tips to nail your holiday manicure

how to nail your holiday manicure

the holidays call for manicures galore and since i like to change things up fairly often, i’ve taken to doing my nails myself more often than sitting down at the salon. here are a few things making my diy manicure routine a little easier this season:

squeaky clean nail beds:┬áin order to make my at-home-polish last through the shuffle, i have learned to start with extra clean nail beds. instead of using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, i take one of my simple eye make-up remover pads and run it over all ten tips. each wipe is oil free with skin conditioners, so polish sticks but my nails don’t get dry and brittle.

metallic polish: we all know the pain of trying to remove sparkle-licious lacquers. (seriously, who has time for that nonsense?) select a metallic polish that will give you all the glamour of the season without committing you to a lifetime of glitter. from left to right: clinique indie rock ($12.50, ester lauder brushed gold ($20), butter london petrol ($15), rgb copper ($18).

maximize your mileage: i found this tip in january’s instyle and think it’s kind of genius. when, inevitably, your nails start to fade, dip the tip of a bobby pin into gold polish and neatly dot it on. if you love the look of bordeaux, navy, hunter, or black nails but can’t stand when they go drab, this is the perfect trick to keep them looking sharp.

keep it pretty: you can also file this one under “pretty gifty.” anthropologie’s adorable nidus nail care case ($38) holds four polishes perfectly in place. with coated canvas and spill-safe lining, you can tote your favorite lacquers in style. plus, can you imagine gifting this cutie to your best one (packed with a polish or two, naturally)? such a cute concept!

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5 Comments to tips to nail your holiday manicure

  1. That little camo tube thing is an awesome idea. I currently keep my nail polishes in an empty baby wipes container.

  2. Anna Belle says:

    The gold dot trick is clever! I usually extend dark polishes after they start to wear by adding a glitter layer (Essie Shine of the times is my favorite).

    • lara ramos says:

      oh yes, another GREAT trick – i have that love-hate relationship with glitter polish because of the painful removal process!

      • Anna Belle says:

        For reals! I’ve never done the whole tinfoil trick (too lazy) but I have ripped apart a cotton ball into ten pieces, dipped them in polish, and let them sit for a couple of minutes. That actually worked well. But usually I am lazy and I just wasted a million cotton balls and scrub…

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