summer favorites from mark.

mark summer 2014

to me, summer only means one thing: color, color, color!

i for one am totally digging the way that neons have burst onto the scene and no one is doing it better than my friends at mark. their summer collection is full of gorgeous brights – from an electric green lip gloss (not as scary as you think!) to a blazing blue eyeshadow that even i am daring to wear. here are my early favorites from this bold and beautiful group:

nail this look, $28
this might be my favorite mini nail duo to date! pink spark and orange blast make a statement without going over the top, and because these two are almost tone-on-tone, the possibilities are endless. my favorite way to go is bright pink fingertips with an orange-red accent nail, with orange blast on my toes – and just the slightest summer tan.

neon gaze eyeshadow, $10
these little shadow pots are simply gorgeous. they look like candy, but they are also extremely long wearing. the beautiful pigments translate so perfectly onto eyelids and i find that neon gaze (the blue shade) makes my eyes look bigger and brighter when i apply it to my bottom lash line with a super skinny brush.

crushing on coconut body scrub, $12
summer equates to showing a bit more skin, so i stick to a pretty regular exfoliation regimen this time of year. mark’s new body scrubs are full of sugar cane so they slough off all of the dead stuff – especially on my heels! the coconut scent makes my shower smell like vacation (so yummy!) and since the formula foams up, i am actually getting clean while i scrub.

this is big body building mousse, $16
i love that mousse is having a moment – and it’s not the crunchy stuff you remember. mark’s take on volume with light hold is gorgeous, leaving my fine hair frizz-free and conditioned thanks to the addition of black currant oil. i can use this one product for both curly and straight styles, getting shine and texture that’s totally effortless.

neon kisses sheer lip gloss, $12
you’re probably thinking “green lip gloss – has she lost it?” but, hear me out. these go on very sheer, with high shine and tons of moisture, so twisted lime in the tube actually layers onto lips clear with slight sparkle. wild orange is my strong favorite, giving my mouth a pink orange tint that pairs perfectly with my favorite poolside accessories and summer glow.

oh mark, summer looks extra good on you. if you want in on all of this gorgeousness, you’re in luck, because in honor of fellow mark girl lucy hale’s 25th birthday, you can get 25% off any $60 purchase with code BDAY. happy shopping and a very happy summer!



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