sweat-proof summer lip

summer lip stain

i’m taking a cue from festival-goers (i.e. all girls cooler than me) and embracing a two-layer system for my summer lip. this time of year, i really start to crave that popsicle-inspired flush of color that comes from a pen stain, but i’ve never been able to make friends with those products because of how drying they can be. this season, instead of layering plain old chapstick overtop, i’ve taken to adding another element of color dimension with a lightly tinted balm. the result is a moisturized and lightweight lip color that feels like nothing, but looks like everything. it pairs well with dewy skin, looks fresh and easy, and when the balm-tint starts to fade, i’m left with a beautiful pop of brightness from the stain underneath.

the combination possibilities here are endless so i have selected a few favorites below. the fun part is that you can really change the look of one stain depending on the balm that you add overtop, and since it’s summer i’m going to stress the importance of spf (because lip burns hurt like hell).

think you’ll give this lip look a go?

image via beautyhigh.

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6 Comments to sweat-proof summer lip

  1. Erin says:

    Tinted lip-balms are my favorites, just the perfect everyday lip!

  2. Sam says:

    Love the picture. Would love to see your lip look, though!

  3. I love tinted lip-balms! Burts Bees has some really nice one, so does Fresh, but most recently I’ve gotten one by Mullein & Sparrow. They’re all super moisturizing/nourishing! Check them out (:

    • lara ramos says:

      mullein & sparrow is new to me, but the lip and cheek tint looks gorgeous! might have to scoop up the mini version :)

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