on my shower shelves

the glossarie shower shelves

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
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what better way to celebrate “april showers” than to give you a glimpse of the products that actually stare me in the face as i lather up each day? our shower scene is the perfect picture of cohabitation, complete with his and hers caddy shelves. here’s what mr. glossarie and i reach for everyday to get cleaned up:

top shelf / his:

  • paul mitchell tea tree special shampoo & conditioner, 2 for $20 in salons: as a confession, i have been known to partake in the mister’s shampoo – i love how invigorating it feels and how clean-smelling it leaves my hair. for the record, it works wonders on his head as well (and hair free of sticky man product means extra head scratches in our house).
  • kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, $19.50: breaks up oil without drying out his face. i have nonchalantly tossed many a facial cleanser onto his shelf over the years and this is the only one that has stuck! he likes the way it leaves his face totally clean and balanced.
  • dove men+care body & face wash in extra fresh, $5: steve is a fan of this body wash because of how clean it gets him after a gritty soccer game or sweaty work out. the scent is great and the price isn’t too shabby either.

bottom shelf / mine:

  • soap & glory foam call, $16: i’m still in love with this body wash almost one year later. i am crazy for the consistency, the foamy lather and i can’t get enough of the scent!
  • colorproof clearitup detox shampoo: the newest addition to my shower continues to impress! my hair is clean, vibrant, with no harm done to its fragile state – win, win, win.
  • simple smoothing facial scrub, $6.99: when the heat goes off and there’s extra moisture in the air, the seasonal change can lead to breakouts. i like to increase exfoliation to twice weekly and this scrub has been a lifesaver. it soothes and smoothens rough skin, keeping my face free and clear of pesky spots.
  • use me moisturizer for fine hair, $29.99: my most favorite of all conditioners. this stuff detangles and softens without weighing my hair down. a little goes a long, long way and this might be the only conditioner not to break out my skin.
  • gillette venus embrace, $11: i won’t get into my frustrations about how they haven’t made more technological advances in the shaving department, but nonetheless, until they do this is the only razor i will ever use. i have not nicked myself once since transitioning over a couple of years ago and it leaves my legs and ‘pits baby smooth without the need for shaving cream.

so there you have it! a juicy sneak peek into the world behind my shower curtain. what do you think: should this be a regular feature? would you like to see what fellow readers and other bloggers keep inside their showers?

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10 Comments to on my shower shelves

  1. Fun post! It’s always cool to see what others have in their shower/bag/suitcase/insertrandom :-)

    • lara ramos says:

      haha YES! i find when i’m in a room full of women at an event or whatever i’m always like holding myself back from asking to see what products they have in their purse…it’s a sickness.

  2. Suzy says:

    What a fun way to share all the products that you love. I am especially interested in
    use me moisturizer for fine hair (since I have baby fine hair that flops).

    • lara ramos says:

      you will LOVE the use me products. they have completely changed my hair – it’s so much more healthy than it used to be!

  3. carla says:

    Great post! I actually haven’t tried any of these… I better check them out! xo Carla

  4. sedrate says:

    The Schick Quatro razor blade is the technological advancement in shaving that we’ve been waiting for. I found that out when Hubby got some as samples in his frosh kit.

  5. Christina L says:

    that razor holding doodad is really neat!

    • lara ramos says:

      it’s just the plastic holder that came with my venus – i’ve had it forever because i’m obsessed with how convenient it is :)

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