perricone md no concealer concealer

since turning 30 (ok maybe since way before then) my dark circles have worsened and a permanent crop of fine lines has made itself at home around my eyes. i do not love these signs of aging, and if i cannot accept them with grace, i must fight them with the forces of beauty. i find that a liquid concealer works best for me in the eye area (the rest of my face is an oil slick, but my under eyes are pretty dry – go figure), but it can be tough to find the right shade and consistency to combat dark circles while also brightening and not settling into fine lines. apparently it’s a tall order, but a tall order filled with one teeny tiny bottle.

perricone md’s no concealer concealer is a major multitasker. its light texture is easy to blend by patting onto the under eye and the formula is long wearing while at the same time being ultimately crease resistant. i’m loving the way that it leaves my eye area looking well rested and brightened but it also leaves things feeling hydrated while also delivering anti aging benefits and spf 35 protection. (i mean really! can it make the bed, too?!)

you will have to pry this one from my cold, dead hands ladies and gents. it might be a bit of a splurge at $45, but i predict that you will use it every day once you give it a try. scoop it up at nordstrom and be sure to let me know what you think!

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10 Comments to perricone md no concealer concealer

  1. Carla says:

    ooooh i’ll have to try this as i’m still looking for that miracle formula! I’ve tried his ‘no foundation foundation’ which is really good so i’m assuming this one is just as good or better from what i’m reading! Have you tried the Clarasonic Opal? I’m hearing it works wonders for dark under eye circles. It’s my next purchase for sure! BTW i thought of you the other day when i walked into Anthropologie and found Sheswai polish! I’M IN LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!! I’m wearing it now in a gorgeou salmon color (don’t remember it’s proper name right now) and I now want every shade! Thanks! Loving all your post… you absolutely should have won the blogger awards! xoxo Carla

    • lara ramos says:

      this is the most insane under eye concealer! you will be blown away. i have tried the opal only very briefly on the cosmetics floor at neiman marcus, but i might have to pull the trigger on that small wonder. and i’m SO happy you found sheswai and that you are a fan. it’s seriously incredible! and the ladies who i work with at the brand are super wonderful, making it a pleasure to promote. thank you so much for the kind words on allure. the contest was beyond worth it because it has sent me wonderful readers like YOU!

  2. Sounds great! One more thing to add to my wish list ;)

  3. wonderfelle says:

    I’ve wondered how good a “no concealer” concealer could work but glad to hear you like it!

  4. trishelle says:

    OO! Ive been wondering how this works! I did a post on it too and no one responded. I Love reading yours and that you love it! Might just have to actually go get it! I would be soooo happy if it worked for me too, my dark circles are no bueno!

    • lara ramos says:

      it’s worth a shot – buy from sephora and if it doesn’t work, take it back. love their return policy!

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