laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide

laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide

leave it to the makeup gods to deliver one helluva perfect foundation just as i am squeezing the life out of my current tube and feeling at a complete loss of where to go next. i didn’t know quite what to expect from laura mercier’s latest, but the blogs have been raving so i had a feeling it would be good – and boy, is it ever.

this is one of those instances where you think what you’re using is top notch, until you discover something better. smooth finish flawless fluide combines all of the best parts of my two most recent favorite foundations. in concept, it’s very similar to bareminerals bareskin, but it improves dramatically on some of the shortcomings. once you shake it up to activate the ingredients, the consistency is far less watery than the bareminerals version and it goes on with a more medium coverage (still build-able). i find that it sits lighter on the skin and because it’s less sheer, imperfections virtually disappear but the foundation is still undetectable on skin.

it leaves my skin smooth, does not hug fine lines and appears very slightly matte (so perfect for summer). it hasn’t irritated my pores at all, even in the sweaty heat, and i don’t have a single breakout to speak of. i think the true testament is that¬†every time i have caught myself in the mirror while wearing it, i have been taken aback by how good my skin looks. (and that’s not something i’m often saying to myself!)

anyone looking for a lighter-than-air summertime foundation will fall fast for this stuff. since the formula is a bit nontraditional, i would recommend giving it a solid test in-store before committing to a tube, but i think you and your skin will be pretty pleased.

laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide, $48 >

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3 Comments to laura mercier smooth finish flawless fluide

  1. Lacey says:

    Would this product be okay for oily, sensitive skin?

    • lara ramos says:

      absolutely – because that is exactly what i have! my skin loves this foundation and i haven’t had any irritation or breakouts. you can always have a sample made at sephora or ulta if they’re near you – let me know if you give it a test!

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