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i am so sorry for the radio silence around here! it turns out that something attributed to pregnancy hormones has me experiencing some serious sleep deprivation and well, it’s just not a good time. i’ve had a dream pregnancy so far (minimal-to-zero nausea and virtually no loss of energy) so i really can’t complain – i suppose it’s mother nature’s way of getting me ready for the sleepless nights soon to arrive in august.

since i’m on night six of four hours or less, i’ve been relying on under eye concealer more than ever, and my expectations have gone through the roof as my dark circles become darker, and darker with each passing day. i picked up smashbox’s bb cream eyes a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t really needed to put it to a test until now – and either people are way too kind not to tell me how tired i look, or this stuff is really doing the trick.

in essence, smashbox has taken the best of a bb cream (benefits that¬†moisturize, prime, perfect, control oil, and protect with spf) and combined it with the coverage of a concealer. the result is a wonder product that not only hides dark circles, but works to make them vanish (along with those pesky fine lines) with regular use. the thing that i like best about this formula is that it also illuminates the slightest bit (i hate concealers that fall flat under my eyes) and it actually hides that little bit of puff that comes with lack of sleep. it’s creamy and it doesn’t crease, plus it takes care of oil which has been helping to keep my mascara from smudging (major bonus). i love that i don’t have to use a primer and that it stays exactly where i put it, even through the longest of days.

i’m giving this one two very enthusiastic, albeit sleepy, thumbs up. mama bears and honorary aunties alike¬†will all love the latest from smashbox.

smashbox camera ready bb cream eyes, $25 >

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4 Comments to smashbox camera ready bb cream eyes

  1. RosaLovesDC says:

    OMG, I didn’t realize you were expecting. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Monica Alves says:

    I so need to try this, I hate my under eye dark circles (that are impossible to hide most of the time- especially post baby) and I’m always looking for a good concealer, sounds like this one has everything I’m looking for!

    • lara ramos says:

      you will love! i think the fact that it has skincare makes it that much better, plus it adds a little brightness so you’re not just covering dark circles by caking on makeup. let me know what you think!

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