats of artfully applied mascara.

my lashes are entirely unfortunate in their natural state, they just don’t live up to my bambi-like expectations. in my efforts to suck every bit out of their wispy length and visor shape, i need big guns in the lash curler department. after the demise of my beloved shu uemura curler (2004 – 2012, rip) and its all but disappearance from the us market, i hunted for the best possible replacement.

my friend karlasugar recommended the chanel precision eyelash curler for its superior shape and spongy pad. the shape allows you to get super close to the lash line so you’re not curling just the tips of your lashes, and the spongy pad means no more “crimping” your lashes into that unnatural L shape. the fit against the eyelid is perfect so you won’t pinch yourself, plus the resulting curl is natural and really holds.

i thought i would have to settle for less than perfection in my next lash curler, but i actually like my chanel better than the shu and found it very easy to use from day one without any need to get used to it or break it in. and it’s kind of sexy in that carbon black finish, no?

at $34, it’s on the very high end of lash curlers, but if it lasts me eight years, i don’t mind the investment. you can find the chanel precision eyelash curler at the beauty counters and online at nordstrom.

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7 Comments to chanel precision eyelash curler

  1. Melissa says:

    thanks for the recommendation! my hazel hues are in dyer need of some amping up to full doe eyed perfection.

  2. Hear Hear!!!!! I never leave for a party with out a massive lash attach :)

    love K

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