aveda be curly style prep

some of you know this, but i was not blessed with a straight head of hair. after years of battling a flat iron addiction, my thick tight curls have turned into something between fine waves and fine curls. i have wurls. and wurls are not easy to deal with, because it means that your hair does not get perfectly straight, nor does it magically fall into happy, bouncy curls.

it’s complicated.

some days, i think about quitting blowouts and abandoning my flat iron forever. this post in refinery29 awhile back, really inspired me to take a good long think about what life would be like with my natural curls 24-7. part of me thinks i would love it, but the other part of me remembers that my curly flyaways tend to mimic a lion’s mane when pulled into a pony tail, and i do love a good pony tail.

if i were going to quit straightening, this product would be my saving grace. it’s organic which means i could use it daily without stressing over what it’s doing to my hair. it smells lovely (a big bonus) and it gives me soft tendrils that are never crunchy, weighed down, or greasy. i’m even convinced that it helps them keep their shape longer. in a nutshell, it intensifies the god-given and keeps frizz from zapping my waves away.

if you’re living life with wurls, thinking about embracing your ringlets full-time or just need something new to add moisture and definition to what you’ve got, you can find aveda’s be curly suite of products and my personal favorite, style prep, in salons and online for $20 – $24.

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