summer scents for him + her by nomaterra

nomaterra boston malibu

i impart a fairly strong influence over mr. glossarie’s fragrance selection. i buy what i like and i slip it into his toiletry basket or casually leave it on his half of the dresser. my track record is pretty good – there may have been a few rejects along the way – and the result is a man who always smells delicious to me. (do other girls do this, too?)

nomaterra’s boston roll on is rich in smoky tobacco leaf, laced with vetiver, cardamom, basil, and a hint of rose. when i first sniffed it, i knew that it had major potential. its unique blend of high quality, organic ingredients results in a scent that’s intensely pure and warm. besides the fact that it’s named for my hometown, i love that nomaterra’s products are produced in their brooklyn lab. this particular combination is masculine enough for mr. gloss, but i’d be lying if i said that its unisex nature does not lend it to be occasionally kidnapped by yours truly.

malibu is my seasonal scent of choice for the ladies. also coming in a convenient roll-on, malibu’s notes are bursting with honeysuckle (which i am completely obsessed with at the moment) for a fragrance that is soft and lightly sweet. just like its southern california inspiration, malibu is beachy and sunny, feminine but casual. i like to rub it into the crooks of my elbows for everyday and i also occasionally dot it at the nape of my neck before a sweaty yoga class. the travel-friendly vial is a cinch to take with me wherever i go and the compliments always come pouring in.

if you haven’t experienced nomaterra’s gorgeous lineup, i highly suggest giving them a go. each location smells better than the next and their unique combinations will definitely have you coming back for more.

now, spill: what’s your scent of the season?

shop nomaterra’s full line of fragrances, $26 – $86 >

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3 Comments to summer scents for him + her by nomaterra

  1. These sound lovely! I really like the sound of the Malibu scent and I love that they are all named after places… So interesting (: Thanks for the review!

    • lara ramos says:

      they’re all named for locations and their ingredients are all indigenous to those places which i love. they’re so unique and really beautiful – let me know if you scoop one up :)

  2. riley says:

    From the person who stands next to you in your yoga class, please do not wear perfume to your exercise class. Body heat amplifies the scent, making it overpowering.

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