fresh sugar tulip tinted lip treatment

Fresh Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip Treatment

fresh has really got something with their line of tinted lip treatments. they leave me hanging just long enough between new shade releases that i am always waiting for the next announcement with baited breath. then, once the new shade is made public, i begin my frequent sephora rounds (where it is always held hostage as an exclusive) asking when it will hit shelves. today, i finally got lucky and picked up the very latest – tulip.

i had actually gone into sephora to restock my signature lip (after reading alina’s tragedy about how her go-to has been discontinued, i started to get a little antsy) but when i caught sight of the unfamiliar bright pink box, i abandoned my mission, found a quiet corner and got to testing.

not surprisingly, the sheer hot pink shade glides right onto lips with the coverage falling somewhere between fresh’s most sheer options (like rose) and their creamier colors (honey and petal). it’s a notice-me pink that doesn’t scream – kind of everything that i’ve been wanting in a tinted lip balm.

the biggest surprise came from how this formula actually feels once it’s on. it’s much more comfortable, less drying, and more long-wearing than i’m accustomed to from this line. i don’t know if they switched up the ingredient list or what, but my punchy pink lip is still going strong after four hours and my lips still feel very slick and moisturized – a welcome change from some of the other shades which i always felt were dehydrating.

the combination of color and formula makes this one of those products that you can put on in the morning for a pop of color and then reapply throughout the day if/when your lips get dry. it’s perfect for summer because of the added spf and i’m imagining it as the ideal poolside and beach-to-bar (where i will be sipping lemonade) beauty accessory for the next couple of months.

so, i’m dying to know: are you a fan of this line from fresh? will you add tulip to your collection?

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7 Comments to fresh sugar tulip tinted lip treatment

  1. Alex Ramos says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Fresh lip balms and this color looks so pretty! Off topic sort of but have you tried Covergirl’s Outlast lip stain? In so in love with it right now, if you haven’t tried it, you should!

    • lara ramos says:

      i have tried the cover girl and i’m a big fan! the color that i have is almost a lilac shade, but i do have to layer lip balm overtop to keep my lips from drying out.

  2. Personally, the rose tinted fresh balm is my all time favorite. The formulation is so lovely. Great post, but I wish you would swatch the tulip shade for us. I’d love to see the color on you!

    • lara ramos says:

      if you love rose, i think you’ll love this update. i know hot pink isn’t for everyone, but this one is surprisingly wearable. let me know if you give it a test!

  3. Cait Platt says:

    I got the Fresh Sugar and Rose Sugar as samples from the birthday gift Sephora had a few years ago. I really enjoyed the texture and color of them but they melted so fast. Summer birthday + Atlantic state humidity= the inside of my purse was a mess.

    • lara ramos says:

      ohh yes i have made that (expensive) mistake – now i keep my lip products in the cooler when i’m at the beach or pool :)

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