beautycounter lip sheer + lip shine

beautycounter lip sheer

let me just start out by saying that i love a pretty product. (in fact, i’m partially convinced that a love for beautiful packaging is what led to this makeup and skincare addiction, but that’s a story for another day.) i first spotted beautycounter’s stunning lip sheers on pinterest and that glam gold packaging had me yearning for more. completely shocked that there was a product this pretty that i didn’t know about caused me to click through to get the full story –¬†and what i found was so much more than i bargained for.

the story behind these absolutely gorgeous lip products is a luxurious approach to safe beauty. beautycounter’s products are formulated without anything on the never list, and that alone is a feat to celebrate. to be honest, lots of brands make strives in this area but it’s rare to find a truly effective product that meets such high expectations. not only are beautycounter’s lip sheers and lip shine free from harmful oils, solvents, preservatives (the lists goes on), but they are impressively high performing.

i have been wearing lip sheer in rose ($28) and i’ve been delighted with its lightweight, buttery texture. it glides right on to my lips with a poppy pink color payoff, so perfect for counteracting fall’s darker tones. in the cooler weather, i can feel it conditioning my lips and i love the hint of natural vanilla flavor. it’s as beautiful on my lips as it is in that gold tube and i won’t be letting it go any time soon.

my affections are equal for beautycounter’s lip shine ($24), a non sticky clear shimmer. it reminds me of my very favorite lip gloss ever, but here’s the kicker: i like to test lip glosses on the back of my hands because i can instantly tell how they will behave on my lips. this one doesn’t sit on my skin, making a mess of everything i touch. it soaks in, leaving a moisturized sheen that’s soft and smooth, not a touch of tacky.

you can layer these puppies or wear them alone, but my favorite thing might be whipping them out of my purse for the oohs and ahhs alone. beautycounter has won me over with this duo, along with making me slightly more conscious of what i’m putting in and on my body. you can learn more about them here and shop their full range of gorgeous (and good for you!) products.

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8 Comments to beautycounter lip sheer + lip shine

  1. Melissa says:

    Such a great write-up! Thank you for helping us spread the word about our chic, safe and effective products :)

    • lara ramos says:

      but of course! thank you for connecting with me and sending me the gorgeous lip shine to review :)

  2. Dori Pitzner says:

    Love your blog. Thanks for covering Beautycounter. I’ve been looking for a company and products like this for a LONG time!

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