clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+

clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+

sometimes i wonder why the beauty brands mess with perfection. formulas change, favorites disappear from shelves only to return revamped and far less fabulous. in the case of clinique, their world famous yellow moisturizing lotion has been a top seller with a serious cult following for eons, but i personally always felt that it was missing something. i loved the silky texture and the lightweight formula, but it tended to leave my skin feeling a little tight and a touch greasy at the same time. it just wasn’t a fit.

when news broke that clinique had re-engineered their old standby, i couldn’t wait to give it a test. you see, skincare technology has changed a lot over the years and it continues to evolve. clinique smartly upped their ingredient game to ensure that their loyal clients were getting the absolute best out of their favorite skincare product. with the addition of hyaluronic acid (holds moisture), glycerin (absorbs water from the air), and urea (helps skin moisturize naturally) skin enjoys major improvements in moisture. we’re talking all-day hydration without a drop of oil and actual improvement in barrier strength to keep moisture from evaporating.

i’ve been dedicated to the new and improved dramatically different since it arrived and i’m seeing far less redness, itching, breakouts, and dullness. my face looks and feels healthier, plumper. it’s less sensitive and because my moisture levels are nice and balanced, i’m not getting super shiny. it’s basically my new essential and i can now see why so many millions have relied on it for such a long time. i would highly recommend that you get to your local clinique counter and give this a test. i think you’ll find that its new modern technology delivers maximum benefits.

clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+, $26

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10 Comments to clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+

  1. Thanks for reviewing it! I’ve been wondering if its worth another go-around…

    • lara ramos says:

      you should definitely try it – i have been seriously impressed and i was NOT a fan of the original at all.

  2. So hard to find a good face lotion

  3. mismacbeauty says:

    I love this lotion!

  4. Gloria says:

    has been my favorite moisturizer for a long time.

  5. The original’s still available? I actually thought they’d discontinued it! Thanks, this review was really helpful, I love their original and was wondering about giving the new one a go. I actually just did a post about how they’re offering a great promotion with every purchase of the new moisturiser so I’m tempted to get it myself, hehe.

    • lara ramos says:

      yes! i love that they have kept the original on shelves, but truthfully i’m such a big fan of the new one that i could care less :)

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