pür minerals color correcting primer

pur minerals color correcting primer

confession: i’ve never fully appreciated primer, or felt the need for it in my makeup routine.

but alas, pür minerals color correcting primer has turned me into a believer. it’s super sheer and easy to apply. after i moisturize, but before i apply makeup, i spread it over my whole face and the effects are incredible. i’m so impressed with how it evens out the color and texture of my skin, and somehow manages to moisturize and mattify all at once. i’ve also noticed it really makes my makeup last throughout the day (like, from iced coffee through extracurricular cocktails).

pür minerals’ take on primer will easily balance out all skin tones and temperaments (including those who are most sensitive). it clears, and calms, even taking the edge off of blemish redness which means your foundation has less work to do. this oil-free formula has quickly become a part of my daily makeup routine, and i’m starting to wonder why i ever doubted primer in the first place.

pür minerals color correcting primer, $31 >

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2 Comments to pür minerals color correcting primer

  1. Caitlin F. says:

    i absolutely LOVE anything pur minerals at the moment. some aren’t into this primer’s texture, but i love how light it feels in comparison to more balmy primers :)

    • lara ramos says:

      love that you agree! and i feel the same way about pur minerals – they are really killing it lately :)

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