stila baked cheek duo in pink glow

stila baked cheek duo in pink glow

what i want to tell you about this blush, is that we are embarking on our ninth year together. that’s right. NINE. i discovered this beauty back in the day when she was packaged in cardboard and boy has she come a long way since 2006. the essence of the product is still the exact same: two soft pinks that blend together for a gorgeous and natural glow. they balance eachother out beautifully and they apply like a dream. i like to dust my brush over both colors and swirl onto cheek apples for a surprisingly sun kissed flush. i am extremely heavy handed with blush, and this one tends to be nearly impossible to overdo. the shades are so right on that they¬†almost eliminate the need for a bronzer. i like to think of it as the perfect blush and i find myself reaching for it again and again.

baked cheek duo in pink glow gets her own post today because i have been recommending it left and right lately. a quick search through the archives and WHAT? no post on this lady, so here she is in all of her glory. think you’ll give her a go?

stila baked cheek duo in pink glow, $24 >

what’s your longest beauty relationship? i’d love to know!

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